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Food Sovereignty -The Self Sufficient Food Production
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TOPIC: Food Sovereignty -The Self Sufficient Food Production

Food Sovereignty -The Self Sufficient Food Production 10 years, 5 months ago #1170

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Let's try to think for a moment about this: by even the most fraudulent estimates, only the derivatives by themselves constitute about ten times the world's GDP. How can we have ten times more goods and services on paper then actual goods and services that really exist in the entire world. Or translated into the simple words, how can we have ten times more money than there is wealth in the entire world and still think that the money is really money and not just a pure fraud?

Printing tons and tons of new funny money as a value for their majesties, and as a debt for all the others, wherever i look is nowhere mentioned as a principal cause of skyrocketing food and commodities prices. The reasons of course are not a mystery, trying to hide the traces left behind, the global kleptocratic elite still manages to feed the silence of politicians and media.

While we - states and nations, are perishing, monetary policy is focused only in one direction: even though the emperor remained completely naked, the empire of the overleveraged, derivative-riddled balance sheets needs to be saved at any cost.

What are we eating and how it's produced? How to eat consciously and how to eat ecologically consciously, are two completely different things:

Arrogance and shame are pictured here, it is time for the people to firmly reject the rotten system that has polluted so many lives for decades.
Humanity needs to rebuilt the engine of commerce which has been built upon dirty lies and massive corruption.
Societies invaded by the machinery that elitists have created to totally control the world through corrupted criminal-commerce, have ignored the simple fact of the matter: they are the ones that in the end make everything possible - the working class people!

Formal scholarship, just like monopoly money cannot be eaten, drunk, or fucked - and what is beginning to surface at last is just exactly what a total farce all those "scholars" were with their bloodless musings that go on and on throughout history spreading their lies and trying to use history as an alibi instead of the unfolding story of humanity that is what it was supposed to be... The oligarchs have been working on destroying the truth, especially in those dusty archives from the past, in the cellars below the Vatican as well as on the trading floors of Wall Street, and London as well as throughout the governments of the puppet world that has tried so mightily to replace the real world, wherever possible.

We the People must remove and replace these monsters by a society that reflects people first, and reduces the mechanisms of government to the subservient and supportive positions toward those who have always made everything possible for any so-called state; anywhere upon the planet.
There is no Hell other than the one we make for ourselves on Earth. Instead of deadly mutual competition, we can collaborate and improve life and prosperity.

Centuries long, quality of life is in the toilet except for the few who are living it up at the expense of the many. The ruling elite of bankers, psychopaths, aristocrats, corporate rollers, political and religious whores are all in the crosshairs of history. Civilization is 180 degrees off course, Mother Nature's patience has gone beyond her will to contain herself.

We have naively accepted the insane monetary system as something unchangeable. Yes, we can change. There has never been a better time than now. When an economy shuts down, by the will of the people who turn the wheels, everything can change if we put the change of the money concept in the first place. Solution is right in front of our eyes, we urgently need to abandon their debt-money. If not now, when?

Don't be lazy, check out really good possibility:

Community Currency - Alternative Humanitarian Funds

Community Currencies: Theory And Practical Experiences

Alternative Currency: Ecovillage, Flea Market And Humanitarian Funds

Crom Marketplace

Presentation of the Crom Alternative Currency System

Global monetary sovereignty is in private hands. So is the world food system.

Food Sovereignty -The Self Sufficient Food Production 10 years, 5 months ago #1171

  • Gaja
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Food sovereignty is the right of the people to decide what food to produce and what food to eat in their community.

For those who want to gain partial or full food sovereignty, and grow diverse and nutritious food through ecologically acceptable and sustainable method, here are some practical ways suggested by the Activist Post:

For most of us producing all of our own food is just a fantasy. It evokes visions of multiple acres of fertile land, long work days, and expensive machinery. However, none of these are necessary to achieve self-sufficient food production.

There are many gardening techniques that can produce an abundance of food for you and your family without requiring a lot of space, money or equipment. What each of these methods will require is your time, but not the dawn-to-dusk work hours associated with farming.

Rather, you will need time to study and practice these methods and other food preparation skills such as learning to mill your own wheat or corn flour to make breads, tortillas, pastas from scratch, or learning to can, pickle, or preserve food in all its forms.

Your diet should also be considered when planning for the best self-sufficient food production method. Do you need meat and dairy products? How much grains do you require? Yes, in order fully produce all of your food off-the-grid, you may have to make changes to your current diet if your resources are limited. Some may view these as dietary sacrifices, yet the folks that can claim a high level of food self-reliance will all claim their diet is far healthier than the average American.

With dedication and proper planning, everyone has the ability to survive the looming food crisis by producing their own food. None of the following methods should necessarily be considered by itself. Each offers unique techniques that can be mixed and matched for the best results. Their optimal application depends on calculations of your property size, climate zone, or your budget and time constraints.

Here are the 4 best food production methods for self-reliance:

Permaculture Gardening

Permaculture is where you design an entire edible habitat based on the natural capital of your setting. Then, place plants to methodically balance the soil, water, and pests. For instance, a nitrogen fixing plant may be planted next to a nitrogen hungry plant, which may sit next to an ornamental that deters predators, and so on. Permaculture gardening re-creates nature by using a large variety of plants while incorporating as many different animals as feasible like chickens, goats, ducks, and bees. You may also see features like vertical gardening and aquaculture ponds in permaculture designs depending on the space available. Utilizing this method is not expensive, but requires a lot of know-how and trial and error. Permaculture gardening can produce massive abundance. See the amazing video below for a real-world example of going off-the-grid in suburbia:


Aquaponics is a interdependent hybrid system of aquaculture and hydroponic gardening. Vegetables and herbs grow in soil-less containers that are fed with waste water from the aquaculture pools. The plants feast on the bacteria from fish waste and return the water to the fish in a purified state. These systems can be as big or as small as you wish and can potentially produce large amounts of fish and vegetables. When done properly, very little if any additional fertilizer or chemicals are needed, just fish food. Aquaponics can also be applied indoors, either in a greenhouse setting or with grow lights. The video below is a good description of the benefits of Aquaponics.


If you live in a region of the world with harsh winters, then a greenhouse will be essential for food self-sufficiency. Obviously, a greenhouse alone is not a strategy for full food production unless it is a large facility. Typically it can be viewed as a compliment to other gardening methods. In fact, the Dervaes family in the first video above uses a greenhouse to clone and start seedlings even though they live in Southern California. There are great designs and greenhouse starter kits available online. Below is a brief video on the benefits of greenhouse gardening:

Indoor Grow Rooms

Indoor growing is typically done with grow lights and hydroponics. Some people have sun-rooms in their homes which can basically act as a fancier greenhouse. However, for this section we'll focus on indoor hydroponics. This method of growing is certainly not the cheapest way to produce food, yet it is a steadfast method especially where weather and other elements can hinder food self-sufficiency. Indoor hydroponics requires grow lights such as LEDs, CFLs, or HPSs, along with tubing, drainage, fertilizer and ventilation. However, even a small space can produce fantastic yields for leafy vegetables, herbs, tomatoes, sprouts, and much more. To make this method fully off the grid find the most energy efficient grow lights possible and think about getting a solar generator to offset the electric costs. Below is a video about indoor plant lighting:

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