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Freeman's Notice To Worldwide Governments And Institutions
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TOPIC: Freeman's Notice To Worldwide Governments And Institutions

Freeman's Notice To Worldwide Governments And Institutions 7 years, 5 months ago #2777

Freeman's Notice To Worldwide Governments, Institutions And Other Parties
(Unofficial English Translation)

Through Notice addressed to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia, I inform all police departments, courts, governments and other parties of cancellation of "my" fictional person forcibly created in the early nineties, reappropriation of my illegitimately usurped sovereignty and a regeneration of ownership over my also illegitimately seized proportional part of the Yugoslav social property.

Beliefs that condition our lives are not expensive, and the more we consume them, the more real they become. But what is believed is a product that has no common ground with the truth, since it is a totally different notion. The truth is a healthy atmosphere not polluted with privileges. It is sovereign, independent of traditions, laws, customs, courts, cultures and commissions. The less hope there is, and more brave researching, the more present it becomes. As much as believers attempts to adapt the truth to themselves, they cannot create it because the truth already exist, whether they believe in it or not. Therefore, the real people accepting the risk and adapt themselves to the truth, not vice versa.


It is really amazing how much ignorance is tenaciously and unrelentlessly trying to perfect some values which, like freedom, it has not yet even grasped. If something is sure, than it is the fact that the “man” is not born as a sinner. And if life is a school, then today, on my 46th birthday, I can summarize the most important lesson I have ever learned into the following two constatations: Through the process of money creation, absolutely nothing tangible is being lent into circulation, with an interests, to sinners. In paragon with persons trapped in an illusion of freedom, the truly free man is first of all a man and free only after that.

Bringing to light in the middle of this year information on corruption in global financial system that among other things produced a derivatives time-bomb of over quadrillion dollars (1 quadrillion = one thousand trillions), Karen Hudes – economist and a lawyer with 20 years of work experience (from 1986 to 2007) in World Bank’s Legal department has stated: "The bankers have bought up all means of communication to keep people in the dark about what they're doing. They have no right to own all the media and trick all the citizenry. These private groups have seized power that they’re not entitled to and they did it secretly". Are hooded conspirators the proper impression of evil logic of the system? Following up the shocking diagnosis given by a former higher advisor at the World Bank in which she warns the modern democratic civilization about - after centuries and centuries surprisingly still present defect on communication line between the voters and voter representatives, lets remind ourselves of the ancient proverb: "Never blame on conspiracy what can be explained by stupidity. If facts change, then the point of view must also change".

Judging from the Oath taken by the president of the Republic of Croatia before the Constitutional Court, "pursuant” to Article 3 of the Croatian Constitution according to which all religious communities are separated from the state, the sovereign independence of the so-called Republic of Croatia is not perfectly clear: "I swear with my honor... so help me God".

In past epochs, servants served, and then after the first contacts with Slavs, from the establishment of specific relations with them, terms such as Italian “schiavo”, French “esclave”, Spanish "esclavo" and English "slave" were coined - terms that define a person that is owned by another person. In those dark times, from the celestial heights of the Holly See, the Popes proclaimed their jurisdiction over the entire planet, imposed themselves as owners of the whole world and largely conceded to royal families the management of their property. It is said that in those days in Vatican papers were considered inanimate objects and original papal bulls were, allegedly, written with the ink of blood on parchment made of human skin. "UNAM SANCTAM - We declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff. ROMANUS PONTIFEX - Universal Church considers God’s orders to... seek, invade, enslave, and conquer... the enemies of Christ wherever they might live, together with their kingdoms, dukedoms, principalities, dominions, possession and any other movable and immovable goods... to enslave them for eternity and to use them and profit of them for own benefit”.

There are certainly many enigmas and controversies surrounding the breakup of former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and there are as many different interpretations of that event which fit the interests of various people who provided them. Was the separation between republics pursuant to the SFRY Constitution or not? If Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia suddenly emerged out of nothing as newly-generated sovereign square miles on the basis of alleged right of secession and self-determination, then why their newly-proclaimed leaders have, contrary to generally accepted principles, denied those same right of secession, self-determination and sovereignty to the people living in those geographical areas? What has happened, was it a succession of SFRY, secession or dissolution? What are we dealing with - exact date or a period of time? What and which Croatian War of Independence if Republic of Croatia never proclaimed the state of war?

