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A new exchange group dedicated to accommodation has recently been started on the global CES server: It is called the NITE Exchange where CES users can trade nights for nights. This will hopefully develop into a global accommodation network for CES users, allowing them to travel the world and be accommodated without having to use national currencies.

The 'currency', or unit of value, is also called a Nite. One Nite is equivalent to one basic night's accommodation. Basic accommodation is defined as a couch for the night with no extras, such as bedding or food. All you get is a couch and a roof over your head. You bring your own sleeping bag and food, but it is up to the providers to decide what else you get!



There are several other 'hospitality exchange' sites like this on the Internet, such as CouchSurfing,BeWelcome, The Hospitality Club and Tripping.

What is different with the NITE Exchange is that it is a 'hospitality exchange' for CES travellers worldwide. This is part of the global Community Exchange Network and is meant exclusively for registered CES users.

As it is part of the Community Exchange System the NITE Exchange operates like any other CES exchange. You do not have to be an accommodation provider to benefit from the accommodation advertised on the exchange. So long as you have offerings and are a responsible trader, you can benefit from the accommodation provided by others.

There is no restriction on the type of accommodation offerings that you may advertise: from a basic couch to a five-star hotel! However, the NITE exchange is not just for formal accommodation providers. Anyone can offer their own back rooms and couches in order to gain Nite credits, which they can then 'spend' by staying in other advertised accommodation.

Please join the NITE Exchange or advertise your accommodation if you want to use the services offered.

How to advertise accommodation offerings on the NITE Exchange

You can either join the NITE Exchange and enter your accommodation offerings directly on the Offerings List of the NITE Exchange, or as remote offerings from this exchanges.

To enter a remote offering, log into your account and follow these steps:

Click [Offerings] button
Click [Add New] button
Select Nite Exchange under International from the Add to drop-down list
Fill in details of your accommodation offering, ensuring that prices are in Nites
Click [Add Offering] button

Pricing must be in Nite units, not in the currency of the your exchange as members of other exchanges will not understand it. In order to make it easier for you to price your accommodation offerings, you should take what you would normally charge for the accommodation in your local CES currency and then convert it to Nites using the conversion calculator on the [Stats] page. Thus one night of accommodation in full bed and breakfast style might be 2 or 3 Nites; five star accommodation might be 10 Nites or more!

After the visitor has left, the provider will debit the visitor in Nites if they are a member of NITE, or in the currency of their exchange at the equivalent rate of Nites that were advertised.

How to see what accommodation is advertised

You can view the NITE offerings by going to the Offerings page and selecting Country: International andExchange: NITE Exchange. This lists all the countries where there are CES exchanges. In time, we are hoping, there will be accommodation in all countries.

The NITE Exchange can also be made one of the default exchanges to view, which means that you will see all of the latest NITE accommodation offerings directly in your offerings lists. If it is not yet a default exchange, ask your Administrator to make it one. This will save you from having to hunt for NITE accommodation offerings. Attn: Admins: Instructions on how to do this is on the NITE Announcement List. Select Country: International andExchange: NITE Exchange.

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