Alternative currency and balanced living system. Alternativna valuta i uravnoteženi životni sistem. Moneta alternativa e sistema di vita equilibrato.



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Transition from social illusion to sustainability, transparency and honesty - as organizers we are searching for creative professionals from diverse sectors and industries, as business partners we are looking for producers of metallic and paper money, contest has been launched for best design of new banknotes and coins, and for official song of innovative alternative worth appraisal and exchange system. 

Illusion of well-being and perpetual economic growth is being replaced by tragic consequences of reality of infinite increasing of indebtedness, taxes and inflation. Instead of promoted global happiness, time of zombie banks, zombie currencies, zombie states, zombie companies, zombie jobs and zombie individuals has arrived. World is in chaos from which there is only one exit: To change the way money works!


The whole history is in fact one huge hidden battle over appropriation of seigniorage, so change the nature of money that dictates the nature of man is not so easy since, despite all things we are witnessing for centuries, it is still a "taboo" topic.

Building a new monetary system, i.e. effectuating monetary reform, is basically a process that can lead in two directions only. First is to insist on reform with politicians and their institutions. For valid reasons, reasonable doubt emerges not only if in that sense such political will exist at all, but also if the “new” tomorrow will really appear as voting population originally demanded - better and more just. The other direction is to build our future according to our own rather than according to wishes of others - monetary reform for us by us. Maybe the chance of your life lies in participation in creation of that sustainable and stable prosperity?

"When there is no will, there is an excuse, when there is the will, there is a way". Alternative business opportunity for companies and creative professionals from various sectors has just been launched. And that's not all! If music or designing are part of your life you can participate in contest for best song and best design.

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