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Development Program - Worth Appraisal And Exchange System
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TEMA: Development Program - Worth Appraisal And Exchange System

Development Program - Worth Appraisal And Exchange System prije 9 godine, 7 mjeseci #2228

This invitation to everyone to participate in the exchange of thoughts and ideas about the development of the new worth appraisal and exchange system, is a result of the meeting between Duric Aljosa and Enrico Furia.

Milano, December 2011

Development Program - Worth Appraisal And Exchange System

Unlike those 1% of people that have been enjoying simplicity for centuries, lives of the remaining 99% of people on this planet, that is, all of us that know economy but do not understand it, have always represented something profoundly different – a complete intricacy. Yet again, although everything seems to be so difficult and complicated, when it comes to the current tragic global situation in the world, most conclusions are easily made even without a college diploma, instruction manuals, computer simulations or specialized qualifications.

Jimi Hendrix: There must be some kinda way outta here

Based on theoretical research and practical experiences, I make the following proposal of “Development Program of the Crom Alternative Exchange Association”.

In regard to the need for monetary reform, that is, reinvention of money, the Association has opened on November 13th 2011 the newest version of its worth appraisal and exchange system: Crom Alternative Currency System, which is in many ways a unique combination of social network and payment system, based on the principle of "Free Currencies - Free Markets - Free People - Free Planet".

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace."

Although our work, which also relates to things other than only establishing monetary sovereignty of broader population, does not recognize national borders; in regard to the spread of ideas and the alternative currency - given the limited resources and growing censorship of the Internet - every shot taken must be a hit!

How to even raise an interest for active participation in what we do, if we are almost unable – no matter how much we try – to reach people?

"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it" - John Lennon.

It is easy to make a conclusion; we simply must go out from the web and make an appearance in the real world, among real people. There is no censorship strong enough to stop further development of events – and I deeply believe that there is no reason for it to not be like this: We will no longer need seeking people and presenting them the potential of alternative currencies and creative possibilities they offer - people will start seeking us.

I think that the best way to do it would be to open some kind of office in one or more cities of our choice, in which there would be some area for trade, i.e. sale of various goods and products trough Crom Alternative Currency System, area within which also an exchange office for changing an official currency into the alternative one and vice-versa should be incorporated. The things mentioned are very important because the value of crom currency will not fall from the skies nor will its value be given in a good will – we ourselves have to give that value to crom and the only way to accomplish that is trough trade. Whether we want it or not, if we do not establish soon some form of cooperation in that regard, we ourselves will have to become merchants - I'm not at all afraid of that.

Furthermore, it is my opinion that crom certainly has to appear in the real world among real people in the form of a real paper note. I believe that it is best to be done via international award procedure for design of crom note with a “Free Currencies – Free Markets – Free People – Free Planet" motive. I also believe that an easily achievable transitional solution in that sense could be to offer the public a "Transitional Check" – we make a check design and upload it on our web site so that everyone can download it and print it out. In that way, until the note appears, buyers and merchants will be able to make trade in the real world via some tangible means of payment, not just via computer or mobile phone.

Once we have opened the recommended business office, we should ensure cooperation with various forms of local organizations and associations and work on expanding crom alternative currency as a means of payment - not just among regular consumers but among local businesses, small enterprisers and especially merchants. Organized social actions and various events like fairs of new and used goods could be used for that purposes. Local newspapers would slowly but surely start to report about such events, and after the newspapers the bloggers would continue to report about that per se.

The first positive results of alternative currency usage on local economy and inhabitants of that area, and a possibility that is opened to everyone – to give their own contribution to building collective and individual better future via mutual cooperation, would surely represent a desirable alternative to waiting solutions manufactured in bank and corporation offices - solutions designed to make a benefit to them, yet again and of course, to our disadvantage.

Newsletters, billboards, meetings and conventions are additional means trough which we should seek support in our cause of reinvention of money. I think we should not present this project to broader population as a final product, because it is not; but as a vision brought into real existence that needs to be further developed, mostly via exchange of opinions and ideas - something everybody is invited and welcomed to do.

Among other things, regardless of success or failure of crom currency and the whole worth appraisal and exchange system; the Association should, at least in my opinion, in relation to its future development based on its greater independence, self-sufficiency and sustainability – start either some form of business with humanitarian character in form of agro-tourism, or some project of building an eco-village, i.e. eco-community of international character. Since everybody has had enough of everything, and many people want to go back to nature, it should not be too difficult to find members of such community – mainly experienced and skilled farmers, craftsmen and various handymen.

From what is presented here it is clear that one of our essential and primary steps has to be the strengthening of our organizational structure.
And in regard to that, my proposal is to broadcast our business offer of international character around the globe.

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Re: Development Program - Worth Appraisal And Exchange System prije 9 godine, 7 mjeseci #2231

Ciao Duric,
please give me a few days to answer you. I'm sure together we can elaborate a good proposal on how to develop this idea into something that will deliver the expected value to entire project.

Re: Development Program - Worth Appraisal And Exchange System prije 9 godine, 7 mjeseci #2234

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I think that the initial way of exchange of goods should be for the goods, so to maximize the bids and determine the value of Crom in respect of products not in relation to other currencies.

Development Program - Worth Appraisal And Exchange System prije 9 godine, 7 mjeseci #2261

I and Enrico Furia are together in this days for analizyng and discussing a series of aspects concerning our further programs.

Development Program - Worth Appraisal And Exchange System prije 9 godine, 7 mjeseci #2271

Going on with our study, we have found a few important improvements of CROM, and amongst them also a new definition of CROM itself as unit of money.

We agreed that for the succes of CROM as alternative currency system it is foundamental to arrive to the crack of both the current monetary system and financial system, while at the same time we need to streghten our Association.

Therefore, at due time we will present to the public our improvements and our further considerations.
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Re: Development Program - Worth Appraisal And Exchange System prije 9 godine, 6 mjeseci #2295

Few days ago, I have received an invitation from Walther Smets to exchange a few words with him.
Walther is a Founder and CEO of the RES - complementary currency system in Belgium.
Unfortunately, English translation of the RES website is not available.

RES has been founded as a B2B-barter system (based on the WIR model) in 1996 - today is a cooperative company. More or less, there are some 5.000 merchants who accept RES, and about 100.000 consumers using this complementary currency.
1 RES = 1 euro


So we have talked through Skype and discovered we have a lot to share.
As there's a will from both sides to develop some kind of collaboration, we will probably meet each other in the next mont or two.
We agreed that he will write one English article about RES, and I will translate it into Croatian and publish both versions on our alternative news page.
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