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Completely ignoring the drastic difference between a man and a person, accepting them as an essential element for the existence of life on planet Earth, on the question of the lifetime of a state masses are satisfied with the formulation that they simply appear and disappear.

The case of former Yugoslavia is very interesting for three main reasons. 1) In 1960s Yugoslavia achieved the highest rate of economic growth at the global level. 2) We have witnessed with our own eyes the cancellation of Yugoslavia as a state. 3) Publicizing themselves as supposed legal successors, and presenting the division of assets of barbarically liquidated collective as a civilized act in front of the eyes of the world, newly-invented states on that geographical area clashed with the shocking fact that the Constitution of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia does not contain the term "state property". Companies, residential buildings, commodity reserves, natural resources, foreign exchange reserves, cultural heritage, protected patents, military installations, gold reserves, embassies, tourist and agricultural structures, school and health capacities, commercial and scientific research facilities, roads, streets, transport vehicles... all these and other things were defined by the Constitution of the SFRY as a "social property" - over which no one had the right of ownership. With dramatic, extremely violent elimination of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, each of governments of the newly created states grabbed the property of demolished community which in those moments happened to be within so-called their territories.

By accepting some new citizenship, former Yugoslavs have automatically renounced their proportional share of enormous SFRY social richness.

And what if during the collapse of the former Yugoslavia someone had decided to continue living outside the system?

In accordance with the Universal Natural Law, today, 05 October 2013, on my 46th birthday, through Notice addressed to the Croatian Premier, I inform all governments, courts, police departments and other parties of cancellation of 'my' fictional person forcibly created in the early nineties and reappropriation of my illegitimately usurped sovereignty and a regeneration of ownership over my also illegitimately seized proportional part of the Yugoslav social property.



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