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Leading scientists in Britain and America have warned that recent controversies over research into climate change are damaging the public's faith in science.
"There has been a widespread deterioration in the public's attitude to science not only in the US but in many other countries in the past three months," Cicerone told the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in San Diego. "As to how long it will last, there is no way of knowing. It can only do harm, however."


At last one EU country has the guts to pull out of Afghanistan

The Palestine Telegraph, Sunday, 21 February 2010

It was so uplifting to see the Government of the Netherlands make a decision to pull out of Afghanistan. This is the first major NATO partner to make such a decision and hopefully this will paint a very clear picture to the other EU members that this war has nothing to do with democracy or terrorism.

The people have a last seen what hides behind this unnecessary war and realize that its basis was formed on a pack of lies. We again see that the true reason for going to war was greed for economic growth and to get their hands on the oil and gas reserves in the Middle East Region.

It is very clear that the US was behind this entire episode with a mass of lies behind Iraq and the same for Afghanistan. Both were planned by the US at least 6 months prior to the attack and many false flag situations were conjured up to convince, we the public, that this was an essential war. Unfortunately the British puppet government followed the leader and became involved in orchestrating a list of reasons as to why Britain should go to war.

Blair told the Iraq inquiry that the reasons for going to war were based on information received regarding WMD's that could be used at 45 minutes notice. What he didn't tell the inquiry was that he and other senior members of staff knew that Iraq did not have any WMD's and that the main reason for going in was for a regime change. Blair said this certainly was not the case even though documentary evidence shows that this was Bush's intention and that Blair was aware of this.

We went to war because of a well orchestrated conspiracy that has failed almost every test to prove it was authentic. So many grey areas existed and many CCTV shots were withheld. The Boeing crashing in the field and the heroic fight onboard with the terrorist was a non event. The Boeing crashing into the Pentagon was also a non event. The twin towers were almost pulverized with very little left and this certainly was not as a result of aviation fuel. If the three events were authentic then any government would show all CCTV footage and also have allowed the media to film the scene which is normal in such incidents.

Let's not forget that the lawn area leading to the Fighter Aircraft/Missile entry point was totally clean of any damage and someone even took a pictures of plain clothes FBI/CIA agents spreading fragments of aircraft parts onto the pristine lawn area. One of those pieces was supposed to be from the right front of the aircraft and was placed some distance from the Pentagon and on the wrong side. Everyone would understand that at any crash scene no one is allowed to touch any component and the scene becomes a scene of crime....awaiting the aviation investigation team. This photograph show the pathetic attempt to make the scene look genuine.

It was obvious that one day the public would respond to these huge cover-ups and although we have not been able to force an open enquiry into 9/11 we can respond via the ballot box. The Dutch Government has truly been hit a hard blow which has now caused it to totally collapse. I hope that this can be a clear warning to other governments that may be embarking on a general election in the EU that you could also fail on the issue of the War in Afghanistan. The people of Britain will soon be taking part in the election (around May/June) and should either party maintain their current stance we could well see people dumping the main parties and voting for an independent. Gordon Brown is certainly heading for the backbench and David Cameron may well get a big surprise......he said on camera some time ago "Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Afghanistan"......the party that supports a pull out will be the party that could well win.

Everyone now knows that the Afghanistan War is all about securing the transit route for the TAPI pipeline, Afghanistan Natural Resources and not forgetting the protection of the Opium Market that brings much money to the Banking Sector with links back to Hong Kong and London. No one ever gets the opportunity to trace the money as it is quickly transformed into Gold and Diamonds etc

It is obvious that Canada is now looking at a total withdrawal by 2011 as they have suffered very heavy losses. The Canadian public have for a long time been asking many questions as to why we are in Afghanistan.

So is this the beginning of the end? Will we see this theme duplicate itself around Europe? Will this send shock waves around the Houses of Parliament? Could this see the EU taking back control of NATO and pushing the US back into a corner?

We can live in hope and only time will tell.

