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Generation Y: The Freedom - Hating Generation
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TOPIC: Generation Y: The Freedom - Hating Generation

Generation Y: The Freedom - Hating Generation 12 years ago #94

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This is an blog article well-worth your reading time.

The truth is all around you.
They are not concerned about democracy, absolute power and other critical global problems...

Generation Y: The Freedom - Hating Generation

Karen De Coster - July 25, 2009

This post has drawn some people sparring, and even perhaps misinterpreting my remarks. You’ll have to read that post to best understand this comment.

It’s not uncommon for me to criticize today’s kids because I think, generally speaking, the majority of them are helpless, unappealing, and annoying brats. Most importantly, I don’t see how they will lead a world that understands and demands human liberty.

The problem is two-fold: parents and schools. My generation, for the most part, never grew up. They are lazy, non-thinking, fat adolescents with their only adult attributes being reproductive organs and Type 2 diabetes. Their views were shaped by the packs they followed in the public schools and the teachings developed by the conformist propagandists in charge of the federal educational system.

One commenter said I was “denegrating” child activities when I poked fun at all these arranged “activities” that become the centerpiece of American family life. Actually, what I was condemning was not merely “other activities,” but the way in which they are generally played out by the masses. The typical suburban life consists of rigid schedules drawn up by parents, for their children, made up of pricey lessons and “activity schools,” desired by the parents for the children, to keep up with the Joneses. These kids have every minute of their life scheduled with some activity the parents usually can’t afford, and the parents BRAG about it to others. They schedule every minute of their kids’ lives with something that will win accolades at parental gatherings and make them feel like the perfect super parent. In reality, these are the worst parents of all. These people are bored, and they stave off their boredom through their children.

Look at children nowadays, who are so unable to fend for themselves. They are so spoiled, so bored when they are not doing their “activities,” and they have no hobbies and passions. They cannot spend a minute alone because they have been fed the gang mentality since Head Start and other mind-numbing “education” programs. They demand, and need, constant amusement and entertainment. Without it, they are bored and uninspired. They are too lazy to walk 12 blocks to school so they demand taxi service. Most kids are bratty, coarse, and just plain unappealing.


It’s funny how the bubble produced a massive amount of dance studios in suburban areas, with one in nearly every strip mall. I noticed that about half of them have since closed up, at least here in SE Michigan. I have never known a child that attended this overpriced activity (one co-worker bragged that he paid $300/month so his daughter could be like the other girls in her school) and stuck with it. They go because it’s the chic thing among the pack, and when it ceases to make a useful social impact, they quit. In the years before “dance” became popular, it was gymnastics that sucked up parents’ money so they could tell everyone, “my kid is in gymnastics…..” And every parent thinks their kid is a musical genius, of course, and so why is it that the children, outside of their music lessons, never spend a minute with their instrument?

Music is great for the kids that want to, and can, pursue it. Gymnastics – real gymnastics, not suburban braggadocio, go-with-the-pack lessonmania – is one of the greatest fitness activities to introduce to your child. It’s far better than collectivist team sports that have become so dumbed-down with political correctness and equality schemes. Martial arts is great for learning individuality and discipline. Krav Maga does both and it introduces an awareness and heads-up mentality. But the goal of parents is to force feed their kids activities – hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, etc., etc. – that will conform to the pack mentality of the day. And kids, then, learn from this and come to demanding this activity or that activity – whatever their friends are doing, not what they want to do. This is how they learn to operate.

Look at the sudden soccer movement in America in the last 10-20 years. I’m not that old, and soccer was mostly unknown when I was growing up. The whole soccer thing is a strange pack mentality here in the U.S.

The single biggest hobby among teenagers is shopping. Shopping and buying – fashion, hair, make-up, and the most important question they ask themselves each day is, “What does everyone else think about the way I look? How do I best conform?” They can’t imagine, not for a minute, being outside of what they deem to be the “right” social circle. The social circle full of plastic, phony, unappealing, uninspiring, spoiled, demanding pack brats.

They grow up to become bored adults with no hobbies, no life skills, no creativity, no passions. The latest TV statistics show that people in the U.S. watch TV four hours per day. And it’s no secret that hardly anyone reads anymore.

I remember as a kid – as with most people my age – not giving a shit about what other kids were doing, but pursuing that which I desired. It’s a far different society now. This Jennifer Ibanez creep is a perfect example of one whose thought was dumbed down throughout public school system, and then in the public university. Sadly, parents can’t wait to shove their kids into re-education camps and therefore embrace the collectivist horrors of the government’s Head Start program. In fact, we see the move toward trying to take children into state educational systems (pre-Head Start) as early as age 1 or 2, and the majority of parents approve of this action, and they desire it.

Individuality, almost everywhere in society, is loathed and shunned. Diversity is the new religion, but it is really a form of totalitarian conformity. Tolerance is the new buzzword, but only conformity to the ways of the masses is tolerated. Kids come home from school and repeat poorly-scripted lines about environmentalism and smoking or drinking, telling their parents how they should live their lives. And the parents bow to their hapless, uninformed lectures. I was at an Apple store a few weeks ago, waiting to see a tech guy at the genius bar (Apple’s tech service). A couple of kids about 10 years old were showing their “presentation” they had put together on the wall of the store using Apple software (I think it was Keynote). Apple stores have areas where computer presentations can be projected onto the wall. A bunch adults gathered around, gushing over the senseless, moronic brainwashing that came out of this unbelievably shitty presentation. The whole presentation was a putrid rehash of all the tediously conventional garbage that has been stuffed into the brains of these kids for years. Even the Apple store employees gathered around to watch, and everyone smiled and clapped. The two kids were beaming. Watching these people all make the effort to happily conform, my thoughts immediately came to this: I live in a world of inept, functional retards.

Just look at how society has changed in one or two generations. I have friends who are 60-ish who took their rifles to school on the school bus. My mother rode Detroit city busses to travel all over the city to visit her relatives – when she was nine years old. You couldn’t do that in the ritziest suburb now. My brothers and I played outside all day, away from the house, and that didn’t cause any alarm. Nowadays, a cop pretends he’s a 13-year-old girl in a chat room, and he is able to draw dozens of old men over to the house with the promise of sex.

My daily observances of people never leave me wondering why we live in such a violent, decivilized world where the state is the parent and the religion, and the masses turn to the state to provide for every facet of their lives.
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