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I suppose that by now most people have already heard about "Somalian Pirates". But many people may not have heard of ecology pirates of Somalia. Did you know that the European ships have been looting Somaia's seas of their greatest resource: seafood. We have destroyed out own fish stocks by over-exploitation and now we have moved on to theirs. More than $300 million worth of tuna, shrimp, lobster and other sea life is being stolen every year by vast trawlers illegally sailing into Somaliaís unprotected seas. But that's not the worst of it. In the latter part of the 20th Century, a growing expense to both private corporations and governments has been the disposal of waste - biological from hospitals and labs, toxic waste from factories and industry and nuclear waste from medical and military use. The most prized catch of the Somali seas if the yellowfin tuna, yet these fish have been found to have surprisingly high traces of such toxic chemicals as cadmium, mercury and radioactive uranium.


If you like movies and if you are a Johnny Depp fan, I am sure you have seen 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. Historically, the Caribbean has served as a convenient and preferred place for some of the worlds most illustrious and celebrated criminals and profiteers to both base their operations and/or hide their illicit gains harvested from their adventurism on the high seas. It is difficult to use "pastoral needs" to explain the Vatican's decision to excise the Cayman Islands from its natural Jamaican diocese of Kingston, in order to proclaim them "missio sui juris" under the direct control of the Holy See and entrust them to Cardinal Adam Joseph Maida, a member of IOR. The IOR, which functions as the Vatican Central Bank, is indeed a fiscal paradise on Earth. All deposits and transfers are untraceable.


Business Insider: It Looks Like U.S. Government Bonds Aren't Supported By China Anymore

China's holdings of U.S. Treasuries has dramatically declined by 10% between September 2009 and June 2010. Several other countries, for example India, South Korea and Russia also decreased their holdings. In the same period of time, the United Kingdom increased its holdings of U.S. Treasuries by almost 200% and the "Caribbean" increased its stake in this Monopoly game by almost 50%. This money to offset the reduced holdings of U.S. debt by China and other nations has to come from somewhere...


Comments on this article are really worth reading. The commenters have more knowledge about the global economy than the Business Insider article writer:

"This is a ridiculous article. You won't say what's right there in the open and beyond blatantly obvious. It's not peculiar what's happening, it's trivially easy to figure out.

It's the Fed supporting the US Government bonds directly. In fact, the only thing keeping the US Government from being eaten alive by its debt is the Fed; the only keeping the housing market from absolutely collapsing into the abyss is the Federal Reserve holding down rates. There isn't any other sovereign power on earth that is still buying large quantities of US debt (nobody can afford their own debt much less ours too). Only one entity has the purchasing power and the clandestine ability to be doing this without it showing up on the data sheets.

In other words, China has begun its pull back from supporting the US dollar to infinity, and will begin to allow the dollar to collapse through dilution as they hedge off their dollar holdings. The next 24 months will bring substantial real inflation accordingly, easily traced by jumps in the price of commodities.

The game is nearing an end."


It seems to me that Johnny Depp and Somalis are not the only species of pirates who have survived the mass extinction.
It looks like they're having a great time printing paper money for banksters.
Financial piracy? Dilution in the purchasing power of all existing world currencies? Sitting here, I can only imagine what a great party they enjoy over there now.


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