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Aljoša from the Đurić family
Email: aljosa[at]
Wednesday, 7th October, 2015



Head of Police Directorate of the County of Istria
Currently: Dragutin Cestar

Trg Republike 1
52100 Pula - Croatia

President of the Republic of Croatia
Currently: Kolinda Grabar Kitarović

Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia
Pantovčak 241
10000 Zagreb - Croatia

Croatian Prime Minister
Currently: Zoran Milanović

Trg Svetog Marka 2
10000 Zagreb - Croatia

President of the Croatian Parliament
Currently: Josip Leko

Trg Svetog Marka 6
10000 Zagreb - Croatia

Minister of Justice of the Republic of Croatia
Currently: Orsat Miljenić

Ulica Grada Vukovara 49
10000 Zagreb - Croatia

The Director of the State Geodetic Administration
Currently: Danko Markovinović

Gruška 20
10000 Zagreb - Croatia

Istrian County Prefect (Župan)
Currently: Valter Flego

Flanatička 29
52100 Pula - Croatia

Head of the Regional Cadastral Office for the Municipality of Pula
Currently: Alen Tretinjak

Forum 13
52100 Pula - Croatia

Head of the Land Registry Department of the Municipal Court in Pula
Currently: Tea Begović

Kranjčevićeva 8
52100 Pula - Croatia

Mayor of the Town of Vodnjan
Currently: Klaudio Vitasović

Trgovačka 2
52215 Vodnjan – Croatia






Mode of delivery: The Croatian Postal Service – "Hrvatska pošta"
Registered letter numbers:
RC210041291HR, RC210041314HR, RC210041328HR, RC210041331HR, RC210041345HR,
RC210041359HR, RC210041362HR, RC210041376HR, RC210041380HR, RC210041393HR


Upon delivery of this important Notice, Dear Dragutin Cestar, Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, Zoran Milanović, Josip Leko, Orsat Miljenić, Danko Markovinović, Valter Flego, Alen Tretinjak, Tea Begović and Klaudio Vitasović, you are hereby duly informed - as people who in the role of the so-called 'PERSONS' perform within the illusory framework of the imaginary creation known as 'The Republic of Croatia' functions of the so-called 'Head of Police Directorate of the County of Istria', the so-called 'President of the Republic of Croatia', the so-called 'Croatian Prime Minister', the so-called 'President of the Croatian Parliament', the so-called 'Minister of Justice of the Republic of Croatia', the so-called 'Director of the State Geodetic Administration', the so-called 'Istrian County Prefect (Župan), the so-called 'Head of the Regional Cadastral Office for the Municipality of Pula', the so-called 'Head of the Land Registry Department of the Municipal Court in Pula' and the so-called 'Mayor of the Town of Vodnjan' - of all details written in it:

- considering an indisputable fact that the alleged 'State', the alleged 'Parliament', the alleged 'Government', the alleged 'Nation' and ultimately also the alleged 'Persons', from first to last are all fictional creations lacking their own physical reality;

- considering an indisputable fact that fictional creations are unable to think, communicate, make decisions, enter contracts, hand sign, and in general, do anything;

- considering an indisputable fact that every man is fully responsible for his own actions;

- considering an indisputable fact that only a man can make a verifiable claim;

- considering an indisputable fact that only a man can refute a verifiable claim made by another man;

- considering an indisputable fact that all inherent rights of man are also his inalienable rights, and therefore, since those rights were neither granted to the individual man by the so-called 'Government', nor are they privileges bestowed upon the individual man by the so-called 'Society', and given that those rights are not themselves established by any document, consequently the inherent rights of the individual man cannot be regulated, limited or abolished in any manner whatsoever by those and such authorities, or indeed, on their behalf;

- considering an indisputable fact that all human beings are born into this world free and entirely equal, no man has a right to impose anything on another man;

- considering an indisputable fact that without mutual voluntary and fully conscious consent, there can neither exist any form of representation, nor any kind of delegation and/or any manner of legitimate rule of one man over another;

- considering an indisputable fact that, by exercising his inalienable intrinsic right, every man is, in the capacity of supreme authority over his own life, free to choose to live on planet Earth completely unburdened by membership in any kind of so-called 'society/social community', thus totally relieved of all unnatural obligations, limitations and regulations which some such membership may entail;

- considering an indisputable fact that each alleged and so-called 'ownership title' over any geographical area on this planet is defective to the extent of being absolutely null and void, for the simple reason that until the contrary is after countless bygone centuries eventually proved by providing the source document featuring an authentic signature of the Earth’s Creator as its first chronological owner, the Earth remains an unconquerable, unsellable, unpurchasable, unloanable, unborrowable, untradable, unrentable, ungiftable and uninheritable free celestial body which orbits in Cosmos around its closest star, the Sun;

- considering the indisputable fact that for the purposes of their own survival and to make a decent living befitting a human, each individual human being is completely free to legitimately exploit a certain piece of land on planet Earth in a rational mode and in accordance with the Universal Natural Law, while exploitation of that which exceeds realistic needs represents greed rather than necessity;

