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Victor Klimov: Free Energy From The Vacuum
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TEMA: Victor Klimov: Free Energy From The Vacuum

Victor Klimov: Free Energy From The Vacuum prije 10 godine, 3 mjeseci #1873

"You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time". The first thing that came to my mind when I saw financial fraud exposed by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke confession that thanks to some different monetary systems state can exist without public debt; was energy conspiracy and Nikola Tesla's claim that free energy is all around us in unlimited quantities. Now the question arises: how much is modern physics falsificated? In my opinion, enough to ensure that scientific achievements cannot hurt the functionality of the monetary conspiracy.

Nikola Tesla: Let there be energy

Few days ago, Italian engineer Andrea Rossi has started on his blog to give some answers to questions related to his invention - energy catalyzer E-Cat. We are talking about commercially viable cold fusion technology. Actually, some 97 of these devices for production of the free energy are installed and working accross 4 different countries.

Andrea Rossi Pictured With E-Cat

Scalar scientist Tom Bearden brings us revolutionary news in the field of production of free electrical energy from the the vacuum systems. This is overwhelming news which could change our world completely in the coming years. The good news: free energy is proven definitely possible. The bad news: some terrible weapons are equally easily possible.

This news concerns the work of Dr. Victor Klimov at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Briefly, it involves a kind of nanocrystaline material which can receive a single photon of input and then output two photons as a result. And the process can be made self-sustaining. Bearden strongly regrets that our media and so-called "leaders" remain totally ignorant of these developments and others like them - have you maybe heard that Ismael Aviso has recently reinvented Tesla's self-charging electric car?

Let's take a look at this revolutionary process in Bearden's own words.

Victor Klimov

Klimov's work weaponized and used for free energy

20 April, 2011

Dear (high level Correspondent):

Sadly, there are MANY things and MANY startling developments that our Congress and our news media do not seem to even be aware of. Either they just ignore them, or just don't care.

Here's one very strong example. If you never do anything else "off the beaten path" in your life, please have a good physicist check out the Klimov work (at Los Alamos National Laboratory) and explain it to you. This work alone could eventually solve the debt problem, for it gives the U.S. (and the world) ABSOLUTELY FREE ENERGY taken directly from the seething virtual state vacuum.


The work by Dr. Victor Klimov at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is the rigorous scientific proof, including nanocrystalline scientists easily building and demonstrating actual working systems..

Klimov and his team have produced ultra-tiny nanocrystalline solar cells that freely output far more electrical energy (voltage x current) than the tiny amount of energy that is input via the incident photons. Also, the input photons can easily be freely furnished by a tiny bit of photon-emitting materials (such as tourmaline).

This excess output electrical energy is FREELY taken directly from the seething virtual state vacuum, and that has been rigorously proven by Klimov's working models. Thus the Klimov team has proven and demonstrated practical "free electrical energy from the vacuum" for all time.

Real physical systems have been readily produced, and the process and the entire area has been rigorously validated by two great U.S. national laboratories (LANL and NREL).

This Klimov work has been openly published thoroughly in the leading physics journals worldwide, and it has also been published thoroughly in the leading nanocrystalline journals worldwide. This has been true for several years now (about four). IT IS ALREADY ACCEPTED AND PROVEN IN PHYSICS AND NANOCRYSTALLINE SCIENCE, AND YET THE POLITICIANS, PUBLIC, AND NEWS MEDIA CONTINUALLY IGNORE IT.

We stress again: It is already rigorously proven and accepted scientifically, worldwide. It never has to be proven again.

Never mind that the electrical engineers do not know it, and that it completely violates their terribly flawed old 1892 standard electrical engineering model that contains at least a dozen known falsities. The practical solution is there, it's proven, it's validated, and it's already widely published technically and accepted in physics and nanotechnology worldwide—which means many other nations have also now validated it.

And repeating: The Klimov free energy systems are easily made self-powering, since there are various materials (such as tourmaline) which continually and freely emit the necessary "incident photons" that are input to the tiny solar cells. Just mix a tiny bit of one of those materials in the nanocrystalline buildup, and the photons inputted are thereafter and forever furnished freely, as thus is the tremendous output electrical energy from the very small Klimov devices.


One points out that Klimov is a Russian scientist who came (or was sent) to this country, apparently to work at Los Alamos National Laboratory. You can Google his personals on the web at a website etc. about his work and get information about the team he directs at LANL.

Here's the weird part: Since the Russians have apparently already developed these systems, and since they have already developed precursor engineering (the direct engineering of physical reality itself via controlled patterning of the tickled Dirac Sea vacuum in which physical objects or physical processes are ongoing), it appears that this is a deliberate "gift" to the U.S. from Russia. Russia is already in the process of very, very slowly releasing some very useful (healing) aspects of its long-developed precursor engineering, apparently planning to gradually increase the amount released very slowly over about 30 years or so.

