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Everything, since June 1933, operates in commerce.

Government has an implied agreement with the STRAWMAN (government's creation) and the STRAWMAN is subject to government rule.

When we, the real flesh and blood man and woman, step into their "process" we become the "surety" for the fictional STRAWMAN.

We then become liable for the debts, liabilities and obligations of the STRAWMAN, relinquishing our real (protected) character as we stand up for the fictional STRAWMAN.

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

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Essentially there is no real money, or money of real value in circulation in the world.
Money issuing institutions are private companies controlled by a handfull of unknown men who own everything. Because there is no real money anymore, anything can be monetized and accepted for value, like birth certificates or checks for example.


Living people, exist in a real world, not a fictional, virtual world. But government does exist in a fictional world, and can only deal directly with other fictional or virtual persons, agencies, states, etc. In order for a fictional person to deal with real people there must be a connection, a liaison, and a go-between. This can be something as simple as a contract. When both "persons," the real and the fictional, agree to the terms of a contract, there is a connection, intercourse, dealings, there is a communication, an exchange. There is business! But there is another way for fictional government to deal with the real man and woman: through the use of a representative, a liaison, and the go-between. Who is this go-between, this liaison that connects fictional government to real men and women? It's a government created shadow, a fictional man or woman ... with the same name as ours.

This person was created by using our birth certificates as the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO) and the state in which we were born as the "port of entry". This gave fictional government a fictional person with whom to deal directly. This person is a STRAWMAN.
STRAMINEUS HOMO: Latin: A man of straw, one of no substance, put forward as bail or surety. This definition comes from Black's Law Dictionary, 6th. Edition, page 1421. Following the definition of STRAMINEUS HOMO in Black's we find the next word, STRAWMAN STRAWMAN: A front, a third party who is put up in name only to take part in a transaction. Nominal party to a transaction; one who acts as an agent for another for the purposes of taking title to real property and executing whatever documents and instruments the principal may direct. Person who purchases property for another to conceal identity of real purchaser or to accomplish some purpose otherwise not allowed.

For quite some time a rather large number of people in this country have known that a man or woman's name, written in ALL CAPS, or last name first, does not identify real, living people. Taking this one step further, the rules of grammar for the English language have no provisions for the abpeviation of people's names, i.e. initials are not to be used. As an example, John Adam Smith is correct. ANYTHING else is not correct. Not Smith, John Adam or Smith, John A. or J. Smith or J. A. Smith or JOHN ADAM SMITH or SMITH, JOHN or any other variation. NOTHING, other than John Adam Smith identifies the real, living man. All other appellations identify either a deceased man or a fictitious man: such as a corporation or a STRAWMAN.

 Birth Certificate - Accepted For Value (Part 1)

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Birth Certificate - Accepted For Value (Part 2)

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Proof That Our Birth Certificate Value Is On The Stock Exchange

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Millions of people use the phrase “accepted for value” everyday without knowing what it means and why it is so powerful. You have the right to make personal choices that affect your commercial affairs. You can be in control, or you can be controlled. Acceptance for value is one means of being in control.

UCC 1-201(44) generally says that a person gives value. He gives value to get rights. If one person is giving value, another person is asked to give rights in exchange. Both giving value and giving rights meet the element of consideration.
The question has to be, what constitutes value?

The commercial system of the United States is based on the Law Merchant.
The only thing that has to be determined in most situations is, who is the debtor and who is the creditor.
Once that is determined, additional facts are usually irrelevant and immaterial. In the United States, every man is deemed to be a U.S. citizen, and every U.S. citizen is deemed to be a debtor.

A4V is one way of establishing that you are a creditor and not a debtor.

When you accept for “value”, you are accepting whatever consideration the United States has offered to you as evidence of an obligation it has to you as a beneficiary; as well as whatever consideration is offered on the instrument that is being transferred to you through the U.S. citizen you represent. The United States is humbling itself by asking you to give it assistance. It is applying for credit on every instrument that is issued or transferred for value. If you just receive one of these instruments without accepting it for value and returning it for value, the presumption is that you intend to pay it. You can pay it with a check, or you can pay it with your prepaid account. It is up to you, but you have to pay it immediately, or you will be deemed to be in dishonor. If you A4V, you can use a distribution from the trust to “pay” the instrument. If you just retain it or argue about the existence or amount of the request, you will pay it with a check, tangible property, or your body.

The right to be the creditor is what you get when you A4V an instrument that is issued and transferred for value, like a tax bill, penal action “indictment,” or speeding ticket. These issues are all based on violations of statutes. Dishonor has value in the public. Violation of statutes has value in the public. The violation of the statute is the presumed basis (consideration) for issuing the instrument, but if you have not promised to perform under those statutes, you are not obligated, and the issuer has no way of supporting his demand instrument. It is issued without consideration. It is issued based on a presumption that every U.S. citizen has pledged allegiance to the United States and to its private laws, statutes.
It is a bluff. The river card has already been turned. You have the winning hand. You can call the issuer’s bluff. You can check. You can raise. You can fold. It is your choice. You have the button.

What Does Accepted For Value Mean?


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