Alternative currency and balanced living system. Alternativna valuta i uravnoteženi životni sistem. Moneta alternativa e sistema di vita equilibrato.



Welcome To The Pages Of The Crom Alternative Exchange Association,

the web space of a non-profit social-humanitarian organization administered by its members. In destructive monetary climate of general distrust and general doubt in reliability that has took over the world recently, many decide to move to alternative areas, but how many of them is really able to offer a real alternative? This is not a marketing agency or a call center where someone try to persuade you into something in 10 seconds, this is a corner of Internet where, through constant development of worth appraisal and exchange system "Crom Alternative Currency System", formation of supply chains and different models of financing, active work is performed on creating healthier, politically correct, technologically innovative, culturally creative and economically sustainable life ambient. Differentiation of the offer range and commitment to environment protection in a flexible panorama in which creative minds create innovative solutions and abundance of new possibilities that are able to cover various market needs, and thereby provide various social and business segments with professionalism, efficiency, safety and long-term quality; are of essential importance for opening ways to new concepts and their transformation into reality.

Without any doubt, life is certainly the greatest of all mysteries that humanity has ever coped with. From the first day of the calendar they are using, human species is constantly running away from confrontation with the original problem for all of their torments, always inventing some new names and definitions for problems. From then until now, a myriad of pointless wars has been conducted and many innocent victims have fallen. In the stage of man's journey through time called a "democracy", nothing has changed in relation to the past - in the East, the same old stories, oppression, monopoly and taxes - in the West, nothing new, fear, exploitation, fraud and corruption. In absence of the development of monetary culture among the wider population, financial, material and information resources are still controlled by the narrow minority of influential people who extract a maximum benefit from this at the expense of all other living beings.

In the ambience of countless commercials and propaganda messages, vivid imagination and a lack of knowledge, where only apparently the will of the majority prevails and where everything is a question of quantity rather than quality; in society with the maneuvering space from A to Z in which in the name of consumerism dialogue is accepted only in range from A to B; spontaneously by itself has begun to emerge a desire for some different kind of freedom and happiness. The will has awoken to build the most beautiful and most attractive place in this part of space in which people proudly live and work in peace and love, produce ecologically clean energy and not destroy flora and fauna, eat healthy food and all together maintain this heritage.

Introduction To The Problem: Money - Root Of All Evil

How is possible that now when each worker produces more than ever in world history, both parents work fulltime but, due to the growing difference between prices and wages, do not earn enough money for a dignified life? The fact is that the more we progress, the more isolated from each other we become. Why are we increasingly deprived of our rights, why do we sacrifice ourselves more and more, and why do we have less and less free time? Shouldn’t the opposite be happening as we continue to become more and more productively efficient? Why are we less happy than ever before? Something must be wrong!

It really is a strange situation, the one in which community has developed the idea, disposed of labor and material, but without the intermediation of the bank, the whole project is just a dead letter on paper. Without a bricklayer, a house cannot be built. If there is space, if there are builders and there is a material, then why the problem is a lack of a simple piece of paper signed by the governor or director of the bank? Is it not just incredible that banks, which generally produce nothing except digits on paper or on computer screen, are more powerful and the wealthiest institutions of states whose hundreds of millions of voters spend most of their lives locked in some suffocating factory production department?

All our current problems are directly linked to the monetary system, a system that even the bloodiest of revolution in our history avoided to touch. Due to the structure of the monetary system, money has the greatest influence on the people's behavior - money determines our relationship with ourselves, other people, and nature that surrounds us. The money system affects our everyday lives more than the executive, judicial, and legislative decisions altogether. The fundamental source of power lies in the creation of money, not laws.

There are only two possible choices in front of the money issuer: To serve or to be served. In the current global financial system, money is not created by communities, but by the banks. Banks create money and lend it with interest to governments and communities in the same way they approve credit cards to the people. Under these conditions, the more we work and produce, the more we fall in debt. The mystery that inevitably imposes itself on a planetary level is: Why do We, the People of the World, through a concept in which money without any material coverage is issued out of nothing, accept indebtedness to the private institution for the amount of all currency in circulation, without receiving anything in return?

