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How to enslave nations? In order to have global change you need to have global uncertainty. Chaos always breeds opportunity to those who create it to take more power, to make money, and to change the world into their image.

What in the world is going on? The "normal" we knew before 2008 is gone, now we have the new "normal" with central banks controlling the world, and you and me.

The truth of the matter, whether it is Greece, Spain, England, Japan, Portugal, France, Italy or the United States, we are all operating on a debt-based system perpetrated by the central banks of the world. If you were to picture the debt of the world, think of a small ball, based on the continual borrowing of countries, states, municipalities, and townships, that debt has grown to the size of a basketball. No one is paying down principal; they are only servicing the interest on the debt.

In 1998, at a Bank for International Settlements meeting in Basle, Jean-Claude Trichet, then central bank minister for the Bank of France was asked about how the EU would change the individual country central banks. He said that the new European Central Bank-ECB would be like the Federal Reserve, for all of the EU countries.


Exposing the Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Makes Money Out of Thin Air:


Terrence McNally: When did the Federal Reserve come into existence? What was the argument for it at the time? And what was it charged to do once it was brought into existence?

Bill Greider: The events of the financial crisis tore away the mask, destroying the mystique of intimidating, superior expertise that protected the Central Bank from real scrutiny and political discussion. People in the governing elites would blame that on a lazy public that doesn't pay attention, but the truth is that general ignorance was in the design when Congress approved the creation of a central bank in 1913.

They wanted to do that because at the time the country was in very serious political conflict surrounding issues of money, the currency, the banks, the power of the banking system, who had access to credit, and who was denied access.

When the banking system, led by JP Morgan and other famous players, decided that for their own sake they had to create a central bank Washington had to help. It was too big for even JP Morgan. So they design this beast, patterned after the Bank of England, as a semi-secret institution that can decide these large questions in privacy. They were quite deliberately cutting out the public. And it worked. The "money question" gradually disappeared from American politics.

So 60 years later, even though I'm intensely interested in government, I don't know much of anything about this institution. And I wasn't alone, was I? When the Fed started bailing out big banks in such a miserable way, pumping out trillions of dollars, average Americans finally said, "What's that? Why was I not told about this?" And to me, that was quite exciting; exhilarating even.

Terrence McNally: Where did that money come from? Who's in charge here?

Bill Greider: I would say the Fed created it, that's what central banks do. What do I mean, "created it"? They type keyboard numbers, the money comes into existence, and ends up at a bank.



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