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Whoever suggests a new economic model, the first question that must be confronted is what the system does need to serve. The correct answer is that everyone in society should be guaranteed a life worthy of man. Therefore it is crucial at the very beginning to define who owns the money at the moment of issuance, method of issuing currency and its distribution.

In front of the central bank, there are only 2 possible choices: to Serve or to Be Served. If the central bank intends to serve, it will print the currency as a value; if the central bank intends to be served, it will issue money as a debt. Mystery that inevitably imposes itself on a planetary level is: If there is no more Inquisition, if slavery and feudalism are the long forgotten past, if we have learned the lessons from the past wars and reached the world of democracy; then why We The People Of The World, through a concept in which money without any material basis is issued out of nothing, still continue to accept indebtedness to the private institution for the amount of all currency in circulation, without receiving anything in return?

In just 3 years, centuries-long "Progress" has turned into the collapse of human civilization - total financial, political, social, cultural and moral bankruptcy. Definitely, we live in strange times. Information society - the world of man, PERSON and money. The sovereign people do not know that they are virtual PERSONS, and virtual PERSONS - they don't know that they are sovereign people. Sandra knows that 1 euro is 100 cents, but has no idea what the 100 cents really and precisely are. SANDRA knows that 100 cents are 1 euro, but doesn’t have a clue what 1 euro really and precisely is.

Even though the money is everything what two sides can agree to use as a medium of exchange, both Sandra and SANDRA are convinced that money is only what the government specifies and controls through the laws, in monopoly regime. Neither Sandra nor SANDRA never heard of seigniorage gain - the greatest power in the world we are all slaves to.
Neither Sandra nor SANDRA don’t know that the global monetary sovereignty is in private hands, and that the central bank issues money only in one way, by lending it out. In doing so, it imposes on citizenship a cost of 200% on money at the act of its issuance. The initial 100% because it expropriates the community of value and makes it his own, the other 100% by forcing community into debt of the same amount, plus additional 20% interest - mathematically impossible to pay back because that amount does not exist in circulation. Under these conditions, the more we produce, the more we fall in debt!
Unless we adopt an absolutely clear and honest conception of money, mankind will never have a healthy and stable, sustainable system.

Crom Alternative Currency System is a project in a functional state for about a year.

As a honest and sincere answer to a fundamental question, what is it for, in front of this monetary system stands: As a primary condition for developing any form of democratic civil society, allow freedom of the wider population based on monetary sovereignty and financial independence.

Definition of Crom as a monetary unit is also short, clear and precise: Crom is an econometric symbol. Symbol of a one-hour time unit activity. It is accepted exclusively on a voluntary basis, its usage has no territorial limits.
Humanity has been deprived of inestimable value. This value should be returned to people, it is one of the key factors why anyone registered in the Crom Alternative Currency System as a "Man" receives 730 Crom each month from the system. Why 730? Having control over own life means just one thing; having control over own time. If 1 Crom is 1 hour, and if 1 month has 30 days, then 1 month has 730 hours, and every "Man" has 730 Crom. Together with the fact that by registering himself as a "Man", someone confirms that he is employed, duly reported to institution for recording people who are not employed if he's unemployed, that belongs to a special category of persons who receive social support, that he is a pensioner if this is a fact, or that finishes duly each year of study or any other educational institution; although it may seem so at first view, the matter is far away from perception that he or she receives croms gratis, for nothing. Who feels that 730 Crom is not enough, may try to earn more through business activities - Crom Marketplace is one of many possibilities.
Because there is no need for it, taxing in Crom Alternative Currency System does not exist. Exceptions are cases where someone is at the same time system user and a member of an organization within the system whose membership is conditioned by something similarly.

Already today, robots and machines are engaged in a lot of work instead of people. Tomorrow, or day after tomorrow, will bring this ratio nearly to 100%. If people will be able then to recognize Heaven instead of Hell, and if they realize that they could spend their time on more useful ways than the actual purpose of their existence - by spending their lifetime on production and consumption of mainly unnecessary waste products that no one needs - to make global financial elite more richer and powerful even though all the money in the world is already in their hands; will there be a better substrate for the money than time? Will there be a better way to receive a salary than the one based on human existence, of course, with some conditions that will adapt to situations?

