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The International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, the World Bank, and the World Central Banks have created debt prison for everyone on this planet with their debt based monetary and financial system.

Spartacus is the most famous slave revolt leader of all times.

Bilderberg Meeting June 3-6 in Sitges, Spain - A remarkable speech by Spartacus in front of the Police Forces to end monetary occupation of the national currency systems filled with debt-money.

"Wake up guys, wake up. Whom we have to put in jail is this gang of psychopaths that are creating the economic crisis to leave us in the street. You are not to defend them! You are to defend us!

And one day, listen to me, one day, because I know that there is a soul behind you all, you will have to join us to go by those mother fuckers and to take them by the neck to La Haya.

We are not your enemies! They are the enemies!

We are not the problem, we are your people.

We are the friend with whom you drink a beer at the bar, you never gonna get a drink with Rockefeller, this one is the one that takes your money every single day, which leads you into the debt, who has manipulated us for milleniums.

But we have said enough is enough! We know everything! And the fraud is debt-money, and we are going to finish with them, and we will end up with private banks. We have decided it!

The entire planet is revolting to the debt-money, from now the money has to create it the government. No more debt-money, this is over, thirteen thousand years have passed but the game is over.

We know everyhing, we do not want anymore.

This crisis will be over nationalizing the banking... and one more thing... if anything happens to anyone in this group, you should know that from us will not come out any act of violence, no bomb, investigate the secret NATO army, investigate the Gladio Operation, not deceive us with the 11-M, the government manufacture the attempts. Terrorist! False flags!

We don't want fines because we do not deserve that and you know that, you know all this people here is your own people, and as I said, one day you will have to join us with their weapons to take the banks, to finish with bankers... the banker Nin, boss of 'La Caixa', the man who maintain in debt all Catalans.

We'll go for them, I know you are suffering it, I know you are suffering, you are our police! We love you! We love you!

As with debts, they put the bombs and then lie to us, when is their creation, and now we all know the CIA and all was an invented of this mother fuckers.

When we all know, there's a million of deads in Iraq for their greed!

Now we are tired!

We are fed and this must to end once and for fucking all!

Bilderberg! Murderer! Bilderberg! Murderer! Bilderberg! Murderer!"



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