- considering the indisputable fact that back then, at the beginning of the 1990s, a war crime in the name of a conceptualised 'Croatian nation' and its newly devised 'State' was committed against myself by real human beings behind the so-called 'Republic of Croatia', whereby I was, in a criminal manner, deprived of my proportionate share of the total social property from the former so-called 'Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia/SFRJ', which inalienably belonged to me;

- considering the numerous Notices linked to my specific case, served as registered letters via post, on real people behind the addresses of the so-called highest 'domestic and international political-judicial' as well as 'monetary and financial institutional authorities'; in particular, the very first Notice (dated 5th October 2013) in the sequence, wherein, soon following the accession of the so-called 'Croatian state' to the so-called 'European Union', I had definitely severed in a fully valid manner all ties with the inanimate imitation of my live self, ie. the so-called 'PERSON OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, ALJOŠA ĐURIĆ' that had illegitimately been created under threat and coercion in the midst war, during the bloody effacement of the former so-called 'SFRJ'

* 05.10.2013


* 15.4.2014

* 20.2.2015

* 25.7.2015

I, a free and sovereign man, Aljoša from the Đurić family, hereby inform in an orderly and correct manner all the addressed and involved, as well as other interested parties, that should no hand-signed response to my Notice containing a valid reason due to which my undertaking would be deemed illegitimate or rationally unjustified reach me within a reasonable term of 40 day from the date of receipt of this Notice, I intend to commence - from 17th November 2015 - using land on planet Earth whose location I precisely define in Annex nr.2 for the reason of mere survival and for the purpose of living a peaceful and dignified life befitting a man.

Striving to pre-empt potential conflicts and ugly situations, I arrived at my specified choice by firstly establishing that there is no man possibly claiming some form of alleged ownership over this piece of land on planet Earth. During the past few months I explored the land in question by going out to the site on several occasions. According to my observations and all my other insights and information available to me, there is no one living on it, no one cultivating it nor caring for it in any way. This land has instead been successfully taking care of itself over the millennia. Given all this, it clearly follows that my activity is - conditional to the previously specified eventual reasons to the contrary - entirely in accordance with the Universal Natural Law, as by undertaking it, I will not disrupt peace, nor will I cheat or in any manner inflict damage or harm upon any man. In Annex nr. 1 to this Notice, I enclose the Statement (photocopy) made by Aleksa from the Pavletić family, wherein he definitely relinquishes all his previously stated intentions relating to the land, which is in part one and the same as the land that is the subject of this Notice to all of you today.

In commencing - conditional to the previously specified eventual reasons to the contrary – with the use of the land in question, I concurrently accept, as a matter of course, all the accompanying risks and hereby responsibly vouch that I will take care of this land long term, ie. for the minimum of next 20 years. Since the land is, in reality, a matter of necessity for myself, rather than the inverse being the case, "long term care for the land" should be understood to primarily mean that, given the insignificance of my own life expectancy compared to the eternity of the Universe – hence in the capacity of her temporary user – I intend to honour my own duty and obligation, that is to say, respect the right of the subsequent generations to find this land, if not in better, then certainly not in any worse of a condition to that in which I found it.

Moreover, specifying again - just in case - within it who and what I am, Annex nr. 3 of this Notice is in fact an excerpt from the advertisement "Designer/Builder Wanted For Agritourism Farm" that was published several months ago on the internet, ie. a concise description of the ecologically compatible mode (symbolically entitled project Agritourism Farm Vivian) in which - conditional to the previously specified eventual reasons to the contrary – I will coexist with the environment on the land in question, without disrupting its biodiversity or natural equilibrium.

All potential, hand-signed replies to this Notice - that within the reasonable term, not later than 11.16.2015, must arrive to email address aljosa[at] through which I am exclusively contactable - entail full personal responsibility (material, financial, criminal liability and penalty of perjury included) of the people addressing me.


This Notice is drafted in eleven identical equally
valid copies, ten for recipients and one for the sender.

Without malicious intents, vindictiveness, rancor, frivolity,
in good faith and with all my inalienable natural rights intact.


Planet Earth, 7th October 2015
Aljoša from the Đurić family

The sovereign man's Notice of commencement of land use in the geographical area near the so-called Pula, not only because of the mere survival but also because of living a dignified life befitting a human.




Aleksa from the Pavletić family

The sovereign man's Notice of commencement of land use in the geographical area near the so-called Pula, not only because of the mere survival but also because of living a dignified life befitting a human.




The sovereign man's Notice of commencement of land use in the geographical area near the so-called Pula, not only because of the mere survival but also because of living a dignified life befitting a human.

