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The Truth About Ivory Coast - Latest NWO Victim
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TEMA: The Truth About Ivory Coast - Latest NWO Victim

The Truth About Ivory Coast - Latest NWO Victim prije 10 godine, 3 mjeseci #1842

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The Truth About Ivory Coast - Latest NWO Victim

18 April 2011, by Stephen Goodson

Ivory Coast (population 20.6 million) received nominal independence from France on 7 August 1960. During the next 20 years it achieved a period of phenomenal economic growth with an annual increase in GDP of 10%. The world's largest exporter of cocoa, pineapples and palm oil, it also became the third largest exporter of coffee. This period was known as the Ivoirean Miracle.

In the 1980's world-wide recession precipitated a collapse in prices, aggravated by a persistent drought. By 1987 Ivory Coast had incurred a foreign debt of $14 billion with annual interest thereon of $1.4 billion equivalent to 2/3rds of the annual budget! The IMF subsequently moved in and imposed a structural adjustment programme. The usual punitive conditions that public sector salaries, social services and infrastructure programmes be slashed, were inflicted. Living standards dropped in order to ensure that interest on the loans created out of nothing by European banks would be paid on time.

Since then this foreign debt has hampered Ivory Coast's economic development and repayments of capital have had to be deferred at regular intervals. During the past ten years GDP growth has limped along at approximately 1% p.a.

In October 2000 Laurent Gbagbo, leader of the Ivoirean Popular Front Party, was elected as President. No election took place in 2005 as a civil war was in progress ­ there is a north/south divide of Muslims and Christians respectively. Prior to the 2010 election Gbagbo gave notice that he intended to end Ivory Coast's financial servitude to France.

Currently Ivory Coast belongs to the Central Bank of West African States (CBWAS). All the bank's foreign reserves are deposited at the Banque de France, which has been controlled by the Rothschilds since they plotted Napoleon's demise in 1815. (Napoleon had founded the bank in 1800 as a state bank, which issued all government loans free of interest). Furthermore 85% of Ivory Coast's export earnings have to be paid over to the Banque de France to be invested in French government bonds.

In the election of 2010, massive fraud took place in the northern part of the country. Eventually the Constitutional Council awarded the election to Gbagbo, who obtained 51% of the votes. The "world community" insists that his opponent Alassane Outtara is the winner. His father comes from Burkino Faso and is thus half foreign, but more ominously, he is a former Deputy Managing Director of the IMF and governor of the CBWAS. Gbagbo has rightly referred to Ouattara and the rebels as stooges of former colonial power France.

On 23 December 2010 Gbagbo appropriated 153 billion West African CFA (Communaute Financiere Africain) francs for running the country from the Abidjan branch of CBWAS. Financial sanctions were immediately imposed and on 1 February 2011 Ivory Coast was forced to default on a Eurobond loan of $2.3bn bearing interest at a rate of 10.18% p.a.

On 4 April 2011 UN and French forces destroyed much of Gbagbo's heavy artillery and the main broadcasting station in Abidjan. On 11 April 2011 "white mercenaries" (code for French troops), stormed his presidential residence and forced him to capitulate. His current whereabouts are unknown. Ivory Coast will become another victim of the New World Order, and the international bankers will once again be able to collect interest on their fictitious loans.
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