Although depending on each individual case it doesn't always have to be like that, there is sometimes a deep gap between the terms "legal" and "valid (lawful, rightful, legitimate)". By this factually proven material which, due to its specific nature, does not leave even the slightest maneuvering space to any doubts and dilemmas, a part of Agreement on the alleged succession of the former SFRY reached between the alleged successor states in mutual negotiations in which the most important global financial institutions had a key role - becomes invalid.

Since these are not natural but artificial creations on which it is, due to their complex essence, possible to theorize endlessly on both charlatan and “scientific level”, most of the people in terms of expiry of duration of the state are satisfied with layman formulation that states simply appear and disappear.
Regardless the fact that the state is an immense collection of countless rules and regulations, expert's point of view on the aforementioned process is unable to offer any useful or clear guidelines. Since state is a fabricated creation of fictive character, highly respected authoritative international structure despite almost perfect organizational and analytical pedantry still fails to precisely legally define, within its international law, either the state itself or the process of its "birth" and "death" – not to mention murder.

Natural resources, companies, commodity reserves, foreign currency reserves, protected patents, cultural heritage, gold reserves, commercial and scientific-research facilities, residential buildings, military installations, embassies, educational and tourist structures, health and agricultural capacities, vehicles, streets, roads... with the traumatic and extremely violent elimination of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from its "existence", newly created states grabbed for themselves all property of the former society which was at that moment located on allegedly their newly proclaimed so-called territories.

Yugoslavia... somebody remembers it as bad, somebody for its free education, somebody for free health care, while I remember it for something completely out of all existing legal frames and legal definitions, as well as legal theories in general, i.e. for something that is legitimate basis of most of this document’s content. In fact, publicizing themselves as supposed legal successors, and presenting the division of assets of barbarically liquidated collective as a civilized act in front of the eyes of the world, newly-invented states on that geographical area clashed with the shocking fact that the Constitution of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia does not contain the term "state property".

In other words, due to the so-called “social property” – Yugoslavia's exclusive concept of ownership unique on this Earth, the current situation is based on a procedure no different from the scandalous one in which Ponzi jumps in the first Ferrari he came across and as he burned the tires while racing away, he yells the alleged testament of a certain Madoff to astonished owner. Or, as Sulejman Tabaković – legal expert for privatization and conversion with work experience in the Government’s and Parliament’s Office for General Affairs and Office of the President – explains without any scruple: “In Croatia, banks were robbed during the war, which makes that a war crime. The Governor of the National Bank, Željko Rohatinski, gave a document to Parliament members in 2005 which states that banks in Croatia have been converted into stock companies i.e. limited liability companies (d.o.o.). He couldn't explain by which law, because no such law exists. As the state was not the owner of banks, the state was not able to sell them. The state could not have sold someone else's property, claiming otherwise would be very foolish. The ownership cannot be transformed, bankers forget that everything that existed in Yugoslavia was a social property. The Croatian War of Independence was in some way a coulisse for robbing citizens trough banks. I responsibly claim that Croatian economy was robbed and looted through Croatian National Bank and all commercial banks. The moment in which banks took over the entire payment system via financial assets is a moment when people behind those banks became the owners of the Republic of Croatia".

(to be continued)
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Re: Freeman's Notice To Worldwide Governments And Institutions 7 years, 5 months ago #2778

Aljoša from the Đurić family
Email: aljosa[at]
Saturday, October 5th 2013

Currently Zoran Milanović

Trg Svetog Marka 2, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Email: predsjednik[at]



Delivery via Post Office Imola (Italy)
Registered mail number RA729202025IT


* Introduction

* Addressing

* The Republic Of Croatia Is Not A Corporation?

* Null And Void Ownership Titles

* Assumption – The Story Of Partnership Between Miss Banker And Miss Regent

* Eureka – Assumption, The Basic Foundation Of Legal State

* Reapropriation Of Sovereignty

* Regeneration Of Ownership Over Proportional Part Of Ex-SFRY Social Property

* Forbiddance Of Accessing Private Property

* Indemnity

* Alternative Conditional Agreement Offer

* Annex 1: Request To The Government Of The Republic Of Croatia For Receiving Information

* Annex 2: Request To Croatian Ministry Of Interior For Urgent Determination Of Facts

Note: With all due respect to human beings, this regularly delivered Notice refers to the above addressed party, everything it represents and everyone in whose behalf it acts and to all associates acting on its behalf. The recipient of this Notice is warned of its obligation to inform its agents. It is up to recipient of this Notice to investigate his full personal responsibility under the Universal Natural Law - regarding the consequences of his wilful actions in relation to both current obligations and terms of which is hereby courteously notified by disclosure of undisputable facts and information, and future and potential obligations arising also as a consequence of his own conscious decisions. The recipient is warned of his full personal responsibility in case of undertaking illegitimate actions against the sender – a free sovereign man – including conspiracy, imprisonment, seizure and damage of property, infliction of physical injuries and economic loss or any other damage. This Notice is drafted in two identical equally valid copies, of which each party retains a copy.

