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What makes yesterday different from today? Size is a key factor in response to this question. Who's next in line for a bailout? How to talk to the dead? Illuminated leaders tend to talk with them in millions, billions, trillions, quadrillions and most recently, in zillions. The latest in a series of attempts to hide the fact that the whole wide world is financially, politically and morally bankrupt comes from the old continent, Europe. Consider this headline: "Europe Prepares Nuclear Response To Save Monetary Union". After a frantic weekend of negotiations in Brussels, the Eurozone's 16 finance ministers unveiled a package that pledges to guarantee the debt of any of the countries that use the euro. The unprecedented measures include: €440bn in loans or guarantees from Eurozone countries, €60bn from the European Union's Budget and up to €250bn from the International Monetary Fund. The European Central Bank said it will intervene in bond market and buy euro zone government and private bonds as a part of an historic bid to stave off a sovereign-debt crisis that threatens to destroy the euro. The Frankfurt-based ECB also reversed its withdrawal of emergency steps taken to tackle the global credit crisis, saying it will again offer banks as much cash as they want for terms of three and six months. It will also reactivate a swap line with the Federal Reserve and sell unlimited amounts of U.S. currency for seven and 84 days. The first operations will take place this week.

Does it seem silly, or the whole wide word is really defaulting on its debt obligations?


Unfortunately, our monetary system is not designed to create the kind of a world that most of us dream of. Even worse, through the last few centuries it couldn’t evolve into something that would allow a sufficient, if not the highest quality of life for those who use it. We have accepted the disastrous consequences of this creation that was by force imposed on us as if it were a fixed law of nature, in the world of mass media owned by the same people who own the monetary system itself, it seems that all this time it has not occurred to anyone that there may be a better way.

We must understand the role that the monetary system plays in our society through the creation and distribution of riches and the strengthening of values. The consequences of the monetary system must be easily comprehendible for everyone and its functions transparent.

The alternative currency crom in its efficacy insures the values which our current monetary system does not offer. The system is designed for solving problems and meeting the needs of those who use it. With just experimental participation in this project, one can already notice the ongoing damages of the current monetary system and the benefits resulting from the use of this alternative currency, of course we will choose the one which offers more benefits between this currency and the official one.

We do not have answers to all the questions, but without any doubt, we are heading in the right direction. We want honesty, we want justice, and we want fair trade. It is possible to secure a greater prosperity, greater trust and cooperation, respect for all the people and a greater collective awareness of the environment for everyone; we just need to be able to see that. Examining the money we use and improving its functions, we can create a better world according to our highest ideals.
Regardless of whether you belong to the half which prefers money backed by a physical commodity (gold) which was in use until 1971, or the money backed by nothing which has been in use ever since then, try to ask yourself this question: Is a man who lives on a deserted island and to whom the nature provides all life essential needs in abundance, considering he doesn’t own nor use money, rich or poor?
Outside the framework of our society, money has no meaning whatsoever. On the deserted island which is inhibited only by a small number of families, with the total number of inhabitants ranging between fifty and a hundred, there is no necessity for the existence of a monetary system. The best future of money would be if money did not exist at all, but if we really must have it, then it is quite apparent that our understanding of money must be improved.

In school we all had history as a mandatory class and learned about great civilizations which, through time, collapsed one after another, but we never learned about the root causes of the collapses. Though an educational aspect, it seems that science and religion are playing for the same team. The first step which an intelligent doctor takes prior to a meeting with a patient is a correct diagnosis of the disease. Overly centralized power was the main cause of these collapsed civilizations, and the creation and distribution of money has forever been the main instrument of power.

In the world in which we live in today, nothing is certain except death, paying taxes and those who try avoiding them. What we haven’t been told in school is that the one, who controls the creation of money and its distribution, controls the whole world. In terms of a functioning monetary system, stagnation has already been a distinctive characteristic of state models for centuries.


Centralized money and centralized power is a symbiotic pair. In order to confront and resist a certain power, one requires weapons and manpower, but for a change of the monetary system one only requires a better idea than the existing one. Innovation is, therefore, the main characteristic of decentralization, at the moment when money is created as a symbol; to whom does the value assigned to it belong?

If we look at money in a form of communication which serves to extend the speech through deals and symbols, then we realize that we are situated in a speech hall in which we are forced to listen to the speech of one central subject who has no intentions at all of giving up the microphone to others, which is completely contrary to fundamental ways of democracy.