Coordinate reference systems: HTRS96 and WGS84

Point 1) E = 296457.4 ; N = 4982943.2 || φ (lat) = 44.957329 ; λ (lon) = 13.920165
Point 2) E = 296742.9 ; N = 4982853.8 || φ (lat) = 44.956607 ; λ (lon) = 13.923815
Point 3) E = 296365.1 ; N = 4981431.8 || φ (lat) = 44.943715 ; λ (lon) = 13.919606
Point 4) E = 296325.9 ; N = 4981448.1 || φ (lat) = 44.943851 ; λ (lon) = 13.919103
Point 5) E = 296213.9 ; N = 4981232.9 || φ (lat) = 44.941883 ; λ (lon) = 13.917772
Point 6) E = 295947.9 ; N = 4981174.2 || φ (lat) = 44.94128 ; λ (lon) = 13.914429
Point 7) E = 295984.5 ; N = 4981561.6 || φ (lat) = 44.944773 ; λ (lon) = 13.914735
Point 8) E = 295747.6 ; N = 4981892.4 || φ (lat) = 44.947679 ; λ (lon) = 13.911603
Point 9) E = 295612.1 ; N = 4981855.8 || φ (lat) = 44.94731 ; λ (lon) = 13.909902
Point 10) E = 295636.0 ; N = 4982093.3 || φ (lat) = 44.949453 ; λ (lon) = 13.910109
Point 11) E = 295743.3 ; N = 4982148.2 || φ (lat) = 44.949977 ; λ (lon) = 13.911444
Point 12) E = 295788.5 ; N = 4982302.4 || φ (lat) = 44.951376 ; λ (lon) = 13.911954
Point 13) E = 295855.7 ; N = 4982302.2 || φ (lat) = 44.951394 ; λ (lon) = 13.912805
Point 14) E = 295859.9 ; N = 4982380.9 || φ (lat) = 44.952102 ; λ (lon) = 13.912827
Point 15) E = 296055.9 ; N = 4982509.6 || φ (lat) = 44.953315 ; λ (lon) = 13.915256
Point 16) E = 296129.9 ; N = 4982502.4 || φ (lat) = 44.953272 ; λ (lon) = 13.916197
Point 17) E = 296232.4 ; N = 4982851.0 || φ (lat) = 44.956436 ; λ (lon) = 13.917353
Point 18) E = 296369.5 ; N = 4982851.2 || φ (lat) = 44.956476 ; λ (lon) = 13.919089






* Since being completely out of the SYSTEM and its RULES, I - Aljoša from the Đurić family, do not have a name, no surname, do not dwell, do not have a domicile, am not resident and have no address but without the need for any permission and/or license simply live honestly and peacefully wherever I am at any given moment. As a free sovereign man on planet Earth, I am under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Universal Natural Law. I do not represent anyone and no one has my consent to represent me - consequently, whoever dares to even slightly affect my life in that way, commits a crime. Negotiations, businesses and any other attempt to establish contact, is regularly ignored by me if I am not approached specifically and unequivocally for who I really am, and explicitly in indicated manner via email. I act the same way when someone tries to approach me using the so-called LEGAL language that does not interest me at all.

* My time is only mine and only I have the exclusive right to dispose of it by my free will. It is my right to charge my time to others at a price of 200 Troy ounces of pure gold per hour if they consume it without my consent, thus molesting me in any form or manner. Likewise, it is my right to charge 1.500.000 Troy ounces of pure gold to anyone who caused me physical pain and/or injuries.




Situated no more than 35 kilometres away from the so-called Pula - Croatia, at least 1 square kilometre in size, partly wooded and suitable for grazing, 'Agritouristic Farm Vivian' is a piece of cultivable land, where, by fully enjoying my inalienable rights, I live peacefully - in accordance with the Universal Natural Law. Although, just in case, optionally connected to conventional networks, by the application of appropriate quality technologies like solar systems and wells, the farm is self-sufficient in terms of both energy and water supply. The farm includes a quality fully furnished restaurant with seating capacity for 150 guests, a multi-purpose hall with a stage, family house (basement, ground floor, two upper floors and an attic), 20 tourist apartments, plus 20 tents in a camping area. The farm also consist of a garage, a well-equipped workspace for repairs, storehouse, other necessary supporting facilities and facilities for keeping domestic animals, such as horses, cows, pigs, chickens, etc. Within the farm there are also a quality drainage system for watering animals and an automatic irrigation system. Appropriate unmentioned essential agricultural and other machinery of quality, connectors, various equipment and tools, initial quantity of GMO-free seeds and livestock and poultry - included.

Furthermore, the farm is a habitat of 8 additional families, who, with their similar thoughts, common aspirations and joint actions, work on the maintenance and development of the farm itself, making it, among other things, a supportive environment for the spiritual and cultural growth. The fact that these people prefer reality to speculation, natural foods to plastic ones, commodity money and barter to fiat currency, birds to drones and good neighbourly relations to isolation, does not automatically mean that they raise their kids to become the desperados of the 21st century. On the contrary, as a rural area in which the so-called "planned obsolescence" is an unknown practice, 'Agritourism Farm Vivian' is a place where children, by acquiring responsibility and moral values, grow serene and healthy, and not as patients, chronically ill of exhaustion, stress, depression, frustration, lack of time, loss of interest in learning and the like. Housing units of these "modern cowboys and Indians" consist of both private and some common areas. The comfort they offer is in harmony with the general "ranch" atmosphere.


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