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"Money has been privatized by stealth, the greatest privatization in history has gone unnoticed, it's time to take from the banks the power to produce money", Ben Dyson writes in his article published a few days ago by the Guardian. "You know, my son, it's really unbelievable how stupid one can be when his job depends on how stupid he can become", mama said to Forest Gump who browsed through the pages of the largest national daily newspaper - ahead of upcoming parliamentary elections - filled with invitations and promises in which desperate workers and farmers have invested all their hopes. "Well, mom", Forest replied, "if banks are evil, and if we're all angry and facing bankruptcy, then let's switch to alternative currency"!


Are we simply just a lazy people who spend and consume beyond our purchasing capabilities and are now paying for our own negligence, or there is something else at work here that surpasses humankind's perception, provoking our intelligence and awareness? Is there anyone out there who still doesn't know that our global monetary system is a cause of enormous social stress we face today? For many centuries, there has been widespread infinite unpayable debt use. In the same way that common citizens must take out a third, fourth, fifth, and so on mortgage to repay their credit card obligations; powerful international banks have pushed world governments into a debt slavery trap from which there is no escape.

In these days when crucial moves for entire humanity are being pulled, extraordinary comedies of the absurd are taking place between those who know whose interest they continue to serve, and those who are doomed to suffer most. In short, officially, there is no solution on the horizon other than borrowing new money - all prescribed measures to deal with the current financial crisis incur more new debt to pay interest rates on old debt.

With utmost secrecy, in the period between December 2007 and July 2010, the FED distributed $US 16.1 trillion in emergency loans to financial entities all over the world. Almost half of this, a total of $US 7.75 trillion was given to four US banks: Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and the Bank of America. In July 2010, total US stock market capitalization was $US 15 trillion - the Federal Reserve injected about half of that. In a situation where politicians around the world are heavily trying to save the bankrupt banks and their global financial derivatives empire, almost all responsible for the social life are working to deceive the public by reciting text of the surreal comedy.

Everything is always predetermined in advance, free market does not exist and democracy is also just a propagandized image of a reality that exists only in our mentally programmed collective mind. The industry of terror and fear only serves as an excuse for subjugation of the popular masses. George Carlin, one of the most brilliant comedians of the twentieth century, once said: "You don't have choices, you have owners - that's the real reason why education sucks and why it will never ever ever be fixed".

We have stepped into the most important adventure in all of human history, in which money language is the most influential as well as the most widely used medium for formalization of the individual and collective capacities. If we fail to change the money, we will fail to escape death from cancer that devours us and this beautiful planet. Without self-reflection, understanding, new ideas, new kind of currencies and sustainable money philosophies; we truly can’t solve any of our problems.

So, how do we move towards a desired rapid economic, political, social and cultural transformation; or in other words, toward human, citizen and monetary sovereignty?

Time is the major value that life has to offer, and money is the perfect instrument to usurp from the people their time to live and evolve. Time is a way to increase the debt based production - often purposeless - and dominate the masses. Lack of time is what keeps us on this incredibly absurd route to cataclysm.

Learning the power of currencies enables us to dominate the power of the time.

People and business can choose to use a much better option than bank money, they are free to accept alternative currencies and exchange their products and services in a new way that is not damaging but rather good for all society.

Free Planet Currency is a simple and transparent alternative currency concept in which - regardless of where they live - people are enabled to barter or trade by paying in something what essentially is a sustainable substitute for imposed legal tender money.

You are kindly invited to explore if this kind of approach of building confidence between groups and individuals, companies and institutions through the freshly renovated payment infrastructure integrated within the specifically designed network for this purpose - makes sense to you in our "nothing can be changed" lives.

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