(to be continued)
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Re: Freeman's Notice To Worldwide Governments And Institutions 7 years, 5 months ago #2779


At the beginning of the movie "The Horse Whisperer", a girl and an animal are injured in an accident while the rest of the film is about healing consequential psychological wounds. The horse does not allow anyone to come near it. Establishing a first weak contact with him, Robert Redford, a character that left his engineering job in a big city to become a cowboy in a natural ambient - in a beautiful scene leaves the horse to gallop to freedom and then decide on his own whether to remain in nature or return to the ranch. Disgusted firstly with the communistic deadness of God, people and life, and then with their capitalistic numbness, Zvonko Bušić, the most famous Croatian political emigrant affectionately nicknamed the last Croatian romantic, took his own life on September 1st 2013 with a shot to the head. He left a letter to his friends and other Croats explaining he committed suicide because he could no longer endure imprisonment in Plato's cave.

"After GDP calculation mode was changed, spending more of the so-called fiat money for the same quantity of goods and services is no longer considered inflation but an increase in public and private spending. Looking globally, the generally accepted assumption is that the entire democratic political-economic system is based on relations between mentally sane persons. Of thousands and thousands mammal species that inhabit planet Earth, only one is crazy enough to intentionally poison itself in a delirium. Except from the mentioned life form, the following are the common characteristics of not only mammals, but also insects, birds and reptiles: 1) since they do not exist in artificial worlds of computers and television, none of these living species practice self-poisoning of the mind with propaganda, 2) all these forms of life eat a raw natural food instead of processed products contaminated with toxic chemicals and 3) none of these living creatures consume chemical poisons by taking drugs and vaccines. The origins of the worldwide pandemic of irrationality should not be sought beyond just presented reasons why has Homo Sapiens lost his mind and why he still continues to stubbornly hide this, while further poisoning himself with more psychical, biological and chemical toxins by which he is already poisoned. Ignorant masses are one thing, something quite another lies in the fact that as a result of poisoning, physically ill and mentally comatose majority of voters is unable to read and both analyze and store information, and is at the same time also incapacitate to recognize insanity and stand against it. In other words, persons with irreparably damaged brains, which in fact means majority of the members of modern civil society, are practically non-functional individuals" – anonymous author.

Running, playing, laughing, joy. We were children, we read and drew and we fantasized about our magical world. Each of us could germinate in whatever he wanted. Suddenly, unexpectedly, instead of us being the masters of our own lives, our lives became our masters. Our souls grew up, all impulses disappeared without a trace never to return. The only thing that remained was our job dependence.

Mother Nature was not stingy when she was creating this ball as a part of the Universe. She scattered on our planet immense resources and material wealth. However, if any interstellar traveler casually visits Earth, actual situation at the beginning of the new millennium is such that passing around, he will not meet people who live lives filled with joy and happiness. Empty and exhausted creatures around him are devoured by fear, depression, despair and disappointment. There's nothing else than stress at every step, wherever gray alien looks. Situation is really absurd, but not surprising at all. That is, on Earth there is certainly enough of everything for everyone's need, but not for everyone's greed.

Many communities, cultures and religions embraced indifference trough history. At the end of the 19th century, in relation to the social organism Anton Pavlovich Chekhov expressed through ink his abhor towards general indifference: "I look at this life and see the arrogance and the idleness of the strong, the ignorance and bestiality of the weak, the horrible poverty everywhere, overcrowding, drunkenness, hypocrisy, falsehood. Meanwhile in all the houses, all the streets, there is peace; out of fifty thousand people who live in our town there is not one to kick against it all. Think of the people who go to the market for food: during the day they eat; at night they sleep, talk nonsense, marry, grow old, piously follow their dead to the cemetery; one never sees or hears those who suffer, and all the horror of life goes on somewhere behind the scenes. Everything is quiet, peaceful, and against it all there is only the silent protest of statistics".

