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Did you know that almost all money in circulation around the globe represents imaginary non-existing values? Even if in most countries of the world is illegal to bind people up with chains and exploit slave labor, that doesn't mean that there are not billions of slaves on this planet. When someone borrows bank's currency, he willingly becomes their servant. Sadly, seven billion human beings will spend the rest of their lives working on trying to pay off their debts - money that financial elite creates out of nothing. Unfortunately, under current economic system imposed by global oligarchs, debts of the People of the World are unpayable, so seven billion human beings will never escape the endless debt slavery that they have gotten themselves into.

In January of this year, the Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti banned from cash transactions of more than 1,000 euros. Few days ago, the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced that plan to combat tax evasion approved by the Cabinet prohibit the payment in cash transactions of over € 2,500.


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What happens next if the state can go bankrupt?

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