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What has happened with the countless promises of a never-ending state of happiness, peace and joy? "They don't really care about us" used to sing Michael Jackson while he was still alive. The right of humans to self-determination is a fundamental principle in international law, it's the right of people to influence their economic, social and cultural development so they can determine their own destiny. It's all about the freely expressed will of the people. "Some will rob you with a six-gun, and some with a fountain pen"... Even if creating new money working in the bank has never been easier than today, we are witnessing the total lack of money in this modern world. Let me quote Aristotle for this occasion: "To give away money is an easy matter and in any man’s power. But to decide virtuously who to give it to, the amount to give, when, how, and for what purpose is neither in every man’s power, nor an easy matter." It's no secret anymore that the global monetary sovereignty is in private hands. Fraudulent debt-based monetary system is not sustainable and compatible with the natural way of progress of human civilization. Therefore, we are headed to an absolute catastrophe except if...

Both private and public finances are suffering heart attack worldwide with huge increasing of debts and interest, collapsing of budget deficits, inflationary pressures and devaluation of money in front of the rising taxes and prices. "While they are doing their little game in parliament, we are heading towards catastrophe. Where is my future? I don't feel represented by the government, I don't feel represented in my own country." People all over the Prison Planet are waking up to the fact that their governments are working against their interests.

There is no future for the people of the world under the present dominant oppressive debt monetary system. We The People were supposed to have a sacred right to our territories and resources, but instead we live under occupation of our monetary and exchange systems, threatened with poverty, hunger and starvation.


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"The power-mad freaks are ruling the earth, if the man with the power can’t keep it under control, some heads are gonna roll", that's how Judas Priest famous song goes. What happens in Ireland, Greece, Italy and some other countries right now, expect to see all around the world very soon, it's inevitable. People are mad about losing thier freedoms...


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Max Keiser - Interview for Aljazeera English News, 16 November 2008

Interviewer: "Max, positive words there from these world leaders, will the financial markets be cheering on monday morning?"

Max Keiser; "No, Bush misspoke he said that the worlds economies where hit hard but that’s not true. The worlds counterfeiting schemes where hit hard, the bond counterfeiting schemes from Wall street in the city of London where hit hard. The counterfeiting schemes that has been exposed and the problem is that these G-20 Nations are not willing to get rid of the scoundrels and the criminals who are running the banks and putting in fraudulent faulty economy. Somebody should issue a fatwa against Henk Paulson. Somebody should issue a fatwa against Henk Paulson because he is an infidel. This is the constitution of the United States. He’s not obeying the spirit of the constitution. He’s issuing counterfeit money, counterfeit bonds. That’s why the global economy is in such a sad shape. The man is a financial terrorist!"

Interviewer: "OK, Max … the hyperboly aside from one real..(reality), can I just ask you?"

Max Keiser: "I mean that’s the reality of the situation. That’s not the hyperboly!!! That’s not the hyperboly!!!"

Interviewer: "Well I am sure they are not counterfeit as you…(say)?,.."

Max Keiser: "That’s not the hyperboly!, that’s the reality of the situation. They are absolutely counterfeit! These bonds"

Interviewer (somewhat irritated): "So, the solution is what? The solution is what!!!?"

Max Keiser: "You have to go to a court of law take Henk Paulson and Goldman Sachs up for financial terrorism, put them in jail! This is counterfeiting they’re issuing bonds that are absolutely non collateralized. There’s 1200 trillion dollars worth of derivatives with no collateral."

Interviewer: "OK, That maybe one solution (Huh?) That maybe one responds to Henk Paulson but as far as the international global economy is concerned we have matters like; should the IMF be reformed, should countries like China and India have a bigger say in regulation and moderation of the global market? Did any of these get addressed and are these the way forward?"

Max Keiser: "China, India, Europe all the banks own structured financial products sold to them from Wall Street. These are all counterfeit bonds that are exploding they are worth zero. For example they have no way of selling these bonds because they have zero value. As a result they dump oil and oil, because they are dumping oil to pay for these fraudulent bonds the price of oil has dropped and these developing nations are suffering because of this counterfeiting scheme that has zero value. Bush is completely incorrect when he says the Global economy is suffering it’s the global counterfeiting scheme that’s suffering. These guys are criminals. There should be a fatwa against these guys. He’s an infidel. Henk Paulson. His head should be bouncing down the CapitOl steps! I am sorry but that’s the reality of the situation!" 


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