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In late 2008 and early 2009, the default rate on subprime mortgages began rising fast enough to garner attention from the economists and analysts throughout the United States.  In the spring of 2008, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke testified before Congress and told a room full of senators and reporters that there were minor troubles facing the subprime mortgage industry, but he assured everyone that it was not a real cause for concern.  His exact words were, “the problems facing the subprime mortgage industry are contained and should have very little to no material effect on the economy at large.”  Then, in the fall of 2008, the world nearly ended.  Literally.

There was a span of a few days in October 2008, that the global economy was literally hours from a complete collapse.  Banks had stopped lending to one another, and banks rely on overnight loans in order to finance their day-to-day operations.  And, of course, those “minor troubles” facing the subprime mortgage industry have now caused a 4 year global recession.

Cash Is King

During the last four years, I have learned significant life lessons.  I have seen multiple entrepreneurs go bankrupt and lose everything because they were severely over-leveraged.  I have also seen extremely successful entrepreneurs shut down dozens and dozens of companies in order to liquidate everything.  What I have learned more than anything is that cash is king.  Folks who were flush with cash entering the recession were able to remain afloat during the worst of times.  Those who did not have cash took huge hits because small business loans were definitely difficult to secure.

Today, in early 2012, I am seeing something begin to happen that is very interesting.  Investors and entrepreneurs who were able to liquidate companies and other investment positions were able to sit on cash the last few years, and now they are able to begin building and investing again with significant cash positions.  Entrepreneurs and investors who were highly leveraged prior to the crisis and therefore wiped out, however, are starting from scratch with borrowed capital again—often in the form of small business loans.  It is extremely clear to me that cash is king.  Never over-leverage.  Those who handled finances intelligently before the crash are now starting out way ahead of the competition.

Better Than Cash

There is one asset that is even more valuable than cash during an economic downturn—mental capital.

Mental capital is difficult to define, but essentially it is emotional strength, power, the ability to learn, and all of our previously learned skill sets.

Mental capital is not only what empowers you to survive a difficult period in your business, but it is also what will empower you to get up, learn new skill sets, capture fresh vision, and press forward.  Physical capital in terms of real cash will ebb and flow.  That will never stop.  Mental capital is different, however.  It is possible to always be increasing your mental capital.


I once read a success quote that said the average millionaire reads one book per week.  That may or may not be true, but it impacted me significantly.  There is power in reading and always feeding your mind with new and fresh information and inspiration.  Take your mental capital to the next level by visiting the local bookstore and picking up a new book.

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Nel programma di Domà Nunch arriva la moneta del popolo:

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A recent million-dollar lottery winner made a shocking admission that reveals one of the five ways to increase your financial security. Alexandra Chaar was stunned to find out her lottery ticket made her an over night millionaire.

The waitress works at a Mexican restaurant in Clearwater, Florida. She's a straight-A student at St. Petersburg College and plans on using part of her lump sum winnings to pay for school. Chaar admitted she loved working and was not quitting despite her good luck.

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Alternative forms of money are designed to compete directly against global financial power, and this is a good news. Indeed, on 28 January 2012 at the gates of the World Economic Forum held in Davos, it was presented to the media a new version of community global currency, i.e. the OCCupy-CUrrency or Occcu. The project has been developed in Austria by a team of students  led by Roland Alton Scheidl at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences with the aim to offer a Basic-Income answer as the present double dip recession gives sign of shifting into the Greatest depression.


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It may seem like Monopoly money to outsiders, but a growing number of communities across the U.S. are using homegrown local currencies to stimulate their economies and protect themselves from the nation's broader economic woes.

While there were only about 20 active community currencies in the United States in 2009, there has been a recent resurgence, with at least a dozen communities developing their own currencies in the past couple of years, estimates Loren Gatch, a professor of political science at the University of Central Oklahoma who researches these alternative currencies. In addition, currencies that have been around for years have seen a spike in interest, with membership doubling in some cases.

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As a solution to the global and national financial crisis, people in Mexican city Espinal have organized alternative exchange system and created alternative local currency named Tumin.

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People have the habit of making New Year's resolutions for anything and everything such as happiness, health, managing money matters proficiently and getting out of your old inclinations. The main objective to turn your resolution into reality is to make sure that your financial goals reflect what you actually want. You should make a New Year promise on personal finance that you know you will be able to succeed surely. Practice the habit of savings and keep your money in the bank account. Use it to satisfy your essential needs such as retirement, paying your bills and giving money to the grocery-shopkeeper.

Ideas to get back on the right track and manage personal finances efficiently

Have a look at the 4 ideas to get back on the right track and manage personal finances efficiently.

1. Set a specific goal - Thinking in your mind as to how you will manage your money is simply useless and, as such, you should set a specific goal so that you know what you want to achieve exactly and, in turn, achieve it. You may think in your mind that you want to increase your savings and you want to have $2,000 more in your bank account by the next month. While the former only gives you a hope that you will boost your savings, the latter gives you a target to accomplish it. Thus, setting up a specific goal is very important if you really wish to handle personal finances in the most efficient way.