It's 2013, hundreds of thousands of companies around the world fail every day, sovereign debts have simply exploded and citizens are no longer able to satisfy fundamental needs in everyday life even by falling into a deep red on their bank accounts. Global central banks continuously and unstoppably print unlimited amounts of bucks out of nothing; Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan avoid any mention of impressive "wealth" of unbelievable 73 i.e. 70 trillion dollars in financial derivatives. Although Bloomberg still in 2007 announced that in reality the whole market is bankrupted, the great finale has not occurred yet. Instead, the economic farce inside workers’ dwellings still continues, always collecting tributes more and more fiercely. Passive silence of the population introduced on a small door abnormal apparatus. Generally and in absolute terms. In front of everyone's eyes, accelerated rhythm of changes emerged with tacit consent is chaining us with until yesterday unimaginable norms from Orwell’s "Animal Farm”.

Legal corruption, pardon me, lobbying aside, job is being deformed into a blackmail, but no one dares to speak about that. To make matters even crazier, everyone wants to work. Polluting everything he can, the man does not give up in finding the sole purpose of his own existence in soul exhaustion at the workplace where by spending a lifetime consuming and producing mostly worthless crap that no one needs, enriches even more those few already super-rich which quite a lot of time master all world's money anyway. The visitor from the distant galaxy has figured out in a jiffy that ancient chains were not broken in contempt, but they have evolved into much more efficient economic slavery. Spineless, in jargon, trained to civilization, both job seekers and those scared of being laid off, were tricked into long investments in acquisition of diplomas that once in the past facilitated them finding a work which supposedly had to guarantee them happiness - cannot even whisper to new generations how stupid they were allowing to be thirsty paddled across the water. Therefore, continue perforce to participate in further deception hiding from juniors how according to the development plan, at some point everyone must be replaced with a cheaper, younger, more temporary, more robotic and more productive version of himself..

When the wheel was invested, the state seemed like equally brilliant idea. Both inventions became so vastly used that they occupied a place of honor in history. But, unlike the wheel that perfectly fulfills the purpose indicated in the instruction manual, the same is not happening with the state, even if, during all these centuries we have innovated, lengthened, shortened, colored, moistened and dried it countless times... Whatever undertaken, effects are always opposite to those desired by the citizens. Observing the state from the sea level, only utopia is visible. But from the elevated position of His Majesty, perspective is quite different - looking down, it is clearly recognizable that the state actually functions much more perfectly than the wheel.

In this computer era where, despite abundant freedom of choice between Windows, Linux or something else, all operating systems at the end behave identically according to pre-installed BIOS components, the point is not which computer is better to use, but first of all do we need to bother with this machines at all. Fascism, communism, capitalism, socialism, democracy included, from first to last these are all systems built on one and the same motherboard - the state. It is not mentioned anywhere and nobody speaks of it, but choosing the lesser evil is not the only option. If "good" is not on the list of offered options, why choose anything at all in the first place?

The satellites patrol from the sky, and down on the streets there are so many surveillance cameras that you cannot even count them. As we listen to and watch smart televisions, so they listen to and watch us. The less we lose ourselves, the more is known where we are and how we are. The faster and easier we think, the less frequently we reflect on suggested conclusions. They named them intelligent cities, and we kissed even the lowest level of our privacy goodbye. Centralization of personal memories into corporative clouds is a new fashion trend. Soon after becoming firstly a prerequisite for employment, having a bank account suddenly became a prerequisite for the existence of life in general. The use of cash is banned. Even if you're employed, without a microchip you're without money. The unstoppable drop of money’s purchase power is being obfuscated by frequent inventions of more complicated definitions and more complex measuring parameters. Masses are indoctrinated with monopolized bizarre theory according to which the currency has always been unstable, not because there's something wrong with currency itself, but strangely because something has always been wrong with resources.

Perception is unusual ability. For example, although we all look at freedom, we do not see the same thing. Or let's take another example - value. Someone sees maximum value in diamonds, gold means nothing to someone, someone considers bills to be funny, some appreciate water more, some land, and there are also those for whom supreme value is represented by old toys.
Are we allowed to impose on others our own personal perception of preciousness called life?
Vampires are a part of imagination, but if we take them for degenerative individuals who suck life energy of other people, then they do exist in reality too.
Our individual choices are emanating from our own personal nature or are merely a reflection of adopted social theory?
"In order to gain power and control over the population through means other than violence, government obtains consent using ideological instruments such as politics, education, religion and entertainment" - Louis Althusser realized.
To insane community, a man with common sense inevitably seems mentally ill. If millions of men were really rational beings, they would have never adapted the "existence” in society obsessed with fictive public debt in which the peak of creativity is laboring to repay energy with which recharge batteries for labor, laboring to repay clothes for labor, laboring to repay a vehicle with which arrive at labor, and laboring to repay for the apartment which is empty all day because used as a place where during the night one can try to at least briefly forget the labor.