Utopia? No. Instead of a despair of the helpless invalid state, just a normal logical reaction to the monopoly, crime, deceit and march to self-destruction.


- Presentation of the Crom Alternative Currency System

- A special thanks to Zeitgeist Movement Serbian Language Team and Transition Town Pula for translation.

Cooperation, Change, Progress - Facts, Ideas And Concrete Steps

Jupiter Project
Mestrovicev Trg 11, Zagreb
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Tel: 092-2651-324 (Rolan Dujmic, Coordinator)

Crom Alternative Exchange Association
Viska 14, Pula
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Subject: Request for allocation of financial resources for establishment of the humanitarian funds


Jupiter Project is a transition movement towards a free world, monetarily sovereign community of happy, financially independent people who live in harmony with nature and available resources. Building a better tomorrow by starting today, we strive to take back control of our lives into our own hands, and to bring out the highest creativity of each individual. With all our knowledge and energy, we will work towards a collective consciousness and a social movement in a positive direction. Due to this reason and with the highest of ideals in our minds, we are sending this official request and provide a signature to all 7 previously agreed points with the Crom Alternative Exchange Association. With the allocated financial means, we will tend to spread inspiration for the socially beneficial work and provide help to valuable projects. We would like to thank the Crom Alternative Exchange Association in advance for allowing us, through its alternative currency system, to prove our worth.

[1] In order to be able to receive and use funds, because of technical reasons - individuals and organizations need to open an account in the Crom Alternative Currency System.

[2] For purposes of informing the parties potentially interested in humanitarian funds, all means at disposal will be used.

Jupiter Project will establish a specific committee for giving out humanitarian funds to the righteous parties - the committee will have a minimum of 3 members.

Crom Alternative Currency System serves for the common social benefit. The project "Humanitarian Funds" of the Jupiter Project organization will serve for the same purpose, and besides that, it is also a great way to promote the use of this alternative to official national currencies among the wider population. Due to the very reason for existing and the principle of functioning of the Crom Alternative Currency System, the Jupiter Project organization takes upon itself the entire responsibility to the public for the distribution of the above mentioned financial means and methods of their use. The sole responsibility of the Crom Alternative Exchange Association is to deliver the agreed amount.

[3] The distribution of the humanitarian funds to different individuals and organizations, as well as the manner in which those same financial means will be used, must be publicly available information within 5 days after the transactions were processed. Therefore, the Jupiter Project undertakes to store the "backup" of everything that happens - within the organization official forum at this web pages.

[4] For each request for the distribution of the funds from the "Humanitarian Funds", Jupiter Project is obliged to reply in a public manner.

Before the funds are distributed, a mandatory contract between the respective subject and Jupiter Project is required.

Every corruption and inappropriate use of the funds will be sanctioned through cooperation with the Crom center in a way that will prevent a further advancement of corruption, the problematic account will be blocked and the financial means will be returned to the original account of the Jupiter Project organization.

[5] The tenders for receiving financial resources from the "Humanitarian Funds" will be limited in time. Eventually unused funds will be transferred to a new quarter.

[6] In every contract with Jupiter Project, the recipient of financial aid funds from the "Humanitarian Funds@ will be obliged to use the received amount in a specific time period. Given that the non-fulfillment of the time requirement does not necessarily mean abuse, Jupiter Project reserves the right to act accordingly in every individual situation.

[7] Within 7 days after the signing of mutual agreement, a total amount of 520.000,00 Croms will be transferred from the Crom Alternative Exchange Association to the account of Jupiter Project organization in 4 equal payments, each being 130.000,00 Croms. These four transactions are not time restrictive and will be used according to the needs which arise from the usage of the financial means for fore-mentioned purposes in a socially benefiting way, and altogether with a goal of creating new material and non-material values. Jupiter Project is obliged to publicly announce each of the 4 individual transactions at the sites defined in clause 3.



Zagreb, 05 February 2011
Jupiter Project - Responsible Coordinator: Rolan Dujmic

06 February 2011 Request approved
President of the Crom Alternative Exchange Association
Duric Aljosa




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