The development of human civilization through the gradual dispossession of the population's monetary sovereignty, at the end, has led every aspect of modern society into the absolute dependence on the money issued as the interest-based debt; and as a result produced an invalid society limited by countless abnormal bureaucratic obstacles and constraints.

Printing money is the most profitable business activity that one can conduct. Seigniorage is the biggest power in the world and all people have always been slaves to it. Our money has no precise definition and is blurred with complicated terminology. A few people know that within official global monetary and financial system circulate two sorts of money - legal tender and bank currency.

Both currencies have the same issuer - privately owned banks.
Both currencies are zeroes backed by nothing that are issued out of thin air, so the supply of this type of money knows no limits.
Furthermore, both currencies represent a debt that functions in a way that the same amount of borrowed money exists in two places simultaneously – in the safe of the creditor and in debtor’s pocket.
Since issuer always puts in circulation only the amount that represents the principal, and since the issuer never puts in circulation amount of money that should represent interests, overall debt is always higher amount than the amount that is originally issued as debt, so both currencies represent eternal debt slavery on both individual and collective level.
The purpose of monopolized system in which this two currencies of virtual character circulate as an only means of exchange is to, via inevitable debt increase, taxes and interest, ensure constant and full transfer of real values from the hands of many into hands of elite few.

Natural And Logical Function Of Money

Money is in fact collective mental agreement that by itself does not represent any real wealth; real values lies in ideas, creative activities, goods, commodities, products and services - and the role of money is to facilitate their exchange.

Good currency is a choice backed by quality; acceptance of bad currency is conditioned by using legal force.

Social community is made of a group of people that are involved in a process in which consumers as buyers pays through money for consuming fruits of manufacturer's labor as seller. In that process, the same people are contemporaneously both producers and consumers every day.  

If each of us would produce only as much as he consumes, there would be no sale offers on the market. Each of us needs daily supply of money, both for purchasing other people’s products and to finance our own production.

By circulating money, i.e. by wealth exchange within the social community, we create greater diversity of not only products, but services and creative ideas also, which makes everyone richer. However, for the proper functioning of the money it is necessary that we all have the money; each of us should have equal and fair access to money.

Introduction To Solution: Money - Source Of All Good

Unless we adopt an absolutely clear and honest conception of money, mankind will never have a healthy and stable, sustainable monetary and financial system. Whoever suggests a new economic model, the first question that must be confronted is what the system needs to serve. The correct answer is that everyone in society should be guaranteed a life worthy of a man. The way currency is created and distributed, its form, who owns the money at the moment of creation, who owns the money in circulation - are issues of critical importance which fully dictate both the collective and individual form of existence.

Ownership of the financial system is of a crucial importance for any community that intends to achieve any kind of permanent prosperity.

A medium of exchange is an intermediary item used as a measure of the value of goods and services on the market. Even though the money is everything that the two sides can agree to use as a medium of exchange, for some secret reason, mankind is for centuries convinced that money is the only what the government or central bank specifies and controls through the laws in a monopoly regime.

Either money will start to serve people, or people will continue to serve money; either we will become free in a way that as its owners we will print our own money by ourselves, or we will forever be slaves to those that print it for us.

As only providers of real wealth, People of the World are the only source of money, therefore, not only do they have a right to print any type of money that best fulfills their needs, but they also have a right to use by their free choice any other medium of exchange other than universally accepted means of payment.

Money that represents mere digits on a piece of paper can be created in unlimited quantities - - the more money is in circulation, the lesser its value is. When it comes to a question of stability of currency and prices, monetary system functions best when it is regulated in a way that money supply is proportional to supply of real wealth on the market. Money system in economy of any society should not destroy harmony between production levels and real need for consumption - in other words, money system should not represent a barrier for aborting excessive production. Also, money system has to represent a bridge, not an abysm that divides unsatisfied needs and unused production capacities.

The economic revolution - monetary sovereignty and financial independence.

Offered Choice: A Honest, Sustainable And Efficient Worth Appraisal And Exchange System

There is no reason for world to continue existing as a chaos it has always been. We, people from Crom Alternative Exchange Association have decided to step into a concrete realization of an innovative idea about the new world that stands right in front of us and awaits our children; A world in which the economy is not imparted as the virtual and the real one; a world of liberated creativity and highly developed collective awareness that only one human race exist - the one which is not divided on the ruling class and the ruled. As a basic condition for existing of any democratic civil society, today we begin to build a tomorrow of sustainable economy based on common sense, financial democracy and social justice in whose heart beats the monetary sovereignty and financial independence of all members of the community. The world we wish is a world where jobs are created by understanding of what is best for all of us, rather than because of the need for income.