Comrade, there must be some reason why you have never seen a badger turning into a bear, or Marie into Donald or pepper into silver. No matter how hard you try, you'll never succeed in doing something similar. Why? For the same reason why you cannot be something you are not. Surely, you can somehow allude to this by behaving in various ways, but as much as you try to imitate a donkey, you can't change your true nature. Colleague, if we compare life on this planet, culture, and especially your personality with a robot you have programmed in your company to operate in a given environment, then the only conclusion is that each of us is a Matrix inside another Matrix within even a deeper Matrix, and so on respectively. We'll never find the original our true selves if we don't reach the bottom. Dear friend, this fact does not have to be to your liking, but Matrix is not the outside world, Matrix is inside us. Our mind is our only prisons. The more hopelessly our perception is trapped in it, the more we suffer.

Rarely anyone had a chance to read a hardly accessible interview with Bankenstein: "All political parties, revolutionary movements, activist organizations and associations for development of civil society, I use as a taxi in the manner that best suits me. I just whistle, and after being transported where I want, I pay and get out".
As things stand, at least apparently from information I gathered here and there, whether I like it or not, there's no other solution than to participate in artificial creation so abnormal to me. With all my heart, I sincerely thank you for the offer to join the general march towards Uncle Tom’s Cabin, but my life is only mine so with whole my being I refuse to accept the proposal under any conditions. Although some self-proclaimed sacrosanct authority has authorized itself to condition the life of a man at the certain geographical area with his membership in the society of that region, the state is certainly not my only option.

(to be continued)

Re: Freeman's Notice To Worldwide Governments And Institutions 7 years, 5 months ago #2780


"In Croatian version of Wikipedia, NDH (Independent State of Croatia - satellite of Nazi Germany from 1941-1945) is an expression of centuries-old aspirations of independence, Ante Pavelić (founder of the nationalist Ustasha movement and head of the state) is a writer al pari to Ivo Andrić (Nobel laureate for literature in 1961), Ustashe movement was neither racist nor totalitarian, Jasenovac (concentration camp built by the Ustashe) was a Paradise on Earth, and Maks Luburić (Ustasha general and commander of Jasenovac) was not a pathological killer. If you try to correct these Wikipedia articles, you will get administrator’s ban” – says in an article "Independent Wikipedia of Croatia”, H-Alter media. In September 2013, in the midst of a turmoil in virtual world caused by the Ustasha iconography in modern Croatia, Glas Istre (the Voice of Istria) broadcasts: "According to new Croatian Wikipedia administrators, authorized to prohibit other people from editing articles and to block their user accounts, Istrijanstvo (Istrianism) represents a movement that is aimed towards supranational regional identity in Croatian part of Istria, invented to reduce the number of Croats in Istria region. Decroatization of Istria is promoted by those who wish to separate Istria from the rest of the Croatia". In that same September of 2013, world media report about the escalating situation in Croatia after bilingual Latin and Cyrillic tables were placed - under the surveillance of intervention police - on several state authority buildings in Vukovar. Members of the Advisory council of Predrag Matić - Minister of War Veterans’ Affairs, opposed the minister suggesting that this dangerous and explosive situation can seriously harm the stability of the Republic of Croatia and they appealed to the minister for an approach without threats and use of force: "War veterans are under constant repression since the end of the Croatian Patriotic War, we are against any violence, we are opposed to any destruction of coexistence, we want that normalization of relations and coexistence happens on the basis of clear and undisputable truth who was the aggressor and who needs to apologize to who". Appalled with the police action and attempts of introducing bilingual signs, the Coordination of War Veterans’ Association of the City of Zagreb claims that these shameful action aims to criminalize Croatian war veterans. By completely blocking the busiest road, singing Croatian patriotic songs, and carrying flags of war units and organizations that originates from Croatian War of Independence, war veterans from the city of Sinj joined the protest. In her commentary, Adelheid Wolfl – foreign affairs editor of Austrian national daily newspapers Der Standard – concluded that Croatian society is mentally still at war . Asking to accept that the war is over all people who in those days were protesting in an unacceptable way contrary to the law, the Croatian Prime Minister, Zoran Milanović said: "Croatia in peace must respect the laws and show good faith and good will. If we want to be a civilized state that protects national minorities, that protects all other minorities and respects the law, then we must and will do this".

