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What has happened with the countless promises of a never-ending state of happiness, peace and joy? "They don't really care about us" used to sing Michael Jackson while he was still alive. The right of humans to self-determination is a fundamental principle in international law, it's the right of people to influence their economic, social and cultural development so they can determine their own destiny. It's all about the freely expressed will of the people. "Some will rob you with a six-gun, and some with a fountain pen"... Even if creating new money working in the bank has never been easier than today, we are witnessing the total lack of money in this modern world. Let me quote Aristotle for this occasion: "To give away money is an easy matter and in any man’s power. But to decide virtuously who to give it to, the amount to give, when, how, and for what purpose is neither in every man’s power, nor an easy matter." It's no secret anymore that the global monetary sovereignty is in private hands. Fraudulent debt-based monetary system is not sustainable and compatible with the natural way of progress of human civilization. Therefore, we are headed to an absolute catastrophe except if...

Both private and public finances are suffering heart attack worldwide with huge increasing of debts and interest, collapsing of budget deficits, inflationary pressures and devaluation of money in front of the rising taxes and prices. "While they are doing their little game in parliament, we are heading towards catastrophe. Where is my future? I don't feel represented by the government, I don't feel represented in my own country." People all over the Prison Planet are waking up to the fact that their governments are working against their interests.

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Money is the main source of power that controls us and the world around us. Due to the fact that absolute power comes from the cretaion of money and not from the creation of law - money is the one that affects the living and inanimate nature more than all the legislative, judicial and executive decisions together. Due to the reasons that no centralized power can exist without centralized money, not one revolution in history has changed the monetary system – as it was in the past, it is today - money is fully privatized and absolutely beyond the reach of the so-called common democratic control.

The state which we have supposedly voluntary joined as a part of a community, although we were never asked for our opinion – is used to enslave us and not to serve us; money that we invented in order to benefit from it has instead enslaved us. Despite the fact that currencies are issued without any material basis, and it is therefore possible to create them whenever necessary, states deducts them from their citizens by force through taxes. In the society in which we pretend to be highly civilized species, for 1% of humanity too much money is created, and for 99% of the rest of the population there isn’t enough. In the global fight against terrorism, the last remaining personal and collective freedoms are dying because countries are only allowed to issue debt bonds, and not their own money. In the regulations of numerous unregulated regulations we omit to precisely regulate who owns the money at the moment of its issue – a fact with which without we cannot possibly later determine who is whose creditor and who is whose debtor. We pretend that debts will one day get paid off by themselves, even though as eternals it is impossible to ever pay them off because debt cannot be paid off by debt, and secondly because only the principal is always in the circulation - money for the payment of interest does not exist.


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