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So you would like to try to use alternative currency, or to build some sort of your own community currency system... Why? And How? "Ireland, please do the world a favor and default," that's the title you can often find at alternative media sources these days. It is explained that by choosing bankruptcy instead of economic slavery, Ireland would save the entire world from the global financial elite's jaws. Therefore, default would essentially represent a big favour to humanity.

Economics and economists are best known as buying something you can't fit within the laws of mathematics and physics. And because of that, the whole modern world is built on false foundations. Not only does the government lie to us, we lie to ourselves, too. Have you already forgotten about swine flu pandemic? What could be the reason that for Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, European Union is a fascist organization? Or take for example so-called global warming. What ever happened to global warming? Just think for a moment, first it was the greenhouse effect, then global warming, and finally climate change has become just another tax!

Agree or not, but life has become a disgusting set of adjectives which dehumanize almost everyone on the planet, the illusion of freedom and democracy where We the People are just well trained consumers and chained advertisers for the deadly corporate debt currency. We were all deceived into something we all must believe in, and feel like there is no other choice.

How can it be that all of us - me, you, our friends, companies, enterprises, villages, cities, regions, states and all other entities and institutions - are in debt? Because of the monetary, banking, financial and economic system per se. The most important function of our unsustainable monetary system is a fact that you can't get out of debt, never and under any circumstances. Debt is simultaneously basis and purpose of the monetary system.

Generally accepted meaning of life - "life is just a slow dying for money," is nothing else but a simple and effective tactic. Global monetary sovereignty is in private hands, we are all subjected to a system which is obviously invented by the bankers to serve the bankers at our expense. It's no wonder bankers are conquering every resource on planet Earth. Bankers have a great advantage over us, they are allowed to create unlimited amounts of debt-money out of nothing - we can't compete against that. Our predefined duty is to run faster and faster or starve, while bankers must do less and less to get more power and control more resources.


Nobody needs to be told that we live in difficult times, our civilization is imploding on itself.

Relations are the basis of every community. Just as from external relations, a very fundamental question arising from internal relations, too: exchange - exchange system - medium of exchange. Without answer on this question, building a community looks like you're building a house from the roof to the basement.

In conformity with the simple fact: "if there's no problem, then there's no solution," these are the questions for anyone in search of solution:

[1] All money is debt, so-called "credit." The definition of credit is faith placed in something. Money is therefore nothing more than faith placed in something - completely identical to any religion. Coins and banknotes are the symbols of this particulary religion. Because money is nothing else but faith, and because faith is just an imagination, idea, concept or belief; it is hardly possible that anyone could claim to have been deprived of money. The experience would be the same as if someone claims he was deprived of his religious beliefs.

Fractional reserve banking allows a banker to lend 5000 or more to someone, even though he have only 100 or less, and none of those is his property. Bank of England openly admits: "Banks extend credit by simply increasing the borrowing customer’s current account, which can be paid away to wherever the borrower wants by the bank ‘writing a cheque on itself’. That is, banks extend credit by creating money." 

Is the economy associated with this kind of loans similar to theft, counterfeiting or fraud at debtor expense? YES or NO.

[2] In the situation described above, by giving a loan, bank has acted in the client's best interest? YES or NO.

[3] Is there any evidence that the above supposed debtor's obligation protects the lender against any future losses?


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[4] Is there any evidence that there is any money in circulation backed by anything of value?

[5] If money backed by nothing is so easy to create out of nothing, then why the government does not create money to pay our taxes instead of deprive us of our hard earned money? For 1% of humanity too much money is created, and for 99% of us there is not enough money to cover our basic needs - why?

[6] If a nation can issue debt instruments, then why a nation cannot issue its own debt-free money? For example, the element that makes a dollar bond good, makes a dollar bill good, also. The difference between the bond and the bill is the bond lets money brokers collect twice the amount of the bond and an additional 20%, whereas the currency pays nobody but those who contribute directly in some useful way. Both are promises to pay, but one promise fattens the usurers and the other helps the people.

[7] Are there any countries without a national debt? Is there any country in the world which has developed a strategy for the public debt repayment and transition from negative to positive financial status? 

[8] Instead to serve us, state is responsible for keeping us enslaved and terrorized. What do we need this concepts for anyway?

[9] Shouldn't we be money masters instead of the opposite? What do we need this concepts for anyway?

[10] If We the People are the ones who produce everything that is on Earth necessary and unnecessary, if We the People are the owners of everything that we produce, then why do We the People borrow our own money from private banks in the form of worthless slips of paper?

[11] If at the moment of its issue, we do not know exactly who is the owner of money, how can we later determine who is whose creditor and who is whose debtor?

[12] If all the so-called "money" is backed by nothing, created out of nothing as a debt that must be repaid at interest, is it possible to repay the debt if banks create only the principal portion but not the interest portion necessary to pay off their loans?

[13] What would be the consequences of utopia that all countries cancel their national debts and abandon the system based on the issuance of money out of thin air in the form of interest bearing debt to the issuer - central bank - private institution?

[14] Central bank, "independent" or privately owned, represents a conflict of interest between public and private interests? YES or NO.

[15] Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and for example Italian Central Bank, are privately owned institutions? YES or NO.

[16] What is your definition of the Bilderberg Group?


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We can choose to stay paralyzed, or we can recognize: the crisis we are facing are not normal economic cycles, but rather are the result of our limited perception caused primarily by corrupt and rotten to the core information and educational system.

Money, banking and monetary system should be based on value not debt.

