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Money is the main source of power that controls us and the world around us. Due to the fact that absolute power comes from the cretaion of money and not from the creation of law - money is the one that affects the living and inanimate nature more than all the legislative, judicial and executive decisions together. Due to the reasons that no centralized power can exist without centralized money, not one revolution in history has changed the monetary system – as it was in the past, it is today - money is fully privatized and absolutely beyond the reach of the so-called common democratic control.

The state which we have supposedly voluntary joined as a part of a community, although we were never asked for our opinion – is used to enslave us and not to serve us; money that we invented in order to benefit from it has instead enslaved us. Despite the fact that currencies are issued without any material basis, and it is therefore possible to create them whenever necessary, states deducts them from their citizens by force through taxes. In the society in which we pretend to be highly civilized species, for 1% of humanity too much money is created, and for 99% of the rest of the population there isn’t enough. In the global fight against terrorism, the last remaining personal and collective freedoms are dying because countries are only allowed to issue debt bonds, and not their own money. In the regulations of numerous unregulated regulations we omit to precisely regulate who owns the money at the moment of its issue – a fact with which without we cannot possibly later determine who is whose creditor and who is whose debtor. We pretend that debts will one day get paid off by themselves, even though as eternals it is impossible to ever pay them off because debt cannot be paid off by debt, and secondly because only the principal is always in the circulation - money for the payment of interest does not exist.

If We the People are the ones who produce everything that is on Earth necessary and unnecessary, if We the People own everything that we produce, then why do We the People borrow our own money from private banks in the form of worthless slips of paper? Because in secrecy, the global monetary sovereignty is in private hands.

Although it patriotically bears the name of the nation, the central bank is directly or indirectly in private ownership. The owners of the "national" banks are not we - you and me, all "national" world central banks are controlled by only a few people. In the real world nothing can be bought without having an equivalent amount offer, and that’s why currencies are not backed by some material value, in order for this small circle of individuals to be able to issue them out of nothing in unlimited amounts - otherwise they wouldn’t be able to manage to gain control of the entire planet and constantly bribe everything which needs to be corrupted.

In these conditions and in such an insane monetary system, the more we do and produce, the more we are indebted and we get rid of everything for the simple reason that the central bank only issues money one way, borrowing it with interest; the outcome of which is that We People of the World are deprived of our own money and in return we got nothing. We have invested our time working to produce something in order to lose it and at the same time become indebted for the monetary value of what we produced – in other words, we are robbed twice. Killing two birds with one stone, the central bank at the same time takes away some value from the community and the same time indebts it for the same value. People are brought up on fraud convictions that they are the owners of the cash they keep in their wallet - when, in fact, they are the debtors.

The problem has never been the problem in itself, rather the problem has always been the reaction to the problem; our biggest problem is ourselves alone and not some global financial elite, a banking oligarchy, cunning lawyers, dirty politicians, corrupt trade unionists and all other social criminals. The only possible reaction in the direction of removing the mother of all problems that we are unsuccessfully trying to solve for as long as we remember ourselves as species - is to stop using their monetary system - weapons of mass destruction; cease to use their debt-money and from passive commentators sitting in the auditorium turn into active players on the field!

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