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More and more people are aware of the fact that unfair and obsolete debt based monetary system is a primary cause of most problems on this planet. It is obvious that humanity must change the money currently in use, money is a logical key to the whole economy. Monetary reform that will occur soon is actually based on study and experimentation in searching for feasible projects of better, fair and sustainable currency systems in the first place. Crom Alternative Exchange Association - organization that manages functioning of worth appraisal and exchange system "Crom Alternative Currency System", has been invited to participate in the "First International Social Trasformation Conference on Energy Currency" which will be held from 10 to 12 July in Split (Croatia).

"Energy Currency - First International Social Transformation Conference" is an initiative launched by The 40 Foundation, New Economics Foundation and Global Round Table. The ultimate aim of the First International Social Trasformation Conference on Energy Currency is to place the study of alternative monetary systems within mainstream economic thinking and put global monetary reform onto the political agenda.

Current world financial crisis has awakened interest in the need for global monetary reform. Evolution towards a sustainable and socially just global economy become feasible will become possible only after the fundamental causes of systemic economic failures are eliminated. But how should the monetary system be reformed? What should new money be like, what purposes should it meet and what functions should it perform? These and similar questions makes search for a better monetary system a crucial task of today's economics.

"First International Social Transformation Conference - Energy Currency" is a meeting in Split which will be attended by few Nobel Laureates, UNESCO General Assembly President and many influential European politicians. The list of invited speakers includes both leading alternative currency theoreticians, practitioners who have designed and introduced complementary currencies currently in circulation, and their critics. Some of the well known names are Richard Andreas Werner, Michael Hudson, Christian Arnsperger, Hazel Henderson, Ellen Brown, Margrit Kennedy, Shann Turnbull, Tony Greenham, Josh Ryan-Collins and Pat Conaty.

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First International Social Transformation Conference On Energy Currency


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