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There was once the first day. Thousands of years have past since then. Called as needed and depending on circumstances, slavery, feudalism, communism, capitalism, socialism or for example democracy, the problem of mankind is always one same thing: 1% of the world's population owns everything, 99% of the population owns nothing. The good people tried, even the less good people tried, enemies made reforms, so did the good people, but nothing new is happening, all stories always end in the same sad way. We changed religions, we changed flags, we changed laws, presidents, governments and religious leaders - despite great effort, still nothing new on the horizon - power and resources always remain in the same hands. Even though it was always the most important factor in everything, the activator and terminator of all activities, the foundation of individual and collective existence - money - or better said the method of creating and distributing money has to this day never occured to any human being as a thing which can be changed, despite the fact that humanity is dancing on the edge of the abyss very long - too much time. Due to a mysterious reason, even though being a slave to a constant chronical shortage of so called "money" is the only option from birth to death, the wider population suffers anaphylactic shock at any mention of monetary reform.

It's not necessary to remind ourselves that absolute power corrupts absolutely. How many times and in how many places have we been bombarded with the conclusion that things have always been this way and that they cannot be changed? The compass needle has, however, turned in the direction of "An Alternative Currency For The Well-Being Of Society". Better living standard in the current consumer society means only one thing - greater purchasing power. How to earn more money and preserve its value? Here is the Stargate toward the realization of your dreams. But a sustainable community is not compatible with our lifestyle. Please do not panic, Star Trek is in line with the environment and natural resources.

Reincarnation - Purchasing Power And Living Standard

By joining the movement of alternative currencies, through the guaranteed basic income, every Man doubles his montly income - and that's not something you should ignore! In principle, this means that means of survival are assured for everyone so that they can satisfy their basic life needs.

Even though there isn't any discrimination there, even though the final possibilities are only limited by the individual entrepreneurial creativity, on this occasion you are invited with everyone else to breathe new life into used goods through online marketplace, to reincarnate the old and the not so long forgotten crafts. Trading of second hand products - used stuff still functional and things which need to be repaired; without any doubt is a winning card that we should play.

With a few mouse clicks, estimate its value and offer your goods to the internauts worldwide.

Barter is also one of the options at disposal. You can buy and sell even through the mobil phone.



Mobile transactions:


Rock Caffe Pula, from left to right: Zoran Djordjevic (drummer of few bands from Pula known as Djole Macola - also passed through Atomic Shelter), Daniel Balaban (Transition Town Pula), Duric Aljosa (Crom Alternative Exchange Association), Sale Veruda (guitar and vocal of KUD Idijoti) and Denis Vitasovic (bass guitar and vocal of a few Pula bands). KUD Idijoti vinyl album "We are here only because of money" has been sold in Crom Alternative Currency via mobile transaction.


Sanja Vermezovic, silver medal in rowing at 14 Summer Universiade in Zagreb in 1987, and double winner in the Croatian Championship in rowing in 2007. A piece of vegetable, from hand to hand - payment via mobile transaction.


Eco-farmer Zoran Bracic, one of the founding members of Transition Town Pula. Purchasing of domestic olive jars.


Let's stop fighting and competing. People, let's start cooperate with eachother. Second hand trading is a green initiative for stopping wastefulness, it is an ecological call for the protection of cities and ambients which surround them. Reusage of all used products which we don't use is in one hand a source of income, not only on an individual level but rather a collective one as well.

Those who sells can offer whatever they wish in the marketplace and gain up to 100% of estimated value, those who buy can found a wide range of old things ready for reusage.


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