People kill people, not guns. "The main problem of us men in mutual relations is that we listen half, understand quarter, think zero and react double" - says an old proverb. Paying particular attention to the words undisputable truth, good faith, good will, coexistence, repression, threats, violence, aggression, destruction – reading the lines above makes it easy to conclude why this Notice was send only now and not from the alleged territory of the so-called REPUBLIC OF CROATIA. The Notice, as is evident by the screenshot below, comes from a private company in which birth registration is compulsory, most probably in the form of company’s private property judging by simultaneous assigning to infants their commercial name and unique fiscal number, with which they will remain inseparable until death. The arrival of this Notice some twenty years after the events that still represent a tension sources at the geographical areas known as the Balkans coincides perfectly with the recent accession of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA to the so-called EUROPEAN UNION - many times everywhere justified as, and I quote: "The final civilization of primitive Balkan peoples”.

According to the CONSTITUTION of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, the official language in use in the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA is Croatian language. In contrast to identity documents issued in the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, Croatian orthography dictates that in regard to capital and small letters all human names and surnames are written as per the example "Stjepan Radić”, members of nation as per the example "Croat”, states as per the example "Croatia”, institutions and organizations as per the example "Croatian Parliament". From publicly available contracts at state level, via OIB 5261342138587 (PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER) the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA is precisely identified as a person.

The donor donate to donee a part of a shared ownership of the Republic of Croatia

Article 1 of the Law on GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA specifies that the GOVERNMENT conducts foreign and internal policy, Article 8 states that the GOVERNMENT manages and uses the property of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, and Article 9 of the same law defines that the PRESIDENT OF THE GOVERNMENT represent the GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA.

MINISTER Željko Jovanović in his review of what he calls "usurpation of the right to edit” claims that Croatian pupils and students are harmed with evidently falsified content of Croatian version of Wikipedia.

Dear Zoran Milanović, as a man that in the role of a person ZORAN MILANOVIĆ performs the function of current PRIME MINISTER OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, please read carefully this Notice in its entirety before responding. It means exactly what it says. The manner in which this Notice has been delivered to you is a proof that you are correctly informed of all details written in it.

The reason why, Mister PRIME MINISTER OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, I, Aljoša from the Đurić family - a man not a PERSON, advise you sincerely and in good faith to take this document very seriously and to study it carefully before making any comments is: 1) There are no controversies regarding anything you have been informed of through this Notice. 2) The refusal of restitution of property illegitimately taken from me, along with appropriate compensation for inflicted damage, i.e. your refusal to accept below attached proposal for alternative conditional agreement I offer on the same - seemingly complex but yet so simple issue, will consequently for your already astronomically indebted party result most probably with bankruptcy - outside the reach of any influence by conventional courts and similar institutions that do not apply Universal Natural Law. 3) You must deliver me your decision within a reasonable, limited period of time. 4) I will ignore as completely senseless all your citations of legal terms and acts since I am not a member of any state and therefore not subjected to those and similar jurisdictions in any case. 5) Since everywhere I am at the given time I legitimately live outside the system without any conventional identity document and without any address of residence or domicile, I am contactable solely and exclusively in indicated manner.

In case you are not familiar with the terms "Notice”, "Truth”, "Fiction”, "Sovereign Freeman” and "Non-transparency”:

- "Notice” is defined as any form of information, i.e. fact, communicated to someone in any manner. One is aware of the fact when he knows the fact, when there is a reason why he must know the fact or when he has been notified of the fact;

- "Truth” is defined as unique, real state of things on which every discussion is superfluous. The truth is able to neutralize even the strongest powers. Although it fits perfectly everywhere, in domains of adopted prejudices and preconceptions the truth is often rejected as unwanted under the excuse that it is whether nowhere mentioned or repeated too rarely;

- "Fiction” is defined as an imaginative creation or a pretense that does not represent reality. An illusion, feint, fake story or invented explanation. Something imaginary, unreal, because of convenience taken as true even if false;

- "Free Planet Earth” is a large celestial body, no one’s property, that orbits in space around its closest star – the Sun. It cannot be conquered, borrowed, rented, purchased or sold. "Sovereign Freeman on Free Planet Earth” is a living being of flesh and blood that operates with full responsibility. This man has never consciously and voluntarily consented to be governed or represented by someone else. His existence is sovereign, based on respecting Universal Natural Law and is not limited by any other form of restrictions, obligations, ordinances, codex or similar behavior norms;

- The meaning of "Non-transparency” can easily be deducted from the content of Annexes 1 and 2.

