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Do I Qualify for a Viatical Settlement?

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If you have a life insurance policy, then you qualify for a viatical settlement.  Whether or not your policy is a good investment for viatical companies though is another matter.  When a third party purchases your life insurance policy, they are intending to make a profit.  Viatical settlements are risky investments though, so before they make their decision they will look at a few variables to decide if yours is worth the risk.

First they’ll look at how much your policy is worth.  If you bought a small policy, it might not be worth their investment.  Remember, they have to take over premium payments on it as well as give you an upfront lump sum out of their own pocket.  If that lump sum coupled with the monthly payments ends up being more than or too close to the total benefits they would receive upon your death, then it’s not worth their time.  Next, they’ll look at your health and lifestyle, which will help them determine your life expectancy.  The longer you live, the less money they stand to make.  If you were to die prematurely, they would make a lot more than if you lived beyond your expectancy.  This is why viatical settlement companies normally invest in the policies of those who are ill or those in their elderly years.

If you are terminally ill, you have a good chance at getting a big percentage of your policy’s full benefit.  Most viatical settlement companies are looking for people with conditions like Alzheimer's, most forms of cancer, heart disease, or Hepatitis C.  You may want to hire a securities lawyer before going into any viatical settlement arrangements though, no matter your health or age.


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