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Designer/builder wanted for agritourism farm
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TOPIC: Designer/builder wanted for agritourism farm

Designer/builder wanted for agritourism farm 6 years, 2 months ago #3005

Designer/builder wanted for agritourism farm

May 7, 2015

You can call it whatever you want. Religion, ideology, race, theory, imperialism, democracy... All of those reasons - for example Adolf Hitler, George Bush, Benito Mussolini, Napoleon, Joseph Stalin, Julius Caesar, Franco, Genghis Khan, the Vatican Popes, Franjo Tuđman, Attila the Hun - due to which mankind is self-destructive and people hurt and kill other people, I call the "central plan". What it is is not being talked about, so I need to mention here that the number of victims of the central plan is measured not in thousands or millions, but in billions.
"Divide and rule" is undoubtedly one of the oldest tricks in the book. Whether it has been applied by the central plan through sports, music, politics or something else, the target is always one and the same: human condition. And what is the most important thing to know about any and every human condition? As time waits for nobody, it has to be lived now - before it's gone forever. When a man who is constantly busy with never-ending everyday battles finally realizes what kind of treasure has been put at his disposal, it is already too late: he has been totally absent from the life of his choice.

Without entering the debate on whether the central plan is a choice or an imposed homogeneity, the fact is that society is always being born as a dimension, in which one small group declares the default settings, and all the others, ignoring their own human nature and true potential in favour of the introduced doctrine, evolve in adaption in order to survive.
By living life, man lives a school perfecting and completing himself. Each school, however, is useless if the man hasn't learned a lesson from it. And so millennia and millennia pass, but humanity remains unable to create a long-term sustainable community. One after another, civilizations rise and then fail. Even the last one is devouring itself just now, right in front of everyone's eyes.
After researching everything that was explorable in the monetary-political sphere during the past twenty years, the lesson that I drew from it was the following:

While on the one hand the central plan and individualism are an irreconcilable combination, on the other hand the cooperation among individuals is, however, a perfectly normal occurrence.
Today, being 47-48 years old, richer with some knowledge and experiences, unencumbered by prejudices and relaxed, instead of continuing to navigate between convincing and less convincing vastness of collective illusions, I'm rather devoting myself to live the real me. It is by starting that I start a new chapter in my life, which in fact this advertisement 'Designer/builder wanted for agritourism farm' represents.

I have no other objectives than to live in happiness, following natural instincts. For me, this, first of all, means to live simply, in peace. In peace that derives from freedom, in freedom that derives from independence, in independence that derives from self-sufficiency - in a nutshell, this is all what 'Agritourism Farm Vivian' is, and what 'Agritourism Farm Vivian' is all about! In other words, the individual self-management of one's own existence in a given geographic area oriented towards coexistence with the surrounding environment without compromising its biodiversity and the delicate natural balance.

Since I fully agree with both the Malcolm X's constatation, that peace cannot be separated from freedom, because man cannot be at peace if not free, and with the wise proverb that man cannot be free if indebted, then my new starting from zero is by no means compatible with taking out a loan. It would be at the end, far below zero, before I even started. Where there's debt there is no liberty, and where there is no liberty there is no happiness. The key detail in 'Agritourism Farm Vivian', therefore, is certainly that my financial situation allows me to realize the entire project - regardless of the price - by full payment of the total cost, without indebting myself even for one single cent.

The basic idea behind the project is as follows:

Situated no more than 35 kilometres away from the so-called Pula - Croatia, at least 1 square kilometre in size, partly wooded and suitable for grazing, 'Agritouristic Farm Vivian' is a piece of cultivable land, where, by fully enjoying my inalienable rights, I live peacefully - in accordance with the Universal Natural Law. Although, just in case, optionally connected to conventional networks, by the application of appropriate quality technologies like solar systems and wells, the farm is self-sufficient in terms of both energy and water supply. The farm includes a quality fully furnished restaurant with seating capacity for 150 guests, a multi-purpose hall with a stage, family house (basement, ground floor, two upper floors and an attic), 20 tourist apartments, plus 20 tents in a camping area. The farm also consist of a garage, a well-equipped workspace for repairs, storehouse, other necessary supporting facilities and facilities for keeping domestic animals, such as horses, cows, pigs, chickens, etc. Within the farm there are also a quality drainage system for watering animals and an automatic irrigation system. Appropriate unmentioned essential agricultural and other machinery of quality, connectors, various equipment and tools, initial quantity of GMO-free seeds and livestock and poultry - included.

Furthermore, the farm is a habitat of 8 additional families, who, with their similar thoughts, common aspirations and joint actions, work on the maintenance and development of the farm itself, making it, among other things, a supportive environment for the spiritual and cultural growth. The fact that these people prefer reality to speculation, natural foods to plastic ones, commodity money and barter to fiat currency, birds to drones and good neighbourly relations to isolation, does not automatically mean that they raise their kids to become the desperados of the 21st century. On the contrary, as a rural area in which the so-called "planned obsolescence" is an unknown practice, 'Agritourism Farm Vivian' is a place where children, by acquiring responsibility and moral values, grow serene and healthy, and not as patients, chronically ill of exhaustion, stress, depression, frustration, lack of time, loss of interest in learning and the like. Housing units of these "modern cowboys and Indians" consist of both private and some common areas. The comfort they offer is in harmony with the general "ranch" atmosphere.

Times are unfortunately such that the implementation of the idea of the farm as a way to be your own boss, regardless of this sounding reasonable and attractive, remains accessible only to a few. The trouble with loans and donations is that these forms of dependency gladly incline toward dependent thinking, and between dependent thinking and false behaviour there's a very slippery borderline. Housing units of the previously mentioned eight families, I emphasize, are an integral part of the overall price of the 'Agritourism Farm Vivian' which will be paid by me in a lump sum, on the basis of the "clean bills - lasting love" principle.

When I think about the entire Earth's flora and fauna, not even one single living species come to my mind that would not sign a petition for exclusion of men from belonging to this world. Although human beings are capable of questioning everything, this rarely happens. Mainly because the answers often bring with them the need for changes, and thereupon fear of change almost regularly wins over a desire for change. Depending on what they want to achieve, the adults can apply two basic "techniques" in children's education: either teach them what to think - blindly following instruction manuals, or teach them how to think unlimitedly. If we look around us, there's nothing easier than to note a catastrophic effect of the dominant education to limited thinking: the sad collective reality of our generation is an identical copy of the sad reality of generations who lived thousands of years before Christ. Today, more than ever, this planet simply longs for the curious young generations whose unlimited thinking offers immense potential for the development of infinitely diverse realities - among whom friendly attitudes reign.

Material prosperity is not everything, there is something in human dignity also.
Instead of the promised general material prosperity that was supposed to result from the maximum stimulation of the individual competition inside the global collective, the world is drowning in debt of people tied to jobs they detest, performed in places they don't want to be, for hated bosses, by doing things that make them feel empty, unfulfilled and worthless. As it regards the human dignity, it is certainly worth to remind the billions of mutual competitors that the total disincentives of individuality, nor is and in no case may be the forbiddance of individuality.

The wellbeing of the soul, happiness, consciousness, freedom, as well as clean air, clean water, clean energy, health... are all linked together.
Family men and women (skilled in mechanics and electro-mechanics, organic agriculture and permaculture, work with animals) eager and willing to shine in all your splendour, interconnecting your human nature with others like you within the small universe called 'Agritourism Farm Vivian', you are free to evaluate my offer and to get in touch with me, if, while reading these lines, you got goose bumps of excitement and joy.

Experienced creative professionals, entrepreneurs and companies from adequate business sectors who are interested in advertisement 'Designer/builder wanted for agritourism farm', I invite you to contact me via e-mail at:

Aljoša from the Đurić family

Re: Designer/builder wanted for agritourism farm 6 years, 2 months ago #3008

Car/motorcycle dealer wanted

May 7, 2015

In parallel with the advertisement 'Designer/builder wanted for agritourism farm', I'm also publishing the advertisement 'Car/motorcycle dealer wanted' - via which I'm expressing the need to procure for myself:

- two new automobiles Volkswagen Passat Variant;
- one new maxi-enduro motorcycle;
- one new motorhome.

Both cars must be white, and equipped with the 2.0 TDI engine (140 kW). They have lowered sport suspension, alloy wheels and wide tires, sunroof, radio cd player, alarm and central locking. The brand of the maxi-enduro motorcycle is of secondary importance, for example, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki or Suzuki. The brand of the motorhome is equally irrelevant, what matters is quality, equipment and satisfactory dimensions.

Since my wallet allows me to do so, any kind of recourse to indebtedness on my side in order to finance the purchase of the above-mentioned means of travel is absolutely out of the question. So, just like with the farm, I intend in this case also to immediately pay the overall price in a lump sum, on the basis of the "clean bills - lasting love" principle.

Merchants interested in this ad may contact me via e-mail at:

Aljoša from the Đurić family
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