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Tuesday, 15 November 2011



Designed on the principle of 'Free Currencies – Free Markets – Free People – Free Planet', on 13 November 2011, the long-awaited Crom Alternative Currency System has finally been opened – in many ways a unique combination of a social network and payment system.

Unlike the old-fashioned economy, in which a man wasn't satisfied, in this modern economy he is not happy. Both economies have failed to provide him with things he needs. The more the progress and a number of the reachable desires grow, the lonelier and depressed a man becomes.

The motives that have recently led to the formation of revolutionary movements "Indignados" and "Occupy Wall Street", and many other similar forms of resistance against cruel assaults from bankers and politicians on everything what human dignity represents; are probably best defined as the fact that citizens have had enough of all the clichés, people can't stand it anymore. They no longer want to live and raise their children in a miserable environment of deception, injustice, poverty, hatred and war – the world dominated by the cynical smile of a few omnipotent financiers.

Unfortunately, the quality of human life is not a matter of the availability of existing resources, but rather a question of the availability of money. Centralized power and centralized money cannot survive one without the other, so they function through a mutually beneficiary symbiosis – with the ambient in which they exist they have established a parasitic relationship, they drain the necessary life energy from it. "We are all slaves to money" is not just a famous proverb, it is an undisputed truth. In fact, money comes already from the printing machine in a form of interest-bearing debt to its issuer. Few weeks ago, on the World Savings Day, Giulio Tremonti, the Italian minister of economy and finance, made it clear what the total money supply in global circulation really is: "The term credit is derived from the Latin 'credere', which means 'to believe', so, for the benefit of common good, we must believe!"

Therefore, it is quite clear that credit ceases to exist when the lack of faith occurs. Back in August of 2007, the following info was published on Bloomberg: "The reality is that an entire market is in default". "So what's the catch", asked Mr. Bean!?! Just as the fiat money (Latin word for "let it be so") has nothing in common with material reality, so confidence has also lost all connections with critical thinking through dictatorship of ignorance – today's faith is nothing else than an obvious blackmail "work or die" to which 7 billion people are slaves.

In the current economic Pinocchiata, some people manically produce as much nonsense as possible, while others work in an even scarier rhythm to buy all that crap. If humanity – so thirsty of happiness and prosperity – does not want to miss this unique historical opportunity for transformation of the Global Prison into the Free Planet, then it must be ready to face two crucial steps.

The current system is infected by corruption on such a big scale that it is futile to invest any effort into its recovery. Last year, the famous football player Eric Cantona spoke to all the people of the world with the message that banks are the primary cause of malign economic tumor that devours us. He also underlined that neither armed revolutions nor bloody demonstrations nor non-violent protests are the salutary remedy. As the simplest and the only effective solution, he invited us to stop participating in the system.

The second step that is of vital importance is a new monetary system, upon which local communities as integral parts of the global organism should build healthy social and economic, domestic and foreign relations.

Based on the principle of "Free Currencies – Free Markets – Free People – Free Planet", from 13 November 2011, Crom Alternative Currency System has become an undeniable reality accessible to every man in any country. In transition towards a better future, it represents a combination of a social network and payment system, that, in a unique way, different from all the other alternatives, approaches the essential need for decentralization of money: People around the globe can conduct business and trade at this place whatever they have or make, through any means of payment they wish. Yes, exactly so! Allow everybody to accept as money anything they perceive as the best form of money – for example gold, food, Crom, milk or electricity – is there a better way to decentralize money than this?

Just as man cannot live without a heart, kidney, liver or lungs; Crom is designed as a network of local socio-economic networks. The same as in the transport of red blood cells, interests are not charged on the distribution of this alternative currency too. The amount of air that a man inhales is in accordance to his lung capacity, and the monetary policy of this monetary system is such that the amount of money inside the system matches the amount of products and services in circulation – that is why Crom as an alternative currency has a 100% coverage.

You, Indian farmer! You, American merchant! You, Chinese mechanic! You, Russian stewardess! You, African fisherman! And you, young European unemployed girl! Do not be misled by someone through Twitter that Crom is a cheap commercial trick, and do not wait for somebody to convince you through Facebook that Crom is a lottery where everybody wins! Explore, use your own head and see whether this place can become a school that will teach children, unlike their parents that were raised by a law of fratricidal market competition, not to see their colleagues as adversaries that have to be eliminated as soon as possible. Verify for yourself if this marketplace for products and services can become the launching pad for a new cooperative economy that will fulfill a man's needs instead the needs of the profit.



Reproduction of this material is not limited in any way or by any form of licenses and copyrights. All those who do not want to be a part of the problem anymore – people, companies and institutions – all those who wish to become a part of the solution are invited to spread this useful information via Internet, media and in any other written, oral or visual way.


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