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Mass Demonstration In Bangkok - Thai Stock Exchange In Fire

Army tanks, troops and police invaded the red-shirts camp downtown Bangkok on Wednesday.

Fires broke out at a major shopping centre, the Thai stock exchange and other locations in Bangkok after an army offensive that shut down a protest camp in the capital, a fire official said.

The stock exchange building was on fire, the exchange's president told Reuters, while witnesses said major tourist hotels had lost power as black smoke billowed around buildings in the Thai capital.

Red Shirt Protestors also burned shopping malls and a television station. The stock market had closed early due to the violence.

Thai Defence Minister General Pravit Wongsuwan said a curfew may be imposed on Bangkok to deal with continued unrest after troops dispersed anti-government protesters in a major offensive that killed at least four people (including the Italian photojournalist Fabio Polenghi) and wounded 50 others.