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The Biggest Secret Of All Time: The Missing 2010 Revolution

There once was a Man, and once there was a Better Tomorrow.


Then Jesus came.

Finally, we are flying the Space Shuttle and surfing the Internet today.

Better Tomorrow is still some non-specified future.

History has drunk the blood of many Revolutions.

For a long time, Societies had been fighting against numerous Public Enemies.

None of these Revolutions has ever tried to change the Monetary System.


 Debt money


Never has so few owned so much money, never before has so much debt been imposed on so many People by so few Humans, never have so few done so much damage to so many Living Beings. In the history of Mankind, there has never been one so strong reason for the Revolution like the one that exist today.

How does a Revolution occur and why the Revolution of 2010 is still missing are the questions which represents the Greatest Mystery in the history of Humanity.

Demo(n)cracy and Mon(k)ey: "No Martini? No Party! No Money? No Revolution!"

Now that the Mother of all Secrets has finally been revealed, be ready to fight for Constitutional rights on August 22, get ready to show your tits to everyone - Let's Go Topless!




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