2. Deal with your credit cards wisely - You should keep an eye on every credit card that you may have and deal with them wisely. Get hold of credit cards which charge you low interest rate and have cash back policies. There are situations when you spend hundreds of dollars just for the sake of repaying the outstanding credit card balance and, as such, much of your hard-earned money is being spent. Make a comparison between various credit cards and obtain one with low interest rate. If you have a credit card with high interest rate but no annual fees, do not throw it away as soon as you get a better card. Keep the old card with you but do not swap it as this will help you boost your credit score.

3. Design a well planned budget - You may design a well planned budget every year and think of following it. However, there are many people who hate the idea of budgeting since it acts as a restriction of your money flow. But, in the real sense, a well planned budget is a financial planner that helps you understand about your money flow. A budget enables you to spend money on the things that you need essentially and keeps you away from spending unreasonably. Budgeting also helps you make a plan for the extra expenses that do not occur every month.

4. Reduce your unnecessary expenses - If money is tight for your case, look through every possible option to reduce your unnecessary expenses. For example, a family of four dining outside can pay you an extra of $20 every time you go out and eat. Same is the case for coffee drinks or packed water bottles if you purchase them on your way to office. Try to carry them from your home so as to reduce as much expenses as possible and save your dollars in the long run. Cutting down the small expenses will give you a significant amount towards your family savings and manage money matters capably. Give yourself a suitable chance to buy a new appliance with your hard-earned saved bucks.

Apart from this, studies illustrate you spend less when you use cash instead of plastic money. Make it a habit of spending a fixed amount of cash every week and try to stick to it. Thus, it is considered to be an appropriate way to keep a grip on your personal finances and avoid using credit cards without any need.

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An announcement has been made by the Federal Reserve that they are not going to raise the interest rate for the coming three years. Thus, the interest rates will remain at the rock bottom as it is now. This is good news especially for the credit card holders. This is another step taken forward by the Federal Reserve to bring in more transparency in making the policy decisions.  This may help the public understand in what way the fed actually is working and what its motives are. As the interest rates are still low, it may help you to avoid incurring huge debts and if you are a careful shopper, you may not be required to even opt for debt consolidation to pay down your credit card debts.

Interest rates going to remain the same

The interest rates of the credit card are going to remain the same till 2014. This is going to be extremely helpful for the people using credit cards. This will mean that you won't be required to pay more in interest against the credit card debts incurred through credit card usage.

So, why do you think is the Federal Reserve still going to keep the interest rates low till 2014? The main reason due to which the rates have been kept low is the slow paced economy. It is the Fed's Federal Open Market Committee or FOMC which sets the monetary policy. As they have done from the time of the recession -  keeping the federal funds rate low - the FOMC has again decided to keep the rates at as low as 0 to 0.25 percent. They have said that until they are going to see any positive change in the economy, they are not going to increase the rates of the federal funds.

The economists are of the view that if the Federal Reserve keeps the interest rates low, it may be quite encouraging for the businesses. They may feel more interested to invest in the growth now and they may not simply wait for that more stable economy. This may result to a situation where the consumers will start to spend more, especially on the big ticket items like the cars and also the new homes.

Thus, it can be said that if you can manage to pay the bills on time, you may not have to see any unpredictable rise in the interest rates of your credit cards. But, another very important that should be considered too is that if economic forces like inflation occurs, or if there is a rapid economic recovery, it can result in increased rate by the Federal Reserve.

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The global monetary system is failing to fulfill its role in our modern society. Local currency is an alternative way of being sustainable, the official money system is not the only possibility. Let the experiments proceed!


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Iz Grčke stižu vijesti da je globalna financijska kriza toliko strahovito pogodila određene društvene slojeve da su neki roditelji postali presiromašni da bi brinuli o vlastitoj djeci, pa su u očaju prisiljeni odreći ih se! Ta je bolna odluka sve češći, jedini izbor onih koji više nisu u stanju prehraniti ni sami sebe. U Grčkoj je trenutno veoma teško nabaviti i obični aspirin, manjka gotovo polovica od 500 najčešće korištenih lijekova. Nije potrebno napominjati da Grčka ekonomska katastrofa predstavlja blisku budućnost mnogih država.


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Već je dugi niz godina ekonomistima jako dobro poznato da rast našeg globalnog sustava zahtjeva nestanak ili pokoravanje konkurentskih sustava i postojećih alternativa. Ekonomisti naravno dobro znaju i da uspjeh biznismena i poslovnih žena uvijek dolazi na nečiju tuđu štetu. Vampiri kroz institucionalno financijsko porobljavanje većine od 99% ljudskih bića, sišu životni sok iz ostatka čovječanstva kako bi njih 1% moglo uživati u plodovima svog rada.

Novac, ekonomija i etika; jesu li uopće međusobno povezani? 8 ožujka 2011, na stranicama jednih od najpoznatijih svjetskih novina, The Times, objavljeno je sljedeće pismo koje potpisuje Lord Kalms - House of Lords:

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Shocking video exposes the true nature of the establishment of the European Union. Do you relly want to become a slave of the corrupt monetary, political and judicial system? Unelected European masters insist that you feed them through insane debt-based money and the central banking system. But that's not the full story - unlimited money supply is not enough for these people, they want all of our souls! And of course, they will be immune to any kind prosecution for anything they do...

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