Alternative currency and balanced living system. Alternativna valuta i uravnoteženi životni sistem. Moneta alternativa e sistema di vita equilibrato.



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A new exchange group dedicated to accommodation has recently been started on the global CES server: It is called the NITE Exchange where CES users can trade nights for nights. This will hopefully develop into a global accommodation network for CES users, allowing them to travel the world and be accommodated without having to use national currencies.

The 'currency', or unit of value, is also called a Nite. One Nite is equivalent to one basic night's accommodation. Basic accommodation is defined as a couch for the night with no extras, such as bedding or food. All you get is a couch and a roof over your head. You bring your own sleeping bag and food, but it is up to the providers to decide what else you get!


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Ako si registrirani korisnik, možeš objaviti svoje vijesti na webu koristeći ovaj servis.

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What happens next if the state can go bankrupt?

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