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Practically, mobile phone has fully assumed the role of our wallets. Which is the best? Confused? It doesnt matter at all what service you use, the golden rule remains the same, the best wallet in the world is the one always full of money.


A small flat case that we use for holding coins and banknotes, better known as a wallet or billfold, is also practical for carrying personal items, for example credit-debit cards and various identity documents like identity card, social insurance, driver's license and other similar stuff such as lovers phone number.


In the wallets, regardless of whether they are full or empty, often stands the picture of our favorite people.

Wallets are usually of such measures that are easily to enter everyone's pocket and are collapsible by principle, they are generally made of leather or fabric.

It is not known whether people with empty pockets are using them as their wallets, but it is certain that are penniless.

The term wallet was referred to a bag or knapsack for carrying items from around the first century.

Wallet always represented a package for survival, an object for the storage of reserves and needs.

Wallet in any of its forms such as "intelligent design", has always been the object of pride, secrecy, shame and social discussions.

Through history, size and form of the wallet are always changing depending on what type of money or currency is currently used as a a human necessity.

In today's popular pocket-sized wallet, we are holding both money and debt, official and alternative currencies, paper money, coins, checks, bancomat cards, credit cards, debit cards and personal documents, for all of us is most important to fit it in a pocket or a bag.

Interesting thing, wallets which are used in one country are not always suitable for use in another, for example, the euro paper money issued by European Central Bank do not fit in wallets specifically designed for Federal Reserve notes.  

Some people are convinced that gold is money, some think food is money too and banks believe that money is the only money.

It's strange, but both believers and atheists keep in their wallets banknotes with the motto "In God We Trust".

Have you ever lost your wallet? What was your reaction? World collapse, just a simple headache or maybe even a smile?

The manner by which the wallet is used can say a lot about the personality of its owner.

How often is taken out of pocket and what amounts of money is spent from it, how much you will be worried about losing your wallet, are you using cash or taking out the credit cards only, how much credit and debit cards you have at all, do you like ATM cards, where do you keep your wallet, is your wallet secured to the pants by a chain, do you often touch your pocket, those are all details that reveal a lot about you.

It is said that people who never know how much money have in their wallet are in fact people who are afraid of their financial situation.

Some people on the other hand are like ostriches with head in the sand, they are making money but because of never remembering how and where spend it so quickly, they are often at ATMs to fill again their wallets.

Finally, in the paradox of modern times in which we use less cash and ever more electronic transactions, most people today walk around with really swollen pockets but their wallets are full of unpaid bills, various fines and other obligations, among the usual always increasing number of various licenses in the form of plastic cards.

Wallets fall under accessories which are must have, they are made in many different styles, colors, fabrics and shapes.

The number one question in mentioning of our wallets is certainly how much the wallet with proper care should last?

We laugh to ourselves with the answer of two to four weeks, or cry with another of 2 to 4 years, of course, thinking about on what is thought by the mentioning of wallet, its contents, or rather say the money.

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A lot of people up to today's financial collapse had living believingly that in their wallets carry something that is theirs.

A lot of people up to the current global financial crisis had living in conviction that in their wallets carry something that is state-owned.

Most people all around the world today know that both they and their countries, however are just using something that the bank has lent them for using with the payment of interest.

A lot of people up to the today's world economic collapse had living believingly that in their wallets carry something, that someone is giving for it some sort of guarantee.

Most people all around the world today know that the money carrying in their wallets is just a plain piece of paper with number on it, which has no background and no guarantee, paper so-called fiat money.

A lot of people up to the current world economic crises had living believingly that in their wallets carry something that has some sort of value.

Most people all around the world today know that the money carried in their wallets is worth only for confidence and nothing more, as much and only up to the moment to which the other party is ready to accept it as a value or counter value.

A lot of people up to today's global financial collapse had living believingly that the manner of resolved question of monetary system long ago has led us to progress and prosperity.

Most people all around the world today know that is the same monetary system and its manner of function, the root cause of completely and in all aspects failed human society.

Mervyn King, Governor of the "Bank of England" or the Central Bank of England, the institution in many ways the most responsible since its founding a few centuries ago for our monetary system of this kind, on 20 October 2009 declared that the rescue of failed banks during the current global financial crisis has created the greatest moral hazard in history.

The Governor of Central Bank of England says that is in our collective interest reducing the dependence of many households and companies on the institutions involved in so many very high-risk activities.

A lot of people up to the current world economic collapse had living believingly that money can be issued only by the state, although the state used the money that is actually issued by the bank.

Most people all around the world today know that besides the official, there are alternative currencies, complementary and local currencies.

Most people all around the world today know that besides countries and banks, the money that should represent only the usual remedy through which the actual values exchange, can be issued in the form of alternative currencies by companies, organizations and by individuals.

Although Nikola Tesla a hundred years ago had run the car Pierce Arrow at the speed of nearly 130 kilometers per hour receiving electrical energy for its propulsion by wireless transmission, we today still drive in cars that consume so expensive and toxic gas.

However, although the tele-transportation is still only the part of the most fantastic science-fiction movies, in reality where the money is here and now, with the click of button the same money appeared in the furthest regions of planet Earth, and perhaps even beyond that.

Online Banking or Internet Banking allows the clients and customers doing financial transactions, and through the name of Home Banking, in fact replaces our wallet.

In the online internet banking there are many common solutions, but there are also those that are specific.

Financial transactions, credits, sending and paying of bills, transfers of funds, investing and inlaying, account balance and wireless transmission fall under main offers of internet online banking system.

Precursor of modern online banking had been represented by the banking services via electronic media from the early 80's.

The term "online" became popular in the late 80ies and was related to the use of terminal, keyboard and television or monitor for access to the banking system through the phone line.

Online banking has started in the New York City 1981, when the city's four major banks, Citibank, Chase Manhattan, Chemical and Manufacturers Hanover offered banking services from home using videotex system.

Could you imagine new South Park episode "Global financial meltdown" where at the start of the cartoon Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny watch and listen loud Bohemian Bankruptcy, and at the end of that song they laugh and sing "Now yes that's it's funny, we got a crom money".

The Crom Alternative Exchange Association provides possibilities basically very similar to online banking services.

Mobile banking is the term used for performing checks on the account status, transactions, payments and other operations through mobile devices such as mobile phone (cell phone) for example.

Mobile devices, especially smartphones, are the most promising and are the best way to a broad population because of its abilities for providing service anytime and anywhere, high penetration rate and potential for growth.

Mobile banking has become popular in many parts of the world which have missing or poorly developed infrastructure, especially in distant and rural areas.

This branch of banking can become very popular in countries where most of populations have no bank accounts.

Why travel hundreds of meters or kilometers to the nearest bank?

Practically, mobile phone has fully assumed the role of our wallets, one of the possibilities offered on the market is Crom Mobile Service.

It doesnt matter at all what service you use, the golden rule remains the same, the best wallet in the world is the one always full of money.

Mobile phone or Crom wallet, every first of the month, every month, is filling by itself.

In summary description, among other things, Crom Alternative Exchange project offers an alternative system of exchange with its own marketplace, access for mobile devices, forum and alternative news.

In this electronic system, member account is similar to any other bank account so you can make transfers and use marketplace for trading and advertising products and services in order to promote your business, realize your ideas, communicate with the world around you, relax, have fun and socialize.

By accepting the idea, members becomes free and financially independent people who also manage the organization growth.

Every member find a small amount of medium of exchange on account activation and all members of the "Man" type receive a respectable amount of alternative currency units every month from the system.


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