One of the things that gives me extraordinary pleasure in the 45th year of my life is that, pursuant to circumstances and possibilities, while still a youngster I figured out in a relatively short time how great is the power of knowledge. Knowledge is what separates rulers from their servants. By following the growth and development of my 7-year-old son, now more than ever I realize the critical factor in the ability of each individual to recognize the difference between what is real and what is false.

In the course of the last couple of generations, numerous artificial imitations have replaced real originals around all the world. For example, hundred years ago the only existing food was a natural food. Today it is a real challenge to find in the store a foodstuff not genetically modified or not contaminated with various chemicals. Many in this 21st century do not know that milk is produced by cows, not by supermarkets, or that the real fruit juice and artificial syrup are not the same thing.

Similar is with calendars and calculation of time. We also have real and fake laws. According to the latter, the owner of some property, real estate for example, in the form of taxes must regularly pay the rent to another owner of that same property. And that's not all, the first mentioned owner must also pay fines every time when by enjoying his inalienable rights violates codes of the second one

No matter where anyone is on this planet at any moment, he can at the same time be restrictively resident inside the state or be standing free in nature.

In a similar way, there is a pirate copy of almost every one of us. Alive original made of bones and muscles reacts to pinching and tickling, while dead paper forgery does not. Original is created by mother and father, while the person is created by the state.

Money is analogously controversial. Among us circulates both real and false money.
The best thing about money is that inside its core beats the math, so 1 can never be eight or nine.
The real money is easily distinguished from the counterfeit money by its - just two - main characteristics. Fake money is everything whose quality is variable and whose intrinsic value is less than nominal value at the moment of issuing. In other words, money is real if the numerical amount written on it is identically proportional to real material value of which it is made. The material used for making money can be certain precious metal. For example, gold and silver possess intrinsic value of unchangeable quality. The case in which nominal value printed on currency itself is nothing more than a digit recorded in some book behind which there is no real value represents a false accounting.
To my comprehension, national currencies such as dollar, euro or Croatian kuna are not real money because they do not have any intrinsic value. For example, to print 500 EUR bill costs only around 20 cents, while everything else represents someone’s pure gain. Even more than that if we consider that such a colossal gain created out of nothing is interest-bearing. The aforementioned profit is interest-bearing for the simple reason that national currencies are not issued into circulation as a money in original sense of that word, but are, as I comprehend it, loaned into circulation as a debt instruments - on the basis of promises of payment by the future work of population.
To my comprehension, such relationship between creditors and debtors has all the characteristics of a heavy fraud, which is, among other things, confirmed by court cases (2005 Lecce, Italy) Giovanni De Gaetanis against Italian Central Bank and European Central Bank, and (1968 Credit River Township, Minnesota, United States of America) Jerome Daly against "First National Bank of Montgomery" - when bank director Lawrence Morgan had to admit that the bank loaned the money to a client not in a form of real property really owned by that institution before the conclusion of the deal, but in a form of fictive financial assets created by entering a simple numerical value in accounting books during the drafting of the loan contract. In addition, here's what's written in black and white on the page 103 of Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin 2008 Q1: "Banks extend credit by simply increasing the borrowing customer’s current account, which can be paid away to wherever the borrower wants by the bank ‘writing a cheque on itself’. That is, banks extend credit by creating money".

(to be continued)
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The Republic Of Croatia Is Not A Corporation?

"State is not a corporation. Nation, as a political community, as well as an awareness of a number of people is not a corporation” – Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia, Zoran Milanović, in his speech on Entrepreneur Day 2013.

Unlike the so-called state where we presumably find certain different relations among the so-called persons, the primary purpose of "existence" of the so-called corporation is to allow the owner to gain maximum profit from his employees at minimal costs.

Researching business entities in the databases such as Dun & Bradstreet, Croatian Central Bureau of Statistics, Bonline, Manta, it is easy to ascertain that the Republic of Croatia, state offices, ministries, courts and local self-government units are all registered companies.