Crom Alternative Currency System - Worth Appraisal And Exchange System


Crom Alternative Currency - Social Network And Payment System is a project of the Crom Alternative Exchange Association that represent a tool for development of local community economies through which with wider possibilities the volume of trading is increased. The Crom Alternative Currency System is an institutional and a referent communication point which enables its members to perform exchanges. It stimulates people to cooperate rather than to compete among themselves. If we, the people, change orientation from economy based on mutual competition to economy of mutual cooperation based on laws of nature and logic, we will have enough food and energy; after an era reigned by manipulation, the age of love and happy interaction, conscience and rationality will appear.

In contrast to current global monetary system in which, through interest-bearing debt, fractional reserve, tax and inflation as the only possible choice of People of the World is the choice imposed by elite financial powers; Crom Alternative Value System through cooperative economy offers unlimited development and application of human fantasy, creativity and ingenuity.  

Crom Worth Appraisal And Exchange System is a system in which everyone can trade their property or services, using money or without it. Nobody is forcing anybody to trade, and nobody stops anybody from trading. If two parties reach an agreement - regardless of governments and their laws, banks and their regulations, religions and their instructions - trade of a certain value has been accomplished. Since the wealth is being traded and not the poverty, the trade results in satisfaction of both sides. Nobody wanted to cheat anybody, nobody outsmarted anybody. Everybody accepts this kind of trade because it ensures a fair distribution of wealth, which is one of the basis requirements for collective happiness and birth of friendship.

Crom Worth Appraisal And Exchange System is a system in which there is no monopoly, everyone can become producer. Since everyone can by their own free choice buy only things that benefit them, each manufacturer's interest is to make his customers happy with his products and services; otherwise, because no invisible hand in the system exist, the producer fails. Since nobody is forced to buy more than he really needs, free market by itself automatically optimizes resource allocation in most rational possible way.

In Crom Alternative Currency System, as an universal medium of payment among all other possibilities of free choice of means of payment, circulates a currency designed in a way to prevent manipulations that have, ever since the invention of money, destroyed free markets and prevented their development. Crom Alternative Currency is a type of money which in principle represents a free market by itself. Crom Alternative Currency is compatible in its nature with free market, it functions in a way that encourages and develops free market. In other words, instead allowing someone to, on its expense, imposes something on it by law, social community that exists within Crom System is the one that, as free market, alone by itself makes and implements decisions to its own benefit.  

Universal value as a medium of payment and a medium of exchange of the global character, that from thought has been brought into existence under the name of Crom Alternative Currency, is an idea that offers really many advantages and a real alternative to a war for the money that has marked human existence. Its biggest disadvantage - money centralization, is eliminated through the principle that is in the core of this worth appraisal and exchange system: "Free Currencies - Free Markets - Free People - Free Planet". As an essential need, decentralization of money has been achieved in this system in a unique way, different from all other existing alternatives in the world – nobody can ban anybody from using any desired medium of payment or medium of exchange in his trade and business conduct, that for him represent the best form of money. A free market where anyone can, at his own discretion, choose his best type of money – as long as other side accepts it too – is definitely much better approach to solving the problem of centralized money than restricting area of its usage through local currencies. Furthermore, with regard to the money decentralization, a big difference when compared with traditional structure of power represents a fact that owners of Crom Alternative Currency System are not powerful individuals, but equally all members of the community.

Within Crom Worth Appraisal and Exchange System we have reoriented from the "debt - money" concept to a "property - money” concept, and abolished the use of interests. Within the system, fractional reserve is unknown term, too. An insane need for constant credit expansion and constant increase of gross domestic product has been eliminated, and taxes and price inflation have also become a part of history.

