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Opening Of The Renovated Website And Money System
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ARGOMENTO: Opening Of The Renovated Website And Money System

Opening Of The Renovated Website And Money System 8 Anni, 5 Mesi fa #2094

How much is actually useful for the masses of taxpayers to oppose something, if the banking system is able to autonomously decide who and what to fund and sponsor?

Due to the fact that a long time ago bankers took control of the media industry, today it's impossible to find a common meeting point between reality and economic vision in both newspapers and television.

To say that the modern world is in financial crisis because the states and their citizens lack the money to give to the banks, in practice the only ones allowed to create it, out of nothing and in unlimited quantities - is the same as saying that the company Nestle is in crisis because we the citizens are not giving chocolate to it!

The main result of critical thinking is seeing some ugly truths about reality.
When and how has critical thinking been extinguished?
The influence that the global financial elite's money buys is a very powerful weapon. Consequently, most of the failed and demoralized people are focused on the lack of money rather than on their lack of morale.

If there ever was a moment in which the economic orthodoxy must be challenged at the planetary level, it would be this one.
Every day more and more people are awakening to the reality that the massive and bloated government in bankruptcy is the biggest threat to their life's existence.

There is no other way out, mankind simply must build a completely new network of individual and common institutional and business partnerships and confidence that will successfully deal with even the most serious challenges.

On the way to the realization of monetary sovereignty and a satisfactory level of self-sufficiency, we are entering a new phase of development of the Crom Alternative Exchange Association and Crom Alternative Currency System.

On the day of 11th september 2011, the completely renovated association website has been opened.
The Alternative Currency System will open its doors very soon...
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Technical Characteristics Of Our Website 8 Anni, 5 Mesi fa #2103

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Opening Of The Renovated Website And Money System 8 Anni, 3 Mesi fa #2154

Based on the principle of "Free Currencies – Free Markets – Free People – Free Planet", from 13 November 2011, Crom Alternative Currency System has become an undeniable reality accessible to every man in any country.

Alternative Currency: Let The Era Of Global Prosperity Commence
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Re: Opening Of The Renovated Website And Money System 7 Anni, 10 Mesi fa #2400

After a short pause motivated by further development, during which page contents were renovated, some innovations, technical improvements and new functionalities introduced, and some definitions and some rules changed, website of the Crom Alternative Exchange Association is from 14 April 2012 back online again and available to all Internauts of this planet.
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