According to Article 6 of the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, every man has the right to be recognized everywhere as a person before the law, which logically means that in the same way each man has also a right not to accept to be a person. The term "person” is used as a different expression for a business entity and is identified by capital letters. Taking into consideration that according to the law companies are also persons, it is important to note that only persons can contract with other persons. So, what are we dealing with - state or REPUBLIC OF CROATIA LLC (Limited Liability Company)? Marko Marković - citizen, or MARKO MARKOVIĆ an employee who was taken without his knowledge and consent into possession by his company as a business subject, or maybe a collateral for public debt? To me, the answer to that question doesn't matter anymore.

(to be continued)
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Null And Void Ownership Titles

On the geographical area of Free Planet Earth which some call the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, approximately 580.000 hectares of forests are privately owned, while over 2 million hectares belong to the state. According to the so-called Forest Law, in the so-called state forests is prohibited to collect self-growing plants (affectionately called products) without the so-called permission. The so-called fines for those so-called infringements ranging between one thousand and seven thousand Croatian kunas. For example, the so-called fee for 10 picked asparaguses is 5 HRK, while a price of the so-called daily permission for the collection of mushrooms is 50 kuna.

Just like every computer program has its bug, so the concepts we use contain certain holes. Someone is a prince, someone is a duke, and someone is a count. Among most of those millions we have exterminated, it was exactly known what is who’s even without ownership titles which most of us today - some more and some less - are holders.

Legitimate ownership is something I greatly respect. However, I have a lot of problems with accepting ownership records, and here is why.

Those convinced that they possess not only the international monetary system, but natural resources also, are frantically trying to stop the time and forever preserve the status quo of their control over the entire globe. We are all equal in the eyes of gravity that exist here without anyone ever prescribed it. Some recognize us as ugly, others as attractive, the third recognize us as lunatics, while the fourth recognize us as experts. It is widely accepted assumption that to "a certain one” who recognize us all as equal in the eyes of the law, we are simultaneously giving in return the right to recognize us innocent or guilty. But reality is reality, while assumption is only assumption and nothing more than that. Null and void - regardless of how widely accepted, it holds water only until Galileo comes and bravely asserts: "Despite the time seems to have stopped down here, if we look up it is irrefutable that the arrows of the star clock on the night sky are unstoppable. If we are all equal in the eyes of the so-called law, than not only I do not recognize the recognitions, but I do not recognize the recognizers either"!

From ownership records it is easy to determine that before Marina, Franko was a holder of ownership title on scooter, while Goran was the owner before him and before that the owner was Anton. Current holder of ownership title on the said scooter - Sonia, is at the same time also its legitimate owner, because Anton as a first ownership title holder is the creator of the scooter, too. The most important thing is that all contracts for the transfer of ownership title are duly signed.

On the basis of the ownership title, Sasha took control over a piece of land. Everything ok, all secure, all clear - the land he bought was sold to Milena by the state. Since his certificate is valid in court, and access to that land is not allowed to others, Sasha is convinced he is the owner of it. Even in the darkest dream he could not have imagined how false that impression, however, is. The fact that Sasha owns a paper claim, however, in neither case means that he also owns the land. And really...

The abovementioned recognizer I do not recognize, among other things because of practice applied in ownership records which to my comprehension radiates something that has all the characteristics of counterfeiting.

Any claim is invalid without the evidence. The state or anyone else who appears in court as the first holder of the ownership title on air, water and land, every honest and not corrupt judge - none so far has come by, will declare a counterfeiter if he is unable to indisputably prove his alleged ownership by showing purchase contract with the creator. The only such valid document is the one where the transfer of ownership title is accompanied by the authentic signature of God or Mother Nature.

In other words, given that the creator of land, water and air is nor the state nor anybody else, in no case and under no circumstances someone can become their legitimate first owner.

Such as we are accustomed to thinking within the frame of the traditional ownership concept, it is not difficult to predict that the first thing that comes into our minds is that the planet Earth belongs to either all of us or to none of us. If we all come up with an ownership claim, the short circuit will occur and concept's fuse will blow. However, if all of us give up the aforementioned ownership and accept the truth that the land, water and air instead owned can only be reasonably used in equitable proportions - then things can roll on.

In conclusion, the validity of ownership over water, land and air is not confirmed by the foam of an angry judge, but by a signature of the creator – God or Mother Nature. Institutional tactical repetition and forcing of the assumption, Mister PRESIDENT OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, in my specific case is not free of cost. Through the following pages of this Notice, all governments, police departments, courts and other parties are correctly informed about the price of consuming my time, the price of molesting me and the price of application of physical force against me.

(to be continued)
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