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Amazing infuriating documentary movie for all generations.


Film gives information to teenagers, their parents and slower folks on how the money is created in Canada and explains mysterious financial mechanism of fractional reserve banking.


Oh Canada The Movie is now just one of the many that exposes the truth about private banks and how they create fiat money out of thin air in the form of bank deposits when they lend money to people or businesses.

The important thing to think about is the one that your bank doesn't want you to know, when banks lend money, they don’t necessarily take it from anyone else to lend even if they don't have any money, they just create it out of nothing.

What we talk about when we talk about financial institutions and government operations?

You can see in the movie how young ones can answer questions of big importance for today's society better then politicians.

It's really very interesting to watch the confrontation of two arts, art of movie and art of creation of money.

If the money we use isn't backed by anything other than the peoples confidence in the debt-based monetary system, then why does the government continue to borrow money from the central bank which charge interest on it?

Why doesn't the government print it's own money, or why doesn't the government borrow from the Bank of Canada at 0%?

That's a hard question with an easy answer.

It is scary when you see how many people really have no idea where their money comes from, but will it always be like this?

who owns Canada, and by extension its citizens?

Congratulations to Dan Mathews on a well done job.

Watch the entire movie here: "Oh Canada - Our Bought and Sold Out Land".

Starring: Paul Martin, Jim Flaherty, John Turner, Elizabeth May, Jack Layton, and many others.


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