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Somebody has put an effort in explaining the difference between the state and the mafia, which can be found on the Internet by Googling "10 Reasons Why The Mafia Is Better Than The State". Have you ever dared to imagine how your business would have been like if the state and the mafia would not interfere in it?

Values of our modern civilization are built on an almost fanatic belief in some inventions of the very dubious usefulness. The most frequent collateral consequence of practicing that religion is a treacherous destiny. We merely blinked, and the society has plummeted from a recent apparent prosperity into a total disaster, for the umpteenth time. Engineers are very good at what they have chosen to do. In contrast, experienced economists, as if everything is perfectly fine, are still strongly convincing us that the global financial crisis is just a minor accidental and temporary difficulty that humanity will soon overcome, mostly thanks to strong reactions on goods news fabricated in the plants of primary world’s industry – media propaganda.