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$10,200,000,000,000.00 is really a lot of money, that's the amount which the governments of the 'most richest' world countries will have to borrow in 2011. Debts of the most developed countries are growing to levels not seen since the Second World War, and it is hard to know how much is too much. But it's easy to understand that the risk of financial bubbles burst looks now bigger than ever before.

In the following year, fifteen major advanced-nation governments, including United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, Italy, France and Germany, will have to find somewhere approximately 10,2 trillion U.S. dollars to repay maturing bonds and finance their budget deficits - the assessment comes from International Monetary Fund. That’s up 7% from this year, and equals 27% of their combined annual economic output.

In addition to Japan, country with a huge debt whose economic growth is in coma for decades, the United States of America are the most critical case. The U.S. government will have to rise $4.2 trillion next year. That’s 27.8% of its annual economic output, up from 26.5% this year. For comparison, Greek crisis appears as an insignificant trifle of $69 billion, but that's 23.8% of it's annual gross domestic product.



With the exception of Greece, even if they are morally and financially broke, the most developed nations haven’t had too much problems raising the money they need to survive. When it was clear that the economic situation has become unsustainable, the central banks intervened by creating mountains of new money out of nothing. Although the process is still ongoing, the governments' appetite for borrowing money is causing increasing concern, many atheists fearing the rising of interest rates - currently at historically low levels. The Federal Reserve just announced that it will buy an additional 600 billion dollars of U.S. public debt over the next few months, which caused disaccord in financial circles.

And while one part of the world indoctrinated with the magic formula "work liberates" plunges deeper into a nightmare, convinced that the only purpose of human existence is to make the super-rich even richer by slaving to daily night production of mostly unnecessary things; the other part of the world with all of its forces is trying to correct the misleading graph: "Who is so rich to be the creditor of the entire world; who is so stupid to lend money to a debtor who can never repay his debts; how is possible for the nations that more they produce, more they fall in debt?"

Hey culprit, it's not that hard to connect the dots after all.



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