If we manage to decentralize money, we will be able to change everything, in the very essence of that word. The concept of a decentralization of money is in essence a very simple question: at the moment when money is created as a symbol with no material backing behind it, who becomes the owner of the value assigned to it in circulation, or who collects the profit on the difference between the money bill of 500 and the cost of its production of only 0.30?

Thinking based on short-term periods is a typical norm of our modern society. In general, most of the population is very little informed about the fact that this process is actually conditioned by the very type of money we use today, and even more less that a choice of different types of currencies exists. Thinking based on short-term periods is not an inborn deficiency of modern choice makers, but rather a logical consequence of the use of money in the form of a debt with interest rates which puts pressure on the whole collective in a sense of having a society of people who have a much bigger interest in achieving profit in short time periods than in long term considerations.

Due to the structure of the monetary system, money has the biggest influence on the behavior of people and their understanding of values. Money is the main source of political power because money and the banking systems are used for manipulation with the aim of achieving the private interests of only a select few individuals. People have, however, started realizing that they have to gain control of the monetary system they use.

Some believe technology will save the day. But since the dawn of science in the sixteenth century, it hasn't shown much promise.

The fundamental source of power lies in the creation of money, and not laws.

Wars are fought for business, but business and the economy are synonymous. Wars will continue to be fought for the economy as long as this economy is not abandoned. War is a logical consequence of it, not, as most seem to believe, a means utilized by it. No attempt to eliminate war and preserve the economy can succeed, as everyone should have now seen. If the human race is to survive, it will have to abandon this economy of plunder.

Changes will not arise from protests, wars and conflicts. Changes will simply come on its own, by the awareness that alternatives exist and by our desires to act in the interest of our community and us alone.


If a country, behind which its citizens stand, can issue a bond of 100, then it must also be able to provide a money bill of 100. That which makes a bond valid by choice, also makes the money bill valid by choice, the difference lies only between those who have use from its production. By issuing bond, things are being taken away from the social community at its own disadvantage, with the issuing of the money bill things are being given to the social community at its advantage. If the money bill which the country issues is not valid, then a bond which the country issued is not valid either! The situation, in which a country must go in debt in order to increase its national wealth and that way fall into a trap of an eternal debt from which there is no way out, is terrible, and notably because of the foundation which is being conditioned into all of us through modern education, which states that debt is wealth, and not poverty.

Everything has been said above; all our problems today are connected with the monetary system that was created to allow those who generate money to take away the production capacity of the people and benefit from the fruits of their labor.

The monetary system affects our everyday lives more than the executive, judicial and legislative decisions altogether. The money has been privatized in the absolute extent and is beyond the control of our "democratic" system which is, among all other injustices, the most important one and that is the unconstitutionally concentrated wealth.

It is not necessary to be a rocket engineer to realize that the constant expansion and economic growth, the key requirements of the financial system based on issuing money as debt, are impossible. After a few periodic explosions of the financial system and financial fires in the markets, its limits are being approached and the system is collapsing by itself, and we are currently in that stage and that is why this is the right time to make the right decisions.
We the People, debtors, have realized that the current economic model based on usury is a permanent cause of diseases, wars, violence, poverty, shortages, crises, disasters and discontents from which we suffer.

With today's technology and the knowledge and experiences from the past, we are given enormous opportunities which we must use in order to align social, environmental and economic priorities with a sustainable development.

Ownership of the financial system for the community is the most important key for achieving any kind of a lasting prosperity; money not backed by precious metals is something that we can give ourselves without any intermediaries in the form of alternative currency.

It is of much greater importance to banks that their clients have trust in them, then they in their clients. With alternative currencies, assuming that people are the ones who stand behind them, the most important factor would be that people have trust in themselves. It is up to the free market to make sure that only good money exists in the circulation, money in which people have trust. People are smart enough, especially with today’s technological possibilities for expanding knowledge, to be able to make decisions for themselves. Why would we use and pay for something which we cannot control, when we can use and pay each other using something which we do have control over?

When a community of people realizes a mutual necessity and agrees on a solution, in the current system they are forced to depend on the mercy of banks and their papers, or much more believably the electronic monetary symbols. People have an idea, a plan and a project, they are a work force and control the materials, but they must receive an authorization from the financial regime in order to proceed. Bridges, schools, hospitals, roads and hydroelectric power plans have been transformed into a mortgage debt instrument and become a debt for people, but wealth for the banks. Shouldn’t the newly built object become a wealth for the community of mutual interests and social benefits?

The alternative monetary system "Crom Alternative Exchange" is a good method for revitalizing social communities, a path toward a brighter future through social and economic justice. The task is to attract and gather a wide number of people, provide them the right information as the basis for self-education and the basis for the monetary reform.

