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Did The Fed Just (Surreptitiously) Bail Out Europe? No, not just Greece - all of Europe.  Without Congressional authorization or notice, of course.

Hattip to a nice emailer....

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Il trucco c'è, ma non si vede, come quello del mago dei fumetti anni '40.

La truffa invece è autentica, ma con l'approvazione del Congresso del 1913 è diventata legge degli Stati Uniti d'America: il Federal Reserve Act, tuttora in vigore.

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Dramatičan, ali dosta kratak i dovoljno dobar video, informativan i jednostavan da bi ga shvatili i oni kojima to inače ide malo teže.
Unutrašnji pogled na Federalne Rezerve.

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Alan Grayson, a Florida Democrat who has been very critical in the past of Fed actions takes it to Bernanke today regarding foreign central bank lending.

Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke was confronted by Congressman Alan Grayson about which foreign banks were the recipients of Federal Reserve credit swaps, but he was unable to provide an answer as to where over half a trillion dollars had gone.

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Jul 9. 2009,  Reuters

The U.S. Federal Reserve on Thursday launched a robust defense of its independence and warned that efforts in Congress to put monetary policy under political sway would hurt the economy.

Fed Vice Chairman Donald Kohn said opening up some of the U.S. central bank's most sensitive decisions to political scrutiny could result in higher long-term interest rates and hurt the United States' credit rating. Kohn was speaking before a Congressional panel where he was seeking to beat back a proposal that would open policy decisions by the U.S. central bank to audits by a federal watchdog agency.



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What happens next if the state can go bankrupt?

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