When compared with the world official currencies which instead of real values represent financial debts that float against each other in a sea of despair, and compared with most local and complementary currencies that due to the fact that their value derives from the connection with aforementioned official national currencies - are in essence only their proxy currencies; Crom is really an alternative in the full sense of that word. By definition, as a currency Crom represents combination of fixed quantity of five precious metals - gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium that are incorporated in one basket. As such, Crom is the measure of value and value of the measure in the same time. Simultaneously it serves as a unit of account, as a medium of exchange and as store of value.  

With specific definition of Crom Alternative Currency, and by method of issuing and distributing it, money supply is regulated in an optimal manner that supports rational relationship between production and consumption. Although Crom Worth Appraisal And Exchange System is sovereign; although its purchasing power is stable and independent of national monetary policies and global financial trends because of the basket of precious metals whose fixed quantity represents; the manner in which members of the system conduct trades and fulfill their obligations is simple and sufficiently flexible.

Crom Alternative Currency System is oriented towards cooperation between people and life style within their possibilities, which are not so small. Nature generously gives us an abundance of everything we need to survive. Common sense produces healthy and logical solutions: Industrialization, mechanization and robotization should provide a better life for a man with enough free time. Since prosperity never emanates from destruction of goods, war for profit certainly can not create general prosperity.

The most important characteristic of this sovereign alternative worth appraisal and exchange system is assuredly a fact that its ultimate goal is completely opposite in relation to official monetary-financial system: Instead of complete dependency on banking-political control apparatus, it transforms man into a creature as independent as possible and less vulnerable to economic crisis. Therefore, the motivation of people to self-sufficiency in securing basic life needs such as water, food and energy, is maximally supported at these web pages.


We all need a new, fair, and efficient worth appraisal and exchange system in which everyone can recognize a good opportunity and conclude serious business.

Why would someone decide to become a member of this social and business community?
Because he's disappointed and tired of everything, because he seeks better vibrations and desires something new and different, because membership is free, and because his account is immediately accredited with 10 crom. There are good motives for doing business through Crom Alternative Currency System:

- meeting of demand and supply on an independent and unmanipulated marketplace for products and services,
- direct business relationship without intermediaries,
- no taxes,
- no transaction fees,
- low monthly account maintenance costs,
- stable purchasing power without inflation,
- interest free Crom loans,
- freedom from bureaucratic complications,
- money is sent and received securely and instantly,
- salvation from official political and economic disasters and traps,
- non-subjection to currency speculations,
- currency backing of 100% with real values,
- stable international value of the currency,
- incentives for Crom brokers,
- annual dividend payment to all verified members of the system.

Healthy local economies are a pillar for a healthy global economy. Crom Alternative Exchange Association is working on the creation of small community networks and extension of the Crom Alternative Currency onto the entire social chain, from producers to customers; including small and large merchants, manufacturers of basic necessities, workers, pensioners and disabled people. The exchange system knows no territorial limits, so its development potential is to become an international payment system for the business community that would overcome local, regional, national and continental barriers.

Alternative currencies are mostly local currencies limited to small areas. Parallel with that, the idea about alternative currency works well until that money is attempted to be used outside the community in which it circulates. Crom Alternative Currency, among other things, also represents a concrete solution in that regard. As the importance of the entire network grows, each individual exchange within itself will be more valued and the free market will decide on the value of new ideas without political coloring.

What Can Be Bought With Croms?

Besides everything offered on Crom Marketplace, also outside of its frames - with croms it is possible to buy and sell everything that two sides in any part of this world can agree upon.

Currency Of The Free Planet

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Behind the money in this globally local sustainable monetary and financial system, where instead of the competition the watchword is up to cooperation, rather than in national currencies and in financial engineering - the coverage of money lies in participation of the real people in creation of the real values through offer of real goods, real products and real services.

Alternative worth appraisal and exchange system is not a battle against anybody or against anything. It's a peaceful self-examination, education, and choice through which people that measure their success with happiness rather than with profit - by greater self-sufficiency - are taking back control of their destiny in their hands. Crom Alternative Value as a cooperative economy is a spontaneous response to the too long unsatisfied individual and collective needs of ever more lonely and depressed mankind.




Money is everything what two sides can agree to use as a medium of exchange. Novac je sve ono što dvije strane pristaju upotrebljavati kao sredstvo razmjene. Il denaro è tutto ciò che due parti accettano usare come mezzo di scambio. Latest News


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