This is truly a wonderful day for all peace activists around the world but sadly the damage done to Iraq and its people is not irreversible. The US and UK have blasted Iraq with weapons containing uranium and almost written off the genetics of its people. These same weapons are now being used in Afghanistan on a much bigger scale and I dread to thing what the final outcome will be.

I am sure everyone will praise the Netherlands for taking this first step and lets all hope and pray that this is the start of a people's revolution to take control of our respective governments. You never know we may one day see an authentic 9/11 inquiry.

For my part I know that past and current senior members of the main parties in the UK are guilty of some horrendous lies with a paper trail of evidence that could well see two of the main parties fall. It involves both past and current senior members of the Conservative and Labour parties. Needless to say the US and Israel were also implicated.

It is evident that Dr David Kelly knew an awful lot and his information was also known to many other people. It just takes time to bring the ghosts out of the closet and then their day will come. The waiting list has some pretty interesting names all of which have connections to Dr David Kelly and would you believe some missing Nuclear Weapons on both sides of the pond.........very intriguing hey?


Making an Immortal Body of Truth

By Richard C. Cook, Dandelion Salad, February 12, 2010 


As the world slides closer daily to what the Shivapuri Baba described as a 6,000-year societal catastrophe, it is certainly curious to observe how those who fancy themselves the rulers of mankind continue to attempt to gather all power, authority, and wealth into their hands.

Instead of attempting to devise a rational program to ameliorate the economic and ecological damage that has been perpetrated through financial control of the means of production based on a system of expropriation and usury, the ruling class and its minions in the military-intelligence complex imagine that they can create safe havens for themselves while ignoring the welfare of the masses upon whom they depend for their fabulous levels of income and wealth. Not to mention the forces of nature whose resources they think they own.

It’s as though a tapeworm reasoned to itself, while living in the belly of its host, that if it accelerated the rate at which it sucked the lifeblood from its victim, it would eventually grow large and powerful enough to survive when the victim died.

What a joke.

People with reason increasingly sense that a chain of events this absurd cannot possibly be “real.” And they are right. In fact the world within which the elitist controllers and their hapless victims–the sheeple–reside is real enough, but their perception of it is hopelessly skewed. They all–masters and slaves alike–believe that the more they “get,” the better off they will be, when in reality not one single human being on the planet can “get”–much less keep–anything at all.

Each and every one of us is only a tiny cell in an infinite body of splendor and divinity which is the Universe. The ability to see and sense our place within this infinite body has always been the hallmark of the man or woman of real culture. Not a single one of the present-day controllers falls within this definition and precious few of their victims. Rather all are locked into a world view which in its essence is Satanic–meaning, they live under an illusion. The illusion is that whoever they imagine themselves to be in this particular ephemeral incarnation is real and exists as a part separate from the whole. This false sense of separation can be individual or collective, as in the illusion, for instance, that a person can “get ahead” at the expense of others, or that there is such a thing on earth as a “chosen people.”

So it is time for all who wish to save themselves in any respect from the onrushing collapse to renounce, absolutely and without compromise, every assumption, belief, value, and lie put forth by the entire “official” world of media, education, politics, economics, science, etc., except those things we can verify based on our own common sense and experience.

Face the fact that almost nothing you have heard or learned from any of these sources is true in an absolute sense. Realize that many of the alternative views you have imbibed, say, from your religious training, are almost equally flawed. Discover that only by going deeply within yourself–right now–and starting to listen intently and with humility to whatever particle of God-given conscience you may have access to is there any hope for you or anyone you know and love.

Find that voice within, even if you have to turn off the TV or log off the internet for a while, and go off by yourself and just sit quietly for a few hours. Then make it a habit. You might even pray to God or His angels for guidance. Then wait patiently. Then make a conscious decision to act according to your highest understanding of what is true for you, even if you are somewhat uncertain about it.

This is the only way we will ever learn to do what is right and refrain from doing what is evil. Then it won’t matter what crazy things happen or are done in the world around us. We will eventually make for ourselves an immortal body of truth that can survive anything.


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