A trully better world and sustainability can not possibly exist within our actual economic system. Let's change the world right now, this moment, and not a second later. Let's get rid of our debt slavery once and for all! Let's free ourselves with acceptance of different mediums of exchange unburdened by interest bearing debt.

There are little things that are lying next to us waiting to be discovered. A different world is indeed possible. We can change the world by changing the money. Post-feudalism, post-fascism, post-communism, post-capitalism, post-this and post-that, don't tell me there can't be other choice then the bad one. How about a post-central bank - new theory of money in a new time of the new monetary-financial system? If we can do it, what are you waiting for? 

Pula, Istria, Croatia, Europe, World - Free Planet:

The idea about the Free Planet has already entered among the Istrian music legends. KUD Idijoti vinyl album "We are here only because of money", a part of offers on the Crom Marketplace, has been sold in Crom Alternative Currency via mobile transaction.

Rock Caffe Pula - 20 October 2010. From left to right: Zoran Ðorđević (drummer of few bands from Pula known as Đole Macola - also passed through Atomic Shelter), Daniel Balaban (Transition Town Pula), Duric Aljosa (Crom Alternative Exchange Association), Sale Veruda (guitar and vocal of KUD Idijoti) and Denis Vitasović (bass guitar and vocal of a few Pula bands).



22 October 2010. The opening of the "8th Hand Made Fest" in Pula - sharing of info flyers related to the current international monetary-financial system and alternative currencies.



22 October 2010. Aruba Club Pula - cooperation with the Light Cast, a band from Pula.



23 October 2010, Pula town center - sharing of informational flyers about the global monetary system and new possibilities which idea of community currencies offers.



23 October 2010. Farmer Zoran Bračić (Transition Town Pula) - purchasing of domestic olive jars - payment in alternative currency Crom.



23 October 2010 - cooperation with the popular punk band Antitodor from Pula.



26 October 2010. The Istrian Development Agency: visit-meeting. Presentation of alternative currencies and truth behind the world financial system.



26 October 2010. Visit-meeting: Pula's mayor Boris Miletić. Presentation of community currencies and truth behind the global banking system.



27 October 2010 - a nice example of useful use of mobile banking to pay for goods or services purchased in real environment. But let's go back to 1987 for a moment - 14th Summer Universiade, Zagreb. Discipline - Rowing, Silver Medal: Sanja Vermezović from Pula. 2007 Croatian National Rowing Championships - after a 14 year pause, Sanja Vermezović won the title twice, in single and double sculls. 

As you can see, this is not only a photo, but much more...  Selling and buying on Pula green market. A piece of vegetable, from hand to hand, Sanja Vermezović - Duric Aljosa. Payment via mobile financial transaction. Price? 5 crom.



28 October 2010 - have you ever distributed flyers for a good common cause? Ex Pedagogical Academy in Pula - today Juraj Dobrila University of Pula - part of the international higher education directory of Croatia. The opening of the annual cultural festival KUFer. Theme for the year 2010 - New wave movement... Sex Pistols, Ramones, Polet, Paraf, Mladina, Pankrti, Problemi, Azra, Prljavo Kazalište, Haustor, Pekinška Patka, Šarlo Akrobata, Električni Orgazam, Idoli, Buldožer...

Flyers are an effective way to spread a few words among the local population about the elite's dirty little economic secrets while simultaneously introducing new exchange and payment systems to ordinary mortals...



We have recently started to collaborate with the Jupiter Project organisation. Some big hopes are born from teamwork and mutual collaboration: ecovillage, flea market and humanitarian funds.

Here's how they use alternative currency in Zagreb... Buying and selling flour free tooth paste at the same time. The currency used in this example of voluntary exchange is Crom Alternative Currency.



It is an undeniable fact that we're dealing with a global bankruptcy. It's time to make a decision. A few facts to bare in mind in a crucial moment for humanity:

- What is happening right now is that global elitists are seeing possible evaporation of their gigantic portfolios built with stolen wealth and their fraudulent financial derivatives putting them in exactly the same position that they wanted to put their fellow citizens in: to strip the last bit of "padding" that the people might have in their pockets to keep the people from having the means to revolt. 

- It's not so hard to recognize the possibilites offered by the Crom Alternative Currency System. By the way, system is without territorial limits (presentation). Our biggest obstacle is control and censorship of the Internet. Access denied to Dmoz, access denied to Croatian Wikipedia, access denied to English Wikipedia, access denied to Serbian Wikipedia...  Website is translated into 3 languages: English, Serbo-Croatian and Italian; has its own daily refreshed alternative to mass media news, but we receive only a small number of visitors (600-1000) - mainly robots. One single article has not yet been published in Croatian or Balkan media about this revolutionary alternative money project.

- During the October's action, a large number of people in Pula has been surveyed about the global monetary system and alternative currencies. It emerged that 99% of them doesn't have a clue about the world financial system, and 99% of them has never heard of community currencies. This is not a joke, this is a scientific fact!

- An overview of the public educational system of Croatia - Juraj Dobrila University of Pula: About Us



- Above mentioned 16 fundamental questions were sent to addresses of many Croatian and Balkan journalists, professors, academics, economists and other members of the social creme. Until now we haven't receive one single reply.

- As you can imagine, Croatia is a country devastated by corruption, social consequences of the global economic crisis are terrible. Pure and simple, Croatia is a broken country in many aspects - financial, political, moral and cultural included. Ultimately, few days ago, whatever or whoever they are - robots, trolls or humans, readers of major Croatian media - have choosen the Governor of the Croatian so-called "National" Bank - Željko Rohatinski for the "Man of the Year".


What to say? Good luck and happy new year 2011!


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