Our current monetary system is not unchangeable and we are currently working on that. As a different monetary system with a different type of a currency in circulation, alternative currency, we strive to realize the idea of creating and promoting a network of small networks of local economies as an alternative to the current situation in which only large multinational corporations dominate. If you are reading the lines of this text, that is already a great sign and please know that you are welcome here, whether you are a fisherman, welder, researcher, banker, economist, IT specialist, engineer, comedian or something else. Healthy local economies are a pillar for a healthy global economy, and this system, besides everything else, represents a method of saving on taxes as well as other expenses present in the trade of the official currency. The alternative currency is an urgent necessity because the liberation from usury represents an optimal model for whichever community.

The best method for achieving success in the project of the community currency crom is a mutual collaboration, joint effort on the creation of small community networks that would altogether make up one large network. Voluntary exchange through the alternative currency crom should be extended onto the entire social chain, from manufacturers to customers, including small and large traders, manufacturers of basic necessities, workers, dads, moms and grandmas. In the alternative currency system Crom, every member or user of the service can pay others using the crom currency, so this way it would become an international payment system for the business community. Why is the term international of key importance? Alternative currencies are, in the greatest percentage, local currencies limited to small areas, parallel with that, the idea works well until the currency is attempted to be used outside the community in which it circulates. Crom Allternative currency system, besides other things, represents a concrete solution in that regard as well, enabling the creation of a large number of small communities whose operations don’t have to be territorially limited. As the importance of the entire network grows, each individual exchange within itself will be more valued. The defined goal of this organization as a network is to help all participants in carrying out exchanges without political coloring and by providing the right information in order to enable the development of a new collective consciousness based on common sense, future in which the free market decides the values of new ideas.

If somebody, for example, does not like banks, but has been compelled to use their services up until now, from now on, they no longer have to do it. Of course, currently, there are some inconveniences that follow this decision, but that does not mean this has to last a long period of time, it all depends on the number of participants and the quantity of products and services on the Crom Market. It is not advisable to sell the latest Mercedes model as the first attempt of using the system, but to create a market, which is the basic essential of the existence of this system, it would be good and is recommended that each participant, for the first time, offers something with minimal value, a book, a DVD, a scooter, 10 kg of potatoes or similar. If the exchange is not done on the spot, for example paying via a mobile phone which is also among the options provided, during the first period of the system, it will be necessary to pay the postal service or someone else in official currency, but if the system develops someone will surely recognize a good business opportunity to offer his delivery services payable in crom. These are, however, only tiny particles in relation to the possible gains of the entire community which uses the alternative currency instead of the official one and returns the money to its home.
We need to introduce businessmen with the fact of the existence of this system for the economic development of communities based on cooperation instead of competition. As people of good will and good intentions, we have built this electronic platform that is able to positively affect the economic development and trade. Certainly, we do not have answers to all the questions, but each participant can offer his suggestion or criticism. We can remove any deficiency together, putting every good suggestion to a test.

An important part of the entire project is that its participants, who are interconnected into a community from whose progress they benefit, are not some individuals or organizations from some secret societies which sponsor the events only because of their own interests, benefits and profits. The participants have a common goal and that is the progress of the community. Think about it. A local group of individuals finds employment and receives compensation in the alternative currency which they then use, with the most part, in local businesses and markets which are participants of the project as well. This way more money circulates within the local economy. People will see that the planted seed has grown into a tree. After they try the taste of the sweet fruits,...

What are the answers to the important questions of the future of democracy, how to revitalize and support the community, how to distribute wealth and property in the hands of as many people, how to give workers larger control over their workplaces and economic conditions? When producers and consumers coordinate their relations with the available resources in a community in which they are the righteous owners of institutions which issue money, and when cities and places start providing high-technology infrastructure in harmony with the nature and the environment, only then do we begin to talk about a sustainable economy. When everyone realizes that they are interconnected through a community and that the development of the entire community depends on the successful cooperation of individuals, only then do we start to talk about the developed collective consciousness. Such an approach encourages participation in the project and the decentralization of the ownership of wealth in communities in a democratic way, the entire system that way gains stability. Balance before everything else.

A solution in the form of issuing righteously owned money as a mean of exchange is a process that promises revitalization of the local economy, decrease in unemployment, shorter working hours, and revival of local family owned farms and small agriculture, small shops and small manufacturing. The real power of this project lies in the fact that we are no longer required to, first and before all, get a political-banking debt-money and that way lose control over every idea from the very beginning.

Project Crom alternative currency system, in some sort of a sense, really also represents a modern version of a primitive barter system through an evolved means of exchange. Why will the number of participants in the project grow? For the simple reason that something like this is more than necessary for people. Everywhere in the world, besides the currently growing number of individuals who have realized that collaboration is a better solution than competition, there exists a need for an exchange of goods and service which are not directly tied to the most competitive economies such as health, education, science, and scientific projects. This simple innovative tool created on the basis of democracy does not depend on centralized institutions such as banks; people will use it exactly because of its simplicity.

After this monetary system becomes a mutual habit in our everyday lives, we will very likely view the current conventional money as a memory from the feudal ages. If the products and the services are ours, it is logical that the money representing them must be ours as well; we have the absolute rights on it, as a basic means of exchange money may in no way be monopolized by any type of institution. During the creating of the Crom system, democracy and efficiency were in first place, all participants use this alternative currency only on voluntary basis and all have equal approach to its acquisition. After meeting these basic requirements, different characters, appetites and different desires, in a complete freedom of doing business, decide the amount of wealth which satisfies them, while at the same time guaranteeing everyone a basic level of a worthy life of man.
The beauty is not in similarities, but in differences.

In front of each community, which is in reality the true producer of wealth and on that basis issue money as well, countless opportunities on which they can use this system open up. The world has many needs; every need represents a market and potentially its own solution and the alternative monetary system Crom is in that aspect nothing more than a self-righteous tool of each community.
As a community that has adopted the right on issuing money, we do not change the banking, but rather monetary system. We invite all people of good intentions to engage at least experimentally in the project and participate in the joint creation of a new future through mutual cooperation. There is no better time to make a decision than in the time of the current global financial crisis.


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Crom payment system represents a monetary reform, different way to make the money supply equal to the available supply of goods and services, and a new method to finance the economy without usury. In practise, an ideal opportunity not only for global and local business, but also for movements and projects which promote sustainable natural living, food sovereignty and greater auto-sufficiency, production and consumption of renewable green energy, such as Transition Towns and ecovillages. Crom platni sustav predstavlja monetarnu reformu, drugačiji način da se ponuda novca izjednači s dostupom ponudom roba i usluga, te novu metodu za financiranje gospodarstva bez lihvarenja. U praksi, idealna prilika ne samo za globalne i lokalne tvrtke, već i za pokrete i projekte koji promiču održivo prirodno življenje, prehrambenu suverenost i veću samodostatnost, proizvodnju i potrošnju zelene energije, kao što su u Tranzicijski Gradovi i eko sela. Sistema di pagamento Crom rappresenta una riforma monetaria, modo diverso per livellare l'offerta di moneta con l'offerta di beni e servizi disponibili, e un nuovo metodo per finanziare l'economia senza usura. In pratica, l'occasione ideale non solo per le aziende globali e locali, ma anche per i movimenti e progetti che promuovono la vita naturale sostenibile, sovranità alimentare e una maggiore auto-sufficienza, produzione e consumo di energia verde rinnovabile, come le Città in Transizione e ecovillaggi.    News Categories


 Regardless of whether you are the owner of e-shop, small entrepreneurs, worker looking for a housing loan, farmer in financial difficulties or an ordinary consumer who needs to borrow money to buy a new television, Crom Alternative Currency System offers monetary sovereignty and the possibility of life with more democracy and less police, military and lawyers, less taxes and more tourist travels with vehicles that do not pollute the environment, less stress and more free time and going to the restaurant more often... Bez obzira na to jesi li vlasnik elektronske trgovine, mali poduzetnik, radnik u potrazi za stambenim kreditom, farmer u financijskim problemima ili obični potrošač koji treba posuditi novac za kupnju nove televizije, Sustav Alternativne Valute Crom nudi monetarnu suverenost i pruža mogućnost života s više demokracije i manje policije, vojske i advokata, manje poreza i više turističkih putovanja vozilima koja ne zagađuju okoliš, manje stresa i više slobodnog vremena i odlaska u restorane... Non importa se sei il proprietario di un negozio online, piccolo imprenditore, lavoratore in cerca di mutuo per l'acquisto della prima casa, l'agricoltore in difficoltà finanziarie o consumatore che ha bisogno di un prestito di denaro per comprare una televisione nuova, Sistema Di Moneta Alternativa Crom offre la sovranità monetaria e una possibilità di vita con più democrazia e meno polizia, militari e avvocati, meno tasse e più viaggi turistici con veicoli che non inquinano l'ambiente, meno stress e più tempo libero e uscite al ristorante...    Login

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