Well, why would the Russians give us such a startling and tremendous "free gift"? We refer you to the statement by Soros that the U.S. Government should be eliminated and replaced by a World Government. As superb chess-players the Russians always look many moves ahead on the chess board, to ascertain which way things are headed. So they consider this powerful but secretive movement toward World Government (which would eventually subjugate every present national government, and thus lead to total world dictatorship) quite unacceptable. They have no intention of allowing Mother Russia to be returned to a dictatorship, and they thus will be taking very odd moves having the power to deviate the world from that hidden objective of what is called The World Order, etc.


The result of the Klimov work at LANL is the emergence of very tiny self-powering systems having startling—even mind-boggling— output electric power to power loads, and never needing any further energy input from the operator himself. If you build very powerful energy weapons based on the tremendous output energy freely furnished by the Klimov process, then you will have just dramatically revolutionized warfare as it is presently known and conducted.

It has now been realized (in several nations of the world) that this new PROVEN Klimov process allows, e.g., superpowerful ultra-lasers which are self-powered and also are very, very small yet startlingly powerful! And that is a total giant revolution—a very abrupt one—in warfare itself. A relatively small superlaser pistol (with a Klimov power unit the size of your thumb) can continually and freely emit huge energy bursts capable of killing entire groups of people at a mile and a half distance or even further. The pistol never runs out of "bullets", and it needs no energy input from the operator except aiming at the target and pulling the trigger.

An ultra-laser the size of a present bazooka, carried in one hand by an infantryman, will emit a mind-boggling blast that will destroy a huge steel and concrete building in a single shot. And it can continue to freely provide such shots indefinitely. It will destroy trains, ships, aircraft carriers, groups of attacking tanks, all sorts of attacking vehicles, shoot down airplanes, destroy incoming ballistic missiles, etc. With a small sensor added, it can also detect and destroy incoming field artillery rounds fired against the infantryman's position. And it never "runs out of ammunition", so that the infantryman can just continue to shoot freely and indefinitely (even for years). This produces an infantryman carrying a formidable weapon or series of weapons that totally and abruptly change warfare as we have known it. Indeed, any army that does not have these weapons, will quickly and easily be destroyed by one that does have them.

These are just two examples, but as you can see the coming quick deployment of such weapons will immediately revolutionize warfare forever. And such weapons will be rolling off the assembly lines this year or no later than early next year, in several nations of the world.


If the Klimov work is used to provide a power unit for your car, a little power unit about the size of your thumb will power a normal but powerful electric car freely and indefinitely (for many years —even for your lifetime). A little power unit about double the size of your thumb would power your home, freely and indefinitely (again for many years or even for your lifetime). Such units can easily be powering trains, aircraft, ships, trucks, factories, homes, cities, etc. without any need for fuel at all. We can move rapidly to eventually replace the highly dangerous nuclear powerplants, the filthy coal-burning plants, the burning of fuel in our automobiles and trucks and trains and ships and aircraft, etc.

And the powering is completely "clean" and "green" since no hydrocarbons are emitted and exhausted into the earth's biosphere.

Yet eerily the news media hasn't picked up on this startling—even spectacular—PROVEN and epochal scientific development. The newsmen and the public are almost completely unaware of it, as apparently are our politicians, congressmen, officials, etc.

Anyway, I just wanted you to be aware of the mind-boggling changes that are coming right away; first to warfare which will be almost totally revolutionized (e.g., visualize combat vehicles self-powered this way, as well as a range of superweapons and ultra-lasers etc.). If it is then openly applied, it will also revolutionize transportation, travel, powering of our homes and cities, factories, etc.

After the startling Japanese disaster, Germany has apparently decided to get rid of its nuclear powerplants. The Germans may well replace them by basing its electrical grid power on new Klimov generators that power the grid and the electricity supply absolutely freely, consuming no fuel at all, having no carbon footprint at all, and having no radioactive wastes produced at all.

You can also see what emerges when the "bad guy" nations start getting such ultra-weapons. And the chaos that is coming when bad guys or groups like the Mexican Mafia start getting them (e.g., the ultra-laser pistols, e.g.) and using them across our country in many of our large cities such as Los Angeles, California, and New York City.

Just wanted you to be aware of this eerie and very startling scientific development, which is rapidly and very quietly occurring (in the frenzied R&D programs of several nations right now).

Again, please have a good physicist familiar with nanocrystalline science examine the Klimov work and brief you on his results and conclusions.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden
LT COL, U.S. Army (Retired)
BS Mathematics, minor in Electronic Engineering
MS in Nuclear Engineering
U.S. Army 1181 course graduate (equivalent of MS in Guided Missile Engineering).
No one rules if no one obeys.
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