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A new one is being born from a simple Internet communication - deep understanding between Crom Alternative Currency System and Jupiter Project. Event A is followed by the event B: the rise of cooperation between two mass movements. Jupiter Project just got its own place within the Crom Alternative Exchange Association website: The Official Forum Of The Jupiter Project Organization. We are using Crom Alternative Currency as our official currency, and we sincerely hope to extend the popularity of idea at such a grand level which will allow the final goal achievement: to regain control over our own lives!

Jupiter Project: Movement For Social And Scientific Spiritual Change

Inspired by Venus Project constructed by Jacques Fresco and inspired by Zeitgeist Movies, we looked at our situation and started thinking how to do real things to bring change rather faster than slow way. What we noticed from the very beginning it was variety of different people and different interests. What we figured out it that would be a real loss not to unite all of the people with similar goals. We decided that we will cover all of the areas like science, philosophy, culture, activism, ecology, economy, politic and education. We decided that if pure idea of freedom and morality can be a core of all of these areas that everything stays connected and therefore we can create strong movement for social and scientific spiritual change.



Of course, many people will ask questions like, how we know what moral thing to do is and that morality defers from one society to the other? The others will say that any organization has to have some decision making machine and therefore is hierarchy society not Zeitgeist like. That is why we call our movement for social and scientific spiritual change. We don’t say that we do know it all, but when we don’t, we take scientific approach and look at the Mother Nature.

One could be surprised how much just a crystals of water have to say. Not to philosophize, let’s just say that our goal is to include everyone willing to go for answers with some type of social useful work. If everybody is participating, we kill opportunity for some to become more or for some to be less. That also kills a need for a leaders or hierarchy.

We also know that every soul is very unique and very capable of doing amazing things. If we have such people in politics, would we not be in position to change majorly big mistakes on politics scene? If we have such individuals in economy, would we not be in position to create companies who are able to donate most of their profits for social values, rather than just for more expensive cars and weekend houses etc, of their owners? If we have such individuals in science, would we not be in position to drive water fueled cars, or free energy fueled households?

Yes, we are dreamers but we never want to wake up from our dreams. If we decide to wake up and say, it is ok; tomorrow we will not wake up anyways. If the world continues to walk this road, we are absolutely positive, 3rd world war, or the Mother Nature revenge will straighten us out. The good news is, it is all in our hands anyways!

In walking the path that is laid before us, we are taking more and more of our freedom rights in our hands. We know mass media is corrupted, so we made our own magazine Project, it will be online from 10.12.2010.

We are making a Zeitgeist like movie but around Croatian scene and on Croatian language. We are supporting many peaceful demonstrations, educating other morally hungry people, trading in Crom Alternative Currency / our mind like friendly organization created it as defense against corrupt financial system etc. We are also preparing in getting knowledge, people and other resources to for eco self sustained village in which we will work on education, science, healthy food and building healthy social network which will be able one day to live in a Venus Project City.

We are preparing also for putting together perpetum mobile machine. 2 of our people visited Switzerland village Linden, Testatika is very real and it is functioning for the last 40 years, and they made 10 of them, enough for over 300 families. 

We know that all of this can sound very utopist, to some, probably very foolish. Where would we be, if we would take everything so seriously? Where would the whole planet be if people would let themselves rule the money, not the other way around? Where would our limit be if we burn all of the money, all of the borders and boundaries and find ourselves in state of total freedom?

We don’t really understand most of the humans, but we understand this – if you really want something, go and get it! You can say that listening this calls that come from within and having strength to act upon them, that this thing is what we are calling Jupiter Project.

Ps - just for those willing to do something for the others rather than just doing it for themselves.

Ps - just for those who realize that one cannot box the truth but only try to explore it more and more.

Ps - just for those who know that a problem is just inspiration for finding solution.

Ps - just for those who would know to continue these ps’s with ought even thinking about it.

"Be the change you want to see in the world!" Gandhi. 

01 December 2010, by Rolan Dujmic.


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