Alternative currency and balanced living system. Alternativna valuta i uravnoteženi životni sistem. Moneta alternativa e sistema di vita equilibrato.



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Jeff Rense is one of the best and biggest alternative media platforms on the Internet, covering the world's most unique and important news - news you won't see or read about on most of the so-called "independent" news websites.



Designed on the principle of 'Free Currencies – Free Markets – Free People – Free Planet', on November 13, 2011, the long-awaited Crom Alternative Currency System has finally been opened. In many ways, it is a unique combination of a social network and payment system. A question that arises while thinking about the current financial chaos and political mess is: why does the article on Crom Alternative Currency System for Jeff Rense represent useful information that needs to be shared, and for the same thing  is a news that deserves to be censured?



I take this opportunity to thank the Rumor Mill News Agency for fair journalism applied in the news from the alternative currencies sector; and to express my deep concern over the astonishing level of censorship imposed on the publishing industry in Croatia and Italy.


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What happens next if the state can go bankrupt?

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