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"Not even me, who is regarded as the biggest catastrophist in the Croatian Parliament, could have predicted such a financial catastrophe", said Damir Kajin during the last year debate of the Government of the Republic of Croatia on amending the budget. If Kajin and others had paid a little more attention to what Yoko Ono and John Lennon had over their bed in sixties, instead of focusing on what they had underneath it, today we would probably not be indebted as Greece and we would not be dancing on the edge of an abyss. "Make love, not debt"! Marko Perkovic Thompson would conquer the Balkans with his hit song today: "All we are saying, is let the banks fail"...

All we are saying is let the banks fail


Who the hell knows why we still do not have a socio-economic circle connected to a local currency in Zagreb, Belgrade or Sarajevo. There are already many fairly developed local monetary systems around the world that are providing great results. The Swiss "WIR", the German "Regiogeld", the American "Ithaca Hours" are all examples of positive economic experiences that we should not be afraid of; in fact, we should look up at those experiences, adapt them to our conditions and then implement them.

Local currencies are used to allocate money in pockets of citizens, not bankers. Local currencies encourage the purchase of goods from local manufacturers, craftsmen and merchants, and they encourage the usage of services from local service providers. There are some cases in which some mayors themselves had been the ones that had initiated the issuance of local currencies that can be used for paying various communal and social services, thus reducing dependence of the public consumption on debts in euros or dollars.

Functioning of local, complement and alternative currencies systems on national territories leads to the birth of cooperative behavior and creation of healthy relations; it helps people to become more conscious and aware, and to participate more actively in city's policy creation.

How can someone understand anything else, if he does not understand what is money?

Europe is crashing - both financially and politically, and United States public debt has just surpassed an unbelievable amount of 15 trillion dollars.


United States public debt has just surpassed an unbelievable amount of 15 trillion dollars


I'm writing this article in hope that I will soon see some kind of informative office for distribution of the Crom alternative currency in my home town Zadar, and that this means of payment will become widely accepted in short period of time.


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What happens next if the state can go bankrupt?

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