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The good news is that all of the so-called "PIIGS" countries are bankrupt. And all the other world economies are bankrupt as well. The bad news is that none of them had courage to admit this reality, but probably we won't have to wait too long for the truth expansion. The best news is guess what? No matter how much money monster devoured, Crimzilla is bankrupt too! Talking about the recent bank bailout by the Federal Reserve in his amazing show, phenomenal Max Keiser sums it up so well: "The IMF is bankrupt, not the PIIGS."

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For the world's financial conglomerate, the most important thing is that global monetary sovereignty must remain in their private hands. Yeah, that's cool, so once again: in English - Global Monetary Sovereignty In Private Hands; in German - Globale monetäre Souveränität in privaten Händen, in Serbo-Croatian - Globalna Monetarna Suverenost U Privatnim Rukama; in Italian - Sovranità Monetaria Globale In Mani Private! In desperate attempts of the politics and mass media to distract attention from what is really happening, let’s try to concentrate on source of fire - world economic crisis. If our house is on fire, are we going to blame the house, fire or those who started the fire?

Short time after the day of the global revolt against banks, initiated by unconditional support of the football star Eric Cantona, it came out that European Union sent appeals to major mass media companies not to write about that action, because all the money that naive clients deposited in financial institutions has disappeared. In short, bank vaults are empty, therefore it could happen a real customer stampede of bank runs. We are talking about the initiative through which all the people in all the world could simultaneously realize that the whole banking system is nothing else but one great financial hoax. German police confirms political deal: in case of EuroZone breakdown, banks will close their doors and block ATM cash withdrawals - stock markets will be closed too. It is also agreed with the big social networks on the Internet to disrupt chat and private messages in order to prevent organized interaction of citizens and mass protests. Use of military force is also included in politicians' plans. German police have confirmed they have received clear instructions and orders to protect banks and their interests at any price. What to say on all of this but to use a quote from Aljosa Duric, President of the Crom Alternative Exchange Association: "At the beginning of the New Millennium, in the middle of the critical moment for the destiny of the whole mankind, world is divided into two basic groups, 1 – financial terrorists and their servants, 2 – resistance."

Without any doubt, in this world that we live in, there are two kinds of rules to be followed, one for the bankers and the other are laws made for all of us common mortals. Bankers are those individuals who are legally allowed to falsify money, and all the others are mass of people to which the law prohibits the same thing. Clear and simple, without any basis for suspicion, system in which we live is the one where those who do nothing are directed towards doing the same thing less and less - our world is invented by the bankers for their personal gain at the expense of all the other social classes who are working more and more for lesser and lesser value. No money can even come to existence, if it was not firstly created as a deathly interest bearing debt to the international banking cartel! It is an undeniable fact that the only purpose of human life and existence on planet Earth has become that through exhaling of the soul in factories and lines in front of consumer's paradises, people are spending their life span on production and consumption of mainly unnecessary junk, so that super-rich masters can get even richer even though they already own all the world's money anyways.

Our beautiful free blue planet, just look what we've turned it into! A rotting, post-industrial, post-apocalyptic Wasteland.


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In our opinion, fight against actual totally corrupt monetary, financial and political system is pointless since we don’t stand a ghost of a chance. Battle against the world elite is not fruitful, by doing so, we are falling deeper and deeper into the spider web. The fight against the global financial conglomerate is similar to the contra-productive effects of scrambling in the quicksand. The problem has never been a problem by itself, but the problem has always been a reaction to the problem. Our number one problem is ourselves, not the banking oligarchy, clever lawyers, odious politicians, corrupt unionists and all the other sweets of the social creme. Their power rises from us, therefore only the lack of support for the inhuman system from humans can bring success. "System configuration not supported" means only one thing: "We realize the right to refuse service here and now". To refuse to use their weapon of mass destruction, debt-based monetary system, is the best way for transformation from passive observers into active players on the field.

Organization Jupiter Project and Crom Alternative Exchange Association are joining forces and with the concrete steps are moving towards buliding self-sustainable communities and new, better world. We are builders all together, we have a tool - electronic platform, and we have open source material – alternative currency.

Yes, that's right folks, alternative currency. Never heard a single word about alternative currencies? In English: Alternative Currency - Presentation; in German: Alternative Währung - Präsentation; in Serbo-Croatian: Alternativna Valuta - Prezentacija; in Italian: Moneta Alternativa - Presentazione

We have put in front of us clearly defined goals: Ecovillage, Flea Market And Humanitarian Funds. In German: Ökodorf, Flohmarkt, Humanitäre Fonds; in Serbo-Croatian: Eko Selo, Buvljak, Humanitarni Fondovi; in Italian: Ecovillaggio, Mercato Delle Pulci, Fondi Umanitari. With all available forces we are moving now to achieve them.



Self sustainable community in form of ecovillage is not meant to be close minded, the one restricted by the rigid rules, but rather a compound of free human imagination, creativity, skills, abilities and knowledge. Agritourism and ecotourism excellently fits with this idea, just as some kinds of modern technologies in a movie where some work and activity will probably look like the reconnection with the past – for example old crafts, collecting of herbs and wild fruits or for example rebirthing of some old traditions.

5 things that we will avoid on ecovillage: bankers, lawyers, certificates, useful idiots and lost cases!



Humanitarian Funds:

Establishment of the humanitarian funds - the right move at the right time... The purpose of starting funds of humanitarian character is motivation for creation through socially useful work and change of the actual rigid climate in the places where we live. Our intention is to create environment where as many people as possible, especially activists and their organizations, are additionally inspired on stronger and unified activities.

The proposed establishment of this sort of funds would represent a good opportunity for such organizations in sense of greater mutual interconnectedness and stronger performance. It would be much easier to approach humanitarian organizations in this way - by offering help in removing financial barriers of all kinds. 

The first of these proposals is related to Jupiter Project and Zagreb region. Amount? 515.000,00 crom. 300.000,00 will be directed to develop awareness of socially useful work, 200.000,00 of money goes to the most vulnerable, and 15.000,00 for Online Magazin and making of Zeitgeist like documentary film on Croatian language about Croatian scene.


Flea Market:

If a story involves Internet, then virtual space is divided between virtual illusion and virtual reality. Flea market is an idea in which we will attempt that already existing virtual reality – Crom Marketplace of goods, products and services, also appear within physical reality as a direct contact between seller and buyer - face to face, eye to eye.

How to best understand the importance of flea market that we intend to open (firstly in Zagreb, Croatia)? "Exchange agreement" - totally open and totally free market, a physical location that people have for price negotiations in alternative currency and bartering.

At the flea market, through buying used goods, buyers are getting what they need at cheap prices, and instead of throwing stuffs still good to use into the garbage, street or river; sellers are discarding old or other things not used anymore in a useful way.


These 3 projects, these 3 mutual goals of Jupiter Project organization and Crom Alternative Exchange Association are also an invitation to the people from all other cities, regions and countries to join us here, so the same thing they could - on their own – or through mutual cooperation - organize in their areas.

Even though in the beginning, everything is only in Croatian language, we welcome all to write in English. Obstacles can't stop us - we overcome them! 


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