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In less than six months since its introduction, Ron Paul's bill HR 1207 to audit the Federal Reserve has caused emergency on high positions.


Recently, Richard Fisher, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas admitted that the US national pulic debt is over $100 trillion dollars.


In addition to that national debt, during actual financial crisis, US political and monetary institutions have put taxpayers on the hook for new $12 trillion in economic stimulus programs, bailouts and loans.

It is understandable why the Fed doesn't want to be audited.

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Are you among the many people in life and business troubles thanks to today's so-called global financial crises, in hottest topic on every world media?

If so, then it's worth to remember an old proverb "time is money" and think how to ride the economy on the wings of hope.

If one looks at the current situation in the world, consequences of our ignorance are the most visible part on Earth.

One finds "old money" fortunes built on several generations of dense fog and political favors.

The prognosis is somber, there are no good news on the horizon.

Who am I? Who are you? What are we, why were we created and when? Why do we exist and what direction are we going? Earth is home to all of us. Today is worth to remember or forget?

The monetary-financial system is fundamental to everything in front of our eyes and inside our minds.

Therefore, to begin, fairness and efficiency of our monetary-financial system depends on how money is created and issued, and who creates it and in what form.

A Community that issues its own medium of exchange unburdened by debt and interests can represent a good example of fair and efficient economic system.

Most people never heard of them, but alternative money, alternative currency, local currency and complementary currency movement is gaining momentum across all the world.

On 27th September 2009 Association Crom Alternative Exchange opened its electronic platform which represents institutional reference point for communication between members of the Association, through which is provided the possibility of solidary economy, issuance and exchange of econometric symbols as mediums of exchange. Natural and legal persons who voluntary becomes members of the Association accepts them also only on a voluntary basis.

In this way, we opened our doors for cooperation with and between individuals, companies, organizations, associations and institutions of all types that have the same or similar objectives.

One ray of sunlight broke through the dark clouds and hope now rides on the wings of the new economy.

New economy, money through alternative currencies as a medium of exchange, new life and business opportunities.

In summary description, among other things, this project offers an alternative system of exchange with its own marketplace, access for mobile devices, forum and alternative news.

Area of Association activities is not limited to either spatial or temporal boundaries, because its comprehensiveness is focused primarily on ordinary man, his freedom, right to work, adequate compensation, financial independence, health and social care, equality in front of the law and security in general, which are morally and legally elementary conditions worthy of his living through a fair social and economic relations.

Whereby association members can exchange products and services through Crom econometric symbols, promote their business, advertise, realize their ideas, communicate with the world around them, relax, have fun and socialize.

By accepting Crom system, members of the associations becomes free and financially independent people who also manage the organization growth.

If you intent to change your style of life and devote yourself to new one with offer of mutual cooperation, financial independence and more free time, maybe this is the moment you waited a long time, visit Crom Alternative Exchange Association.

In the world of new economics with plenty of alternative currencies, Crom stands for econometric symbol as a medium of exchange designed to circulate as widely as possible over the world.

Every member registered as a Man receive 730 crom every month.

In this electronic economic system, member account is similar to any other bank account, you can make transfers and use marketplace for trading and advertising products and services.

Even if some kind of alternative currency is all about, the Association is a non-profit, non-governmental social-humanitarian organization.

In conclusion, People first, the best way to avoid financial crises as well as moral, political and ecological crises is to invest in people, no matter where you live and what type of money you use, official or alternative currency.

For more information, take a look at Association website: